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Fluther ROLL CALL October 2012...

Asked by AmWiser (14927points) October 1st, 2012

“Just before the death of flowers,
And before they are buried in snow,
There comes a festival season
When nature is all aglow.”
~Author Unknown

My, my, my, where has the year gone?

Time once again for a good old fashion Fluther Roll Call….

Who’s here?
Who’s not?
Who’s just passing through?
Who’s Lurking?

For those here old and new, check in with a howdy, whatzup, hoo d’ hoo!, etc….. Let the community know how it’s going. Think of this as a Fluther “Hello Day”, where all most a lot of Jellies roaming the Fluther site check in and say hello! <3

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I’m not dead yet!

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Still present and accounted for.

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raised hand Present.

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Still here after all these years.

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5:02 on the west coast, just got outta the cold hot tub and am wandering around the zone waiting for this indian summer heat wave to pass.

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Here, just as I have been nearly every single day for the last three and a half years.

majorrich's avatar

Still able to see the green side o the grass

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I am here, sweating away!

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I’m still here, even though you probably don’t see me around too much! I still lurk, and occasionally answer :-)

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Still here, after all these years. ;-o

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Still here.

GracieT's avatar


I love, love, LOVE Spamalot! “Put him back in bed because he’s not yet dead!”

I’m usually around, more often with my iPad or iPhone than my laptop.

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Here – for four years and counting.

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I’m here, I’m here and not going anywhere!

DrBill's avatar

Still here
I just heard someone breath hard and whisper “Damn”

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Here blows the wind, here comes the snow
I have sinned, waddup yo
Hollow’s Eve and Winter’s night
I will not leave, and I’ll crush your light!

sup bro

dxs's avatar

I am here again.
How many times does this usually happen? Is it a routine thing or something?

SuperMouse's avatar

The mouse is present and accounted for!

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Metal cannibals haven’t taken me down yet.

Dsg's avatar

Daisygurl is hooked!

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bored and desperate, but still here.

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Like most of you, I’m still here after all these years too. But lately I’ve been lurking more than participating.:-(

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I am both here and not.

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Ditto what @AmWiser said. I’m (still) here..just lurking more often lately. (’s been a busy fall so far..)

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I must be here because my wife says I’m not all there…

Pied_Pfeffer's avatar

Still here and still attempting to conduct the self-appointed early morning shift work of flagging spam from the pesky online sales rep. before y’all have to see it. :)

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It’s always a “roll call” – never a baguette call sourdough call.

zenvelo's avatar

Back again for the third time today.

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Present and correct (I’ve changed my gender twice in the last few months, in case no one noticed…)

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Howdy. :)

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Here pretty regularly just at present.

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The geese are in bed
the crickets are strumming
the cats lounge on the deck while the bugs are all humming

10:59, this night is sublime
I’m soon off to bed
while visions of happy brownies dance in my head

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I’m here. :-)

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@cookieman But think of all the different rolls we could call! Sesame, sweet, butterflake, hot dog, Parker House, poppy seed, onion, sausage, cheese, sushi, of fat, dust, rock and, Let’s, down the hill. . . . your turn

Sunny2's avatar

^^ Oh yes! And it’s been so long since I’ve had one!

Buttonstc's avatar

I’m still around… usual.

cookieman's avatar

Oooh… a lobster roll call!
Screw the baguette.

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Still here, but at a reduced activity level.

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I’m here. Who is delivering the “Lobsta Roll” ?

picante's avatar

I do a fluther-by a few times daily, but I generally don’t linger too long.

Please don’t lurve on me today—my lurvometer rolls to 7777 when I log in tomorrow!

zenvelo's avatar

@Sunny2 let the good times…

Sunny2's avatar

^^ Indeed! Good one.

harple's avatar

Here with a little one in my belly! :)

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A rolling flutherer gathers no moss.

Coloma's avatar

@harple A little jelly roll in the oven. ;-)

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Hi, I’m here! Just pretty damn busy. I’ve got a much-needed week off coming up soon.

harple's avatar

@Coloma I had to look that up! We call that Jam Roly Poly over here :-)

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@harple WHAT!? That’s so exciting! :D

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I’m still around!!

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jca every day!

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There is somewhere else??

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I’m just lurking, hehe

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Please don’t lurve on me today—my lurvometer rolls to 7777 when I log in tomorrow!

In support of your request, I’ve notified the mods to ban anyone that dares to lurve you today! ;-p

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Crossing my fingers for you, @picante. Are you going to stay up until midnight and watch? Take a screen capture if you get it. I hope nobody feels compelled to spoil your winning score.

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@Seek_Kolinahr, that is so funny! I love George Taki, even if I can’t spell his name. Thank you for that!

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Here I am, haunting your interwoven!

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Mlo here: Since the last roll call, I have increased my typing speed, so if I can beat Gail to the keyboard (or sneak on while she is sleeping), I am here a lot. While she is on the treadmill and a captive, for example, I can squeeze off thirty to forty questions or fifty to sixty answers.

(She keeps wondering at the rapid increase in both her number of questions and of answers.I lounge around, stretch a lot and look innocent.)

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Ever here, ever here, evermore.

Fly's avatar

Still alive and lurking!

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Where else would I go.

picante's avatar

Glory be—my lucky quadruplets have debuted today!! I don’t know that my slow trek toward the elusive mansion will be successful, but at least I’ve got this day when all the sevens lined up for me.

Coloma's avatar

@gailcalled I’ll have you know Marwyn is practicing his typing too. He really wants to learn to skype so he can plot various gaslighting techniques with Milo. They have a master plan. Knock off the old broads, assume our identities and hack into our bank accounts to keep the Fancy feast and waterfowl chow flowing.

A beautiful day in the neigh-borhood over this way. Just had a gallop by that sent a cloud of dust rivaling that of Hiroshima down the hill into my garage. 20 hooves racing in from the pasture for the morning carrot crunch moment.

gailcalled's avatar

@Coloma: Gail here; we probably should be sending these messages to each other in an arcane code, like the Navajo one used in the Enigma Project in WWIL..

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Still here!

downtide's avatar

Still here and coming up on my third Fluther-versary in a couple of months. I can’t believe I’ve been here 3 years and still log in nearly every day. That’s some kind of record for me.

Coloma's avatar

@downtide Ditto! 3 years for me this coming March. I can’t believe I am still committed, from she who is a commitment phobe. lol

ZEPHYRA's avatar

Present and wide awake!!!! Not a case of ” Bueller Bueller” with me!

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I’m here.. no, I’m not a Fluther addict really…

Okay, okay….

My name is Bella and I’m a Fluther addict.

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@picante, lucky you! I was actually watching your profile page as midnight rolled around on the West Coast, but you hung in at 7776. You must have been logged off at the time. I was going to take a picture for you. Glad that little thrill wasn’t spoiled for you!

The one I’m holding on for is 66666. When (if ever) I get close, I’m going to make a shameless appeal to fellow jellies to help me out in just the right increments.

andrew's avatar

I had something to do with this site, I think. Maybe it was all a dream…

Jeruba's avatar

@andrew, you are still a Fluthergod. You’ve just made deists of us instead of theists…

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Am I too late to be counted. lol

amujinx's avatar

I wouldn’t be lurking if I answered this though…


Berserker's avatar

You done gone messed up, boy!

Seaofclouds's avatar

Late, but still here. I’ve been checking in just about every day on my phone, but it’s harder to post from my phone.

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Just rolling in!

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Yeppers I am here, but even later than usual!!!

@Hawaii_Jake – cricket season is upon us and their call is HOWZAT!!! meaning was it a wicket or not? Is that what you mean too???

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I’m here but I’ve been a busy boy.

Fly's avatar

Welcome to Fluther, @Cabopp!

picante's avatar

@Jeruba, thank you for taking a keen interest in my (likely to be) only significant lurve score. It was a proud moment indeed ;-)

I’m rooting for your achievement of 66666!

Bellatrix's avatar

Hi @Sunny2, want to sit next to me in the circle :-).

blueiiznh's avatar


Joker94's avatar

Wow, has it been a while. I think I’d like to stay here, now.

Coloma's avatar

4:25 pm Friday on the west coast. Spectacular afternoon! 73 degrees, light breeze, clouds going by, leaves sprinkling down.Happy hour and fall in the air, bliss out!

chyna's avatar

^And you have exactly 32,000 lurve!

Coloma's avatar

@chyna Lets party! lol

Bellatrix's avatar

Happy 32,000 @Coloma. :-)

Sunny2's avatar

@Bellatrix Sure! Do we get to sing?

Bellatrix's avatar

If you like @Sunny2… I was thinking we would share stories about our Fluther addiction but singing and dancing sounds much more fun.

GracieT's avatar

It’s a date, then! I’ll bring the cake and ice cream.

Coloma's avatar

1:27 pm PST 10–7
. Another magnifico day in my zone. Breezin’ in and out with the breeze. A Happy brownie Sunday and am cutting bamboo stalks from my plants to decorate the tree frog pond out on my deck.
It’s a jungle out there. lol

Jeruba's avatar

Is it really always actual baked brownies, or is that just a figure of speech? Just curious.

Coloma's avatar

@Jeruba Yes, usually. They keep in the freezer for months, sooo, a fall bake off provides a bountiful harvest well into the new year. Fall is brownie harvest season and one must reap when the reaping is ripe. lol

Jeruba's avatar

Love your answer, @Coloma. The brownies themselves, alone and unenhanced, would soften the edges of my days.

Coloma's avatar

@Jeruba They do help soften the slightly rheumatic aging bones. Multi-purpose brownies. :-P I have a bad thumb that won’t give up being a green thumb.. lol

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Still kicking. Tired after a long day of sitting in the car, go figure. :D

choreplay's avatar

@Nullo I’d rather work physical labor than drive all day. It is truly exhausting.

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I’m still here :)

Coloma's avatar

11:10 am on Thurs. 10–11. lol
Cool and cloudy and I am off to market, to market, to buy a fat ham for the crockpot, bake cornbread and have the kiddos for dinner. A little cocktail hour cooking fest this afternoon while I bask in the glow of my cool faux woodstove heater that I just set up in my living room. A perfect day on the horizon, except for the dessert dilemma. What goes well with baked ham, asparagus and cornbread for dessert? :-)

Seek's avatar

Cinnamon-Apple crumble with vanilla whipped cream.

Coloma's avatar

@Seek_Kolinahr I was JUST thinking apple pie or baked apples…yes…score for you girly! :-D

Seek's avatar

Did I mention I’ll be swinging by for dinner? It’s only about 3,500 miles or so.

Coloma's avatar

@Seek_Kolinahr Hey, you can be here by 7:30. lol
The menu has now chnged and I have a pot of chili simmering, still making corn muffins, and…..taaa killer local bakery had fresh 4 berry pie made with blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and cranberries with a crumble topping. OMG! :-D

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@Seek_Kolinahr You’re in Florida, right? The clear solution is to swing by Cape Kennedy and hijack something sub-orbital. You could make it in about 10–15 minutes, plus launch/landing time.

Coloma's avatar

Friday 10–19 @7:55 a.m.
In my cozy bathrobe with the house wide open on this fine cool morning.
Todays mission, to locate the tree frog stuck somewhere in my washing machine.
Always an adventure in these hills.


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