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Ever get kind of tipsy and Fluther, only to read your drunken answers later?

Asked by Pele (2639points) November 29th, 2011

Geez, I had a few too many cocktails during the Thanksgiving holiday with the family and I fluthered. Tonight I read some of my answers and questions opps. Ever happen to you? Did you feel a little silly about it?

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Never… not I.

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I’d druther flunk than Fluther drunk.

Humm—tipsy? Well, maybe just a little. :-)

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No, and I don’t get why people do this.

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This is why I avoid avoid reading what I wrote. Very little of what I say demands a follow-up so I know I said what I wanted and never click on the question again.

It has worked for 4.3 years.

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Scary to think that Simone is like that sober. It’s called Flunking – I may have coined it a couple of years ago. Here are some other words in the Flicktionary.:

Here we go.

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Yep. Nothing too scandalous, though. ;)

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Hmmm yes… Don’t think I have said anything I am ashamed of though. I have said silly things but then I can do that sober!

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only because i never really sober up

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On occasion, but, I don’t act out of character, I just get sharper and wittier and more humorous. Alcohol doesn’t change my personality it enhances it.

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I’m always tipsy… just not from alcohol.

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Nope. But, I certainly could name jellies who fluther drunk at times.

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I’m with @Coloma. If I’m drunk and Fluthering, I doubt anyone would be able to tell the difference, except that I might be a bit sillier.
The drunkest I have ever been on Fluther was when I asked this question a few weeks ago. I was seriously intoxicated that night, and I still managed to catch my own typo. :) lol.

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Apparently, I’m an angry flunker, but at least I don’t go through people’s questions and personally attack them because I don’t like them, sober or drunk. I’ll leave that for other people to do and show their true personalities.

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@cazzie Who does that?

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Drunk Fluthering? Dear lord, before they put in all of the new (now old) restrictions on answer content it was one of my most favorite things to do.

I remember on night getting so drunk and emailing Asmonet and Titsmcgee way way into the early hours. at least I think I remember it

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Alas, I am not fond of booze. It gives me stomach problems and makes me dehydrated and I never can manage to drink enough to change my attitude.

I seriously doubt if I would change much under the influence, though. If i did, I would be telling people what I really thought of them, and some of that would probably get moderated. I doubt if I would feel comfortable to tell the people the good stuff, though. So, for better or for worse, the people I like will remain blissfully ignorant of that knowledge, and are probably happier because of it.

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I’ve been tipsy and drunk on here so many times. In fact I’m pretty sure that most of my Fluther time has been spent intoxicated. I’ve often been hammered on here too, usually on weekends. Where typing gets hard, and the screen seems to be way too bright lol and I’m swaying around in my chair. I’ve been toning it down lately though. Kinda lol. My future plans is to hopefully stop entirely, or at least, if I drink, is to have fun, and not drink for whatever reason I do.
Rereading my stuff isn’t really a concern, due to how much of it was writ while drinking. However, since I drink so much, the contrast between sober and drunk, I would say, is smoothed out a lot more than casual drinkers when it comes to my activity. I say most of what I would if I was sober, but I’m often a lot sillier or maudlin. Sometimes I end up not understanding something properly whereas sober, I would, and may post an inappropriate response, in regards to what something actually meant. Either way though, there’s nothing I ’‘might’’ say while drunk that I wouldn’t otherwise or wtv. Drinking is too much a part of my life now. XD
So I don’t think there’s much of a difference, not one that I really notice, apart from some few exceptions. I wonder if for people who might know me a bit, can notice a difference. I’ve asked this to a few, and usually, nobody does. I have been sober on here before. XD Like right now. I do notice that, while sober, my posts are always really droney and boring to read though. At least it seems to me. But yeah, if I reread something I wrote, it was never an issue to think about, and I don’t make it a point to read it again, or avoid it.
Except that time on AnswerBag where I got banned for three days, and to this day I don’t even remember why lol.

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Yes, on occasion… :-p

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@Symbeline I have certainly noticed a difference in your posts. There are times when you appear to be more, well, a little long-winded (hah! who am I to complain?) yet thoughtful, and at other times, more silly and at other times more like you’re trying to please people but are having a harder time marshalling all your thoughts. It’s hard to describe. More an intuitive thing for me. I have not, so far, ever been bored by something you wrote.

In any case, I see these different yous, but I’ve never tried to guess how many drinks you had in you when you posted the post. I enjoy your posts in all their varied forms, though. I like your imagination and I like your thoughtfulness.

Anyway, if you really want to cut back on the drinking, I’ll applaud the notion and wish you luck. I think you can do it if you want to. But don’t worry that you won’t be an interesting person if you kick the sauce. You are interesting, and you have not, in my experience, ever been boring. Sorry to disappoint you.

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I tried that once and I kept getting my questions modded. I loose my ability to type when drunk. No point in me fluthering drunk as no one will understand me.

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@wundayatta I’m not disappointed. XD But I do disappoint myself sometimes. XD If you see all that stuff about me, and if it’s real, (not saying you’re off your rocker, absolutely not) then my sense of perception must be much more fogged up than I realize. I should probably worry about that. Lol. I can’t really ask people offline either, because I make it a point to drink alone. Only my roomie sees me drunk, and she says that besides some slurring, she doesn’t notice any difference.
However, she’s just as braindead as I am. XD Is this a good time for an orange tree joke? Off topic, but I still have absolutely no idea what that is.

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Nope. This is not what orange trees are awarded for. You are too smart and too dark and too funny to get an orange tree. I do think there is more to you than you give yourself credit for. And you know that that’s a place I’ve been not so long ago. It sucks.

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