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Who do you wish you could have as a next door neighbor and why?

Asked by Cruiser (40401points) July 10th, 2012

Simple enough. Be honest, brash or crazy in your choice.

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James Garner because he seems like he would be a cool older neighbor.
John Cusack so I could just look at him. Is that stalking?

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My plumber.

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The nice person who is handy and has the tools to do some minor home fix-it jobs in exchange for a meal or laundry services.

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Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. I would like to talk with him, for years, about Science and Science Fiction and we would discover our super-powers and mess around the universe with time machines.

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My son and his family.

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I keep thinking I’d like Paula Deen on one side and Hugh Hefner on the other. Odd, I know. But it could be fun.

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Tom Cruise. Because I’m kooky.

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@bkcunningham I think I would agree with your Paula Deen choice, simply because I would know that I would never go hungry. As for the other one? Er, Johnny Depp, please, because, well, er, um, because! That’s why! I’m sure we could find lots of interesting topics to discuss. Really. I mean it.

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Nobody. Because I’m hardcore like that.

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My closest girlfriends from college! I fantasize about it for the future like Golden Girls.

Bill Clinton would be awesome also, if he would be willing to share his ideas, observations, and knowledge with me every so often.

I would have said my sister, until we had this rift that started a few years ago. That’s depressing that she is not on the top of my list anymore. She was one of my favorite people of all time.

All my former neighbors and the one current one I have that I spent a lot of time with. Especially the family from my first house.

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Mr. Rodgers

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Mitt Romney. So he can see how a working man really lives. Hell, pretty much any political candidate. I’d be right there, in their face, hanging my laundry, all of it.

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Bill Cosby. He’s funny, comfortable and wise.

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[NSFW] Since it’s OK to be brash, this lady in an open window would enhance the neighborhood view considerably.

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The neighbors I have right now – we are not very good neighbors and they don’t complain.

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Kurt Russel dressed up like Wyatt Earp from his “Tombstone” role. Oh my….and seeing as I have horses for neigh-bors…well….old Wyatt and I could have a really good time out here on Colomas little spread. lol

If I can be greedy I’ll take Val Kilmer too….oh yes, I’d be his Huckleberry.
Alrighty I have my sweet dreams in order ;-)

Note to self: Watch Tombstone again soon. Swoon.

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Kelly Brook
Why? Because…....erm, because, oh just because okay! ;¬}

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A plumber and his partner, an Internet technical support person, who are interested in gardening.

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Well, I went through a few possibilities….my plumber? oh yes,, good idea (do these guys ever sleep? I wouldn’t want to be on 24 hour call)

My cardiologist? I doubt he keeps a defibrillator at home, guess I’ll have to stick with nitroglycerin and an ambulance.

My current computer teacher is nice and helpful in class but I doubt his wife or my husband would appreciate me hitting him up for advice all the time.

In fact, everyone is so busy nowadays that you hate to impose on them unless it’s an emergency even if they are personal friends or even family. So I have decided that whoever it is I want them to be a master gardener. The kind who plants all kinds of flowers and knows how to landscape. The kind who has such a bumper crop of fresh vegetables and herbs every year that they just are begging to give them away! The kind who is so passionate about what they do that they are always unstinting when it comes to advice on things like black spot on your roses and what’e eating your coleus. Hell, they might even let you borrow their power tools if your nice.

And of course, they would always have the best, most beautiful, tastefully done Christmas lights and decorations. That way I don’t have to bother putting mine up, I can’t just enjoy theirs and spare myself the hassle!

That’s on one side and on the other side I want Lidia Bastianich. I would die for her leftovers and maybe she’d invite me to a family barbecue some day….I can only dream! I hear she has a fantastic wine cellar.

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Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters because living next door to the X-Men would have been a childhood (and adult) dream come true.

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