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Silly question: What do you consider to be hardcore?

Asked by Facade (22889points) May 13th, 2011

Running a marathon? Not ordering takeout every night? Raising triplets?

Have fun with it =)

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Great parents. That’s some tiring s**t. And it’s 24/7.

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An apple core, it hurts if you accidentally bite it compared to the rest of the apple. Death, war, disease, and Samurais are pretty hardcore as well.

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Cheer leading is pretty hardcore. And no, I am not kidding.

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@Michael_Huntington I’m so glad you said that! Competitive cheerleading is definitely hardcore. People used to think we were the track team.

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Hanging out with my MIL is rough, tumble and involves lots of ice packs.

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Game on!! What the puck!?!

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The “marathon monks” of Mt Hiei. These Japanese Tendai monks train by running long distances over mountain trails in straw sandals. Over their first three years, they run 40 km per day 300 times. Over years 4 and 5, they run the same distance 400 times. Year 6, they run 60km 100 times. Year 7, they run 84km 100 times, then 40km 100 times.

If they make it through the first 100 days, they commit to finishing the full course of training or taking their own lives.

Oh, and during year five there is an ordeal in which the monk must go 9 days without food, water or rest of any kind.

That’s hardcore.

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Drinking fourteen pints of Guinness & not shitting your pants…..
I could only manage twelve :-/

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Navy Seal B.U.D.S. training. I saw a documentary about it one time and that is hardcore dedication.

I’m so thankful that we have people that dedicated to our protection. They have my admiration.

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crab fishermen. That is one hardcore occupation.

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Yesterday man…I’m in my kitchen. I hear a sound…some sort of whirl/buzzing sound. At first I thought that my refrigerator was fucking up…I turn my sight into its direction. By the floor, I see this huge ass motherfucker bumblebee just cruisn’ around. I did not want that in my place, it would have probably taken off with one of my cats.
I grab the fly swatter and go after it. That mother had lightning quick reflexes though…he dodged all my swipes. It flew around, me chasing it like an apprentice. Then it went up by the ceiling light, and I started swatting at it, hitting all the small on/off chains and stuff.

Then the insect became angry. I swear man…he came right for me LIKE A BOSS. I see this black dot heading right for my face, getting bigger and bigger. He was no longer fucking around. Okay so I’m being all epic and dramatic here, but I’m convinced he was coming to take care of me.

It was an accident. As he was about to smack me on the forehead and sting me in the eyes, I ducked and twirled at the same time, blindly flailing my flyswatter. Then the buzzing sound stopped. I had him. He was on the ground by the back porch door, twitching. I scooped him up with the flyswatter and put him outside on the porch.

Some hours later, my roomie came home, and I told her the story. I showed her the bumblebee, to prove to her how abnormally fucking big it was. She kneels down and checks him out, and she says…it’s still twitching. I look, and she was not mistaken. His stinger was still going in and out of the abdomen, and the legs still twitching around, seemingly trying to get back on all six.

It wasn’t dead. Hours later after the fatal blow, and that boss was still fighting for his life.

Not only did he fucking come right at me, but he was still struggling hours after I totally fucked him up. He would have came back for me if he could.

That bumblebee was hardcore. I respect him. Many insects are very resilient, but damn…this one…even that bat last year wasn’t that badass.

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Starting all over again from scratch pulling together bits and pieces. That’s hardcore.

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Hiking down the Grand Canyon and back.

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