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What is the fastest, best way to get over a cold?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2774points) September 14th, 2011

I’m going somewhere on Saturday and I got a cold yesterday.
Great, huh?

What is the best and FASTEST way to get over a cold?

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Plenty of rest and fluids. Take your vitamins.

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Nothing you can do to hurry the cold along, infact, the peak of the virus is usually about 3 days after the onset of symptoms.

Rest, rest, rest, and all the usual as @ANef_is_Enuf mentioned.

And…don’t contaminate your friends, if you have to miss the weekend, make the sacrifice and don’t expose others out of selfishness. signed..Mom lol

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Rest, take zinc and echhinacea. I also really like Emergen-C. It helps you feel better.

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The best way is to prevent yourself from getting one. Since you already have one, then Zinc should be obtained and put to use.

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Sleep, lots of liquids, some food [be sure to eat all 5 groups] .. and some more sleep :)

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If you’re still feeling the symptoms when your trip rolls around, slug it out with relevant suppressing medications.

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First stop acknowledging that you even have a cold. If you say that you have a cold over and over then you give it power. Tell yourself and others that you do not have a cold. This give you power over the cold. Visualize yourself as being totally healthy and believe it.

Secondly try to go about your day normally (do not stay in bed all day and feel sorry for yourself). If you regularly exercise, then continue to do as much as you can. Exercise gets your interstitial lymph fluids moving and increases the number of peripheral blood white blood cells.

Thirdly drink slightly more fluids than normal. Eat a healthy diet. Get plenty of sleep. Lay off the caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and other recreational drugs.

I never catch colds. (If I do then I never admit it) HA!

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You can take medicine or not, in 7 days it will be over.

You can however do your best to control the symptoms on Saturday. First, get plenty of rest the next few days. Stay hydrated. Take a combination decongestant and antihistamine pill (read the instruction for dosage) and 2 (total 400mg) Ibuprofen. Take everything 2 hours before the event. Test it once a day or two before so you know if anything makes you feel bad. You must eat at least a few crackers if not more with the ibuprofen. It takes minimum 50 minutes for the meds to start taking affect. If your nose is still stuffy after 90 minutes you can spray some Afrin.

Do NOT take combination cold medicines that say it cures all symptoms like congestions, fever, cough, etc. Never take those meds.

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Oh, if you are going to be flying, do the Afrin spray no matter what for the plane with the decongestant, you can bust an eardrum if you do not decongest before the flight.

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Sleep a lot. Drink lots of water. Take some medicine. That’s all you can really do…

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My suggestion may seem funny, but effective and no side effects.
1.Take lot of cold water to loosen the flum.
2.Do not take rest, but work hard to get much sweat.
3.Take hot masala with food so that nasal fluid will come out and also sweating.
4.Do not sit idle or sleep.
All these will bring the nasal fluid out, and once it came out no cold.


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Zicam, every three hours.

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Gargle with 50% vinegar and 50% warm water. I know it is gross tasting and it will burn a tiny bit but it works and so few listen to me…..

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You’ll feel better if you do the aforementioned and should recover within a week. Without anything, you’ll suffer like hell and should recover within seven days.

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I like the REST part…it has always worked for me.

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Lots of Vitamin C. Echinacea. Real Ale and Curry.

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@benjemin Hard work weakens the immune system. Which, can lead to a worsening of symptoms.

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Get some WellMax at your health food store. That will knock it out in two days. Do not take it on an empty stomach!
There is some similarity to @benjemin masala recommendation as the WellMax cranks up the metabolism with some internal heat to get things moving.

For regular immune system maintenance get some propolis extract that is Not in an alchohol base.

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Put a towel over you pillow and sleep on you stomach. It gets rid of congestion

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Forget about “fastest”. This attitude makes colds more likely in the first place. A good recovery takes time. If you are in a hurry trying to recover, one day this can make you really sick.

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At the first sign of a cold I put on lots of clothes (like a sauna) don’t go out in the cold then come back into the heat.. At night before bed, take a very hot shower.. medicate then go to bed, covering yourself completely with sheets and blankets.. You will sweat all night but also you will over heat the cold and the next morning will show a substantial improvement having killed the virus..

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