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Would you like to disappear?

Asked by antimatter (4392points) February 22nd, 2013

I asked an earlier question about my foot print on the net, what if you could erase yourself from the net and society and start a new identity and life. Would you like to do it to disappear and reinvent yourself?

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Occasionally, but right now I’m pretty much invisible as it is. So there wouldn’t be much point. I have no family ties. No significant relationship. Few close friends. Just the people at work notice my regular comings and goings. I could resign, sell my apartment and go pretty much any time I wanted and no one would say, “Boo!” You can have my invisibility. Real cheap!

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No thanks @burntbonez I am thinking more of reinventing a new life…

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No! I worked hard for what I have. I am sure I have some liability of different kinds but I have assets of different kinds to weigh against it and on balance I would be a fool to start from zero. If I had nothing and was wondering if the governor was going to stay my execution then starting from zero might not be bad.

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Sometimes I would. But I’m never very serious about it. I have a wife and children and a community and lots of social capital. I’d hate to give that all up. Who would I play music with? Who would know all my foibles? Who would get me?

When I was sick, I seriously wanted to ditch it and go and try to start over. Or just die. I didn’t care. Now… not really. I’ve worked hard and survived too much to be willing to throw it all away just so I could find something new that I probably wouldn’t even find.

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Been there, done that.

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Too late for that. And I’m satisfied with what I have, thanks.

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I’ve worked hard for my reputation. I would not want to lose it.

(Good luck. I wish you well.)

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If anything ever happened to my son, I would do exactly that. Poof. Leave town. Change my name. Probably leave the country.

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Would you like to do it to disappear and reinvent yourself?

I am about to do just that. Just got a job in another country. Besides my parents, only 2 other people know about this. I’m severing the rest of my contacts, at least for the time being, till I have achieved all I am setting out to achieve. I am also rethinking myself, who I want to be, what I want to do with the rest of my life. It’s scary and exhilirating at the same time ;-)

I want to be a different person when I get there (come middle of March), and changing old habits presents a challenge. Small steps. They say “triggers” are crucial in habits staying the way they are, so I’m out to destroy the old ones and create new triggers, new habits. Why am I doing this? First of all because I can, due to this opportunity that had opened itself up for me now. Secondly, a lot of my friendships seem to have gone toxic beyond the point where I feel like I want to fix them – or they were always this way but I didn’t see it earlier.

Most of all I see how my current lifestyle, personality, habits are making me forgo my dreams, and waste my life on trivia. I need to remake myself to follow through on my goals. You’re lucky I’ve retained some anonymity on here or I’d be leaving all of you here, too – and what a tragedy for you that would be! :D All in all I’ve got a lot of work to do. And it’s the hardest kind – working on yourself. Tips welcome :P

I know this sounds like a load of BS. That I’ll give it a week and forget about it. Hell I have doubts if I have the willpower to pull this off. Then again I have felt like this before, and I did implement similar changes in my life, if on a smaller scale. I can do this. I think I can do this. <gulp>

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@fremen_warrior We’re rooting for you! Good luck!

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I can’t escape myself my body my limitations.

I did a lot of non confronting or running around problems because I didn’t feel I had the power or strength to face them. I eventually had to face them all and wish I had done it sooner.

Maybe I needed time and experience to be able to do that. Like a character leveling up in a video game because he lacks the technique skill to match raw power to fight the big boss and win.

Once I faced those issues I felt stronger and good about myself. Could I have done it a better way, absolutely.

I learned that I am my worst enemy in life. My perceptions and approach shapes people’s reactions. I can’t escape me and my failings. I feel like a move a drastic change would be more running away again.

Though many a times it seems like a fresh setting perhaps a change in climate a different environment would help me grow as a person. It is not pratical or pragmatic at this point to try. Maybe later I would move but not in sense cut everyone off. Maybe some or to degree as distance creates shifts in dynamics.

Change is good but recreating/starting over, only for the right reasons not as a life strategy.

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Yep, been there done that, maybe about to do it again.
Not disappear but reinvent myself and my lifestyle.
Reinventing happens multiple times in many peoples lives.
If you have a million dollars it is even easier.

Otherwise you have to go with the bargain basement reinvention. lol
I’d love to blow out of this country to central or south america or asia but I have to settle for reinventing within my financial and geographic borders right now.

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The grass is always greener, right? I am heavily depended on to always be there. I made a promise. I will not fail.

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@fremen_warrior good luck man.
@Coloma Thats what I am planning,

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Yes, and I am about to do that, vanish completely and utterly :)

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Nah, I yam what I yam.

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Some days, yes, I’d love to just pause the world for 24 hours and get a break from the rush-rush of life, but most of the time, I’m immensely grateful to be alive. After 6, 7 years in deep, dark depression, life tastes so good.

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