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Republican Christians: does Romney and Huntsman being Mormon mean you will not vote for them in the primaries?

Asked by JLeslie (65478points) September 15th, 2011

Or, does their religion have no impact on your decision.

Note: I do consider Mormons to be Christians, this question is not to debate that topic. The question was written as is for simplicity sake.

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I will not vote for either, because of their political positions.

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I think them being “too far left” or “rinos” will be a bigger issues.

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Not to be too much of a stickler, but Mormon is a Christian religion.

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@DrBill Read my entire question.

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I thought Mormons were a subset of Christians…

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I see elections as a choice between people that you don’t really want in office. I dislike Romney less than I would some other people, and would vote for him if it came down to him and, say, Obama.

They only claim affiliation, @DrBill, @HungryGuy. They are more focused on the person of Joseph Smith than on Jesus Christ.

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@Nullo Mormons believe that Jesus is their Lord and Savior and is more important than any person (including Joseph Smith). They focus more on Jesus Christ than anything or anyone else. Your claim is inaccurate.

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I have many, many friends who belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They are not Trinitarian Christians, but they are Christians nonetheless. I personally would vote for Romney over Obama. But I hope it doesn’t come down to that. It has absolutely nothing to do with Romney’s religion. Huntsman will never get the nomination, so it is a moot point.

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GUYS!!!!! The OP specifically asked commenters to NOT get into a debate over whether or not Mormons are considered Christian. I don’t understand why people can’t seem to read anymore.

I don’t really care for them as people or as politicians, so I wouldn’t vote for them anyway, unless it was down to one of them or Obama.

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@JLeslie You must have made your details too long ~

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I am an Independent but I mostly vote DEM for Prez

Religious beliefs are not what I chose a candidate by for any branch of gov’t. Out of the two, from what I’ve read/heard, Romney has a better shot at it than Huntsman.

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@JLeslie sorry for getting sidetracked

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Mormans believe that we can all become “Gods,” and that Jesus is the first example of this. As a relatively inconsequential note, they also believe that Jesus visited the “New world” to proselytyze the native Americans, and that an angel named Moroni left ten golden tablets in what is now the United States, where John Smith found them and started the Mormon religion based upon what is written in them. The golden tablets are supposedly the basis for the Book of Morman. Where the golden tablets are now is unclear.

Mormans have a very highly controlled patriarcal culture, where any leader of the Morman Church has at least two “Advisors” who monitor his every word and most actions. This is why there are so few scandals involving Morman leaders that ever made the news.

DISCLAIMER: I could be inaccurate on some of this, not being a Morman myself.

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I’m just going to go ahead and flag the whole question. LOL.

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@JLeslie Pretty unbelievable. Nice try though.

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I converted to Mormonism when I was younger—mostly to appease a guy I was dating at that time and because I thought converting would absolve me of the guilt I felt from being abused as a child. So, I can speak from a point of view from someone who has been inside the religion:
YES… I will NOT vote for a Mormon for US president. Their international church agenda to convert everyone possible, and their practice of documenting and tracking all current and former members freaks me out. It might be a religion but it’s run like a very strict corporate that expects full conformity and commitment to the church’s principles.

I would be very concerned about what church principles Romney would bring into the White House, and considering that most Americans are not familiar with the Mormon doctrines, he could easily apply them without people really understanding what he was doing.

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@cockswain Goodness knows I have been guilty of not reading all the details or going off on tangent. I should have just asked if people will vote for a Mormon, and later asked what religion they are themselves in the details. Oh well.

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I’m guilty of sometimes not reading the all details if they are several long paragraphs, but your details don’t fall in that range. Hey, at least you got to learn a little about the Mormons!

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@linguaphile Interesting. But, Huntsman seems very moderate about his affiliation. His kids went to Episcopals schools for a while or something? Or, maybe his wife is Episcopal? To be honest I don’t remember exactly, but it seemed like he was not obsessed with brainwashing his family in strict Mormon code. I have Mormon friends who have never done anything to try to convert me.

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I’m not a member of either major party, so I can’t vote in the primaries anyway.

However, I try to evaluate candidates as a whole, not individual characteristics, so I’m taking a wait-and-see approach. It is possible that I would vote for Romney, depending on what my other choices were.

(on a side note: you can be a Democrat and a Mormon in good standing. I have friends who are)

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@JLeslie Admittedly, there are moderate Mormons and I love the Episcopalians :D :D Dang… what a choice.

I was thinking more of Romney. I’m not sure where he stands- whether he’s moderate, active, or fundamentalist so it’s really hard to say for sure. Yet, on general principle, I really get the willies about the Mormon doctrine influencing the White House’s decisions.

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Yet, on general principle, I really get the willies about the Mormon doctrine influencing the White House’s decisions

I definitely share that sentiment. Ted Haggard was George W. Bush’s “spiritual adviser.” Retrospectively that was probably the worst spiritual adviser one could find. That is, if one doesn’t want advice from a anti-gay activist who is actually a repressed homosexual that smokes meth with whores.

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@linguaphile The Romney of the 90’s was an Independent and pro-choice, he seemed to not want to use politics to further the Mormon way, or anything close to that. He now seems to be much farther to the right. I blame it on the Evangelical base of the party, and him pandering to it, not that he is Mormon. And, I use pander lightly. Probably I his own personal belief system he is aligned a lot with the Christian base of the party, but previously he took a more moderate approach, partly because of the state he lives in I would think, so some of it is probably just politics unfortunately and wanting to win. It bothers me he has moved so far right. I actually like that he is a religious minority, because I think the minority gets that religion should not be in government.

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@JLeslie, I’m sorry. I read the details of your question. Honestly, I did. But after I read the posts before my response, I suppose I forgot the original question and instructions.

No, their religion will have no impact on my vote.

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@linguaphile If you have never seen Romney during the debates back in the 90’s you might be interested in this. His stand on abortion and regarding people’s religious beliefs is the first minute and a half of the video.

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I work with a rather conservative guy, pretty party-line Republican (though he does disagree with them on some key issues, but I digress).... He said he likes Romney, but he’s not sure about the whole “him being Mormon thing.”

I didn’t probe further, but if it came down to Romney and Obama (or Obama and my cat Grumbles), I feel he would choose anyone but Obama.

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@justsomerandomguy But the Jesus that they claim isn’t the same Jesus.

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@Nullo Isn’t the same Jesus? He isn’t the son of God, died for our sins, born from Virgin Mary?

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