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If we all get up tomorrow morning and hear that an advanced alien race has contacted the President what would that mean for humanity?

Asked by philosopher (9165points) April 5th, 2012

Would it encourage humanity to work together? I know most of us would be both excited and frighten. I would not trust any alien species until they proved themselves. Would you? Any species that could reach Earth from another part of the Universe would have Technology beyond anything we will have for decades. Would this change everything here on Earth? Would our Wars come to an end?
Do you think this will happen in the next decade, sooner or never?

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Death to all but alien!

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If I heard from the President that he had been contacted by “an advanced alien race”, then I’d expect two things:

1. His immediate resignation or impeachment, and
2. Mass panic.

I wouldn’t believe him if he said it himself. (Don’t worry, I’m an Equal Opportunity Skeptic; I wouldn’t believe a Republican, white or honest president on this, either.) But I would expect mass panic from anyone who does believe him.

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First things: Set up business relationships such that we can open as many McDonalds as possible on their planet.
Next, Convert them to our religion.
Third, Insist they dump any public transportation in favor of gas guzzlers so we can sell them oil.
Finally, analyze the interrelationships between different groups on their planet and market our latest high tech weapons to representatives of both sides.

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Fool. I would contact the Chinese, European, or Russian leadership. America is crumbling away.
And then you all die.

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That was on the news this morning – didn’t you watch the Fox Morning Report?

No, it wouldn’t make people work together. It would probably exacerbate existing conditions. The conservatives would say that the aliens didn’t exist because the aliens were not mentioned in the bible. The left wing would want to give them citizenship. The Tea Party would lie about them.

Oh, Congress would blame Obama for letting them arrive on earth.

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LOL. You are too funny.
I see things differently because I do not believe that intelligent beans wood come across the Universe to our Planet to exploit our limited resources. These aliens would probably use stars for energy and would only come here to study us. If they felt we were worthwhile they would contact us. Think about what resources and Technolgy it would take to travel the Universe. I doubt they would need what we have.
I am not naive and tend to be a little cynical. A truly civilized species would not kill their own or any sentient creature. Unless that creature threatened their life. The aggressive attitude of human kind is holding us back. To survive humanity will have to learn to deal with our differences without killing each other.

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I would suspect it meant that we’d all just been sold.

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also, the birthers would start claiming that obama was born in outer space and is a reptilian alien

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Don’t see why it would. Now, if they showed up and cratered, say, Belgium, then yeah, you’d probably get some solidarity.

@elbanditoroso There are Christians who believe in aliens (Chuck Missler, if you’re looking for big names, thinks that they’re the Nephilim), those who do not (as you surmise), and those who have taken up a rather agnostic position on the issue of extraterrestrial life.
A reasonably alert Christian knows that the Bible is not a book about everything (there are no cars in the Bible, for instance), but rather a message.

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I’m sure he would want them to become registered voters before the election.

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It would depend on what they said and whether we believed them and that would depend on what they looked like. If they are good looking we will trust them. We can’t help it.

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