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May we celebrate the penguin's arrival at 40 K? Are there enough fish in the ocean?

Asked by gailcalled (54621points) July 22nd, 2013

Wisdom, longevity, wit, brevity, levity, literacy, and jocularity make her unique and best-beloved.

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Shit yeah. Great contributor. Congrats! Keep it coming.

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Of all the penguins, in all the oceans, on all the worlds, in all the universes, accross this amazing multiverse of possibilities – you, dear @janbb, had to swim into our lives.

And we are all the better for it.

Congratulations sweet penguin.

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40000 bows, and serious congrats. I always loved the penguin on Batman. He was my favorite villain. Nice job lady.

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The penguin is the BOMB. Great going @janbb.

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Yeah: I did forget to mention that we are honoring @janbb. Sorry, but I suspect that everyone knows to whom (in honor of the librarian) I am referring.

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Congrats! Well done!

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40,000 sips of champagne in your honor, JanBB. Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment!

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This is truly monumental! Have a hearty Hawaiian “Ho’omaikai!” from across the waves.

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Yay, you did it!!!

I considered changing my avatar to a penguin today as a sign of respect… but then I decided it might just ruffle your feathers instead. :D

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Oy! My Mishpucha does good!
You’ve made the world better place. I’m Kvelling! Mazeltov!

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40 Krill for you, my flightless, flippered friend.

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What does a bird have to do to get a drink around here? Eating krill and shepping niches is hard work!

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@glacial I would be honored to see you in penguin garb.

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@janbb Just for you, dahling!

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Wow! You’re so beautiful , Ms Glacial! Wanna hump?

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@janbb Haha! Maybe we’d better – it’s getting chilly in here.

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Inspired by @glacial I changed my avatar to a penguin for todays celebrations.
Congratulations @janbb , on a very well deserved milestone!
Keep on keeping on!

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And some music in gratitude, @rebbel . Hope the link works, I’m on vacation on my iPad. (Beats an iceberg at any rate.)

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I bow to your wisdom, kindness and helpfulness. Even as you have been moving through a rough time in life, you have continued to make great contributions to Fluther.

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@tedibear thank you – that means a lot!

And folks above , thank you too! My iceberg is expanding as the party gets bigger.

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^ Brilliant. :)

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@janbb Excellent work, that natural tuxedo will be in perfect keeping with the formality I presume must prevail way up on the rarefied ranks of the Mansion’s 4th floor. Here’s wishing you huge schools of fish, krill, squid and shrimp; for clearly you are an emperor penguin now.

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@ETpro Maybe we can arrange a private after party and I’ll take off my tuxedo!

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It’s a penguin joke

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—-Hoboken, don’t fix it.—

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I guess the proper response to that joke is “Ho-Ho-Kus” then? (A Jersey joke.)

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Wrong paramusters.

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But I was right at the bergenning.

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Any more bad puns and I may have to Bayonnet you.

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Hooray! I’ve donned my cutest penguin in your honor!

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I’ll don this protective cape, may it save me!

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@WillWorkForChocolate Weird! Penguin profile pic but cat avatar still.

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Put up your Amboy Dukes, you Metuchen-the-head.

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YAY! You know you’re my favorite penguin Jellie.

You’ve helped me and others with tact and wit. I will try to live by your example regarding tact. Haha.

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@tinyfaery Thank you, dear.

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wanamassa wid choo?

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Kon4ratulati0ns, @janbb !!!!

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@erichw1504 Brownies for you!

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Penguinations!!!!! May the poles freeze over! Well done dearest!

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Orange you carrying this a little far? Let’s Passaic the peace pipe.

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@gailcalled let’s leave the bodies where they lie on the Plainfield for now. Pax.

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Venturing out belatedly to the Embarcadero. Party on until I return.

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Fresh sardines in the fridge.

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* * * W * O * W * * *

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Oh awesome! Great job, Jan. I so adore your insights and sweet sense of humor. Stick around for a long, long time.

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Oh yay! You’re an integral part of this place, penguin, and I lurve you. Congratulations on this well-deserved milestone!

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Dear Fluther Friend! You have reached another milestone showing how beloved you are by the collective. You are wise, witty and fun to be with!

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This is only but one thing, great news! Hoomaikai ana, lelo hoomaikai!!

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40K? I’m in awe. Here’s to longevity! Congratulations!

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40Kongratulations @janbb Can I get you a fish to celebrate?

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<—I had this tailored just for your party.

Congratulations to the Penguin of penguins, my friend @janbb.

I was stalking you last night, and had your party thread all set to go, but it happened during my nighttime. Glad Gail got to host for you, then.

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Wow, way to go @janbb! You contribute so much to this community and you are well-lurved for it.
I joined the pingouin bandwagon and donned a francophile penguin suit in your honor today.

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I’m almost late, but still early enough to join the celebration of one of the finest jellies and penguins here. I’m so glad to be able to count you among my friends.
May all your days be a celebration!

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Congratulations. Always helpful and amusing to read, in a good way. You make me smile.

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Here’s a little gift for you.

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Congratulations, @janbb. You are one of my favs.

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I’m late as usual but my little penguin friend and fellow Hurricane Sandy fugitive, I congratulate you on this awesome achievement. 40k is nothing for a Jersey Penguin to sneeze at (can penguins sneeze, anyway?).

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Even my kid is wearing penguins today. Look!

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@Kardamom has been working for a while on your feast…
I’ll set the table now…

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@janbb An extra helping of herring for that. Re @jaytkay‘s Hoboken, maybe it comes from this.

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@Kardamom, you ok there? <nok nok>

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I’m herring you’re celebrating a 40 big K’s. Mazel tov from your favorite pachyderm!

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Can someone go check on @kardamom? She’s been crafting for hours. I’m worried about her.

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I’m here, crafting an answer, had to run out to the store for my neighbor who just had a hernia operation, started up again after I got back, but now have another errand to do, I copied and pasted my answer into Word, but I’m not done yet, so I’ll check back later, hee hee.

I hope you all are hungry.

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Absolutely AWESOME! 40K Congratulations!

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I am glad to see you wore your formal wear into the next level of the mansion – adds a touch of class to the place! Congratulations to one wise jelly!

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@jaytkay Now I get it! Thanks @ETpro !

jaytkay's avatar

Hah! Yep!

I forgot you were actually in Jersey, that made the puzzle a little tougher!

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Congratulations!! Lurve you!!

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Yay. A celebration for one of my favorite people…errr…I mean Penguins.

That 40 K is very well deserved indeed. You contribute so much to our little grammatically correct corner of the Internet. Keep on Fluthering (and punning…we need more of that around here to cheer up the grouches :)


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Lurve for @janbb. I think you’re super. Congrats! :)

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Woo hoo! I missed this! Congratulations!

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Not too late to put on your penguin suit, @Judi!

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One of my favorite jellies of all time. She has always been wonderful to me (like a second mama).

Congrats, J! The g/f and I would love to meet you someday. Fluffy feathers and all. :)

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@glacial You’re just saying that to @janbb & @Judi because you know penguins like to sit on a glacier’s face.

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@ETpro And it’s not even Friday yet!

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@janbb Yeah, I better get ahold of myself here. :-)

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Still crafting my answer, so sorry for the delay.

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I think Kardamom fell asleep with her head on the keyboard

janbb's avatar

Either that or she’s in the kitchen cooking up a real feast!!

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@janbb I like your angle better. I’m hungry.

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@janbb F*ck yeah, brownies!

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!HERE YOU ARE! hoorary for de Penguin who is not really a Penguin.!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

marinelife's avatar

What? She’s not a real penguin? I’ve been duped!

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One of my favorites, and I am late to the party!

Congo Rats to one of the finest of the water fowl! WTG!

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I was about to take off my penguin suit (which of course I’ll keep on hand now for future dress occasions), but if @Kardamom is still expected, I’ll wait.

Dutchess_III's avatar

@marinelife It’s easy to be duped. She’s REALLY smart for a penguin. Don’t feel bad. :)

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@Dutchess_III And you’ve never even seen me swimming.

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^I have!

janbb's avatar

true dat

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I’m late to the party. Congratulations!

Dutchess_III's avatar

Can you swim and read at the same time penguin?

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<<Yetanotherpenguin for the occasion. Congorates!

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@Dutchess_III But of course!

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Out of breath, running, trying to get there on time to congratulate @Janbb… hopefully this party is still going on and I haven’t yet missed it.

But even if I have, there is more to come.

My dear, we decided to do something different, especially for you! Auggie OK’d it and we’ve chartered a Fluther flight to England, for the entire collective!

So pack your bags and get ready for some clotted cream and spotted dick. If we get a chance, we can pop by the palace and congratulate the royal couple on the birth of their baby. Then it’s off to the National Gallery and lunch at Harrods Food Hall. And later, we’ll have tea at Fortnum and Masons

On day two, we’ll have breakfast Garfunkel’s in Piccadily Circus. After that, we shall see a Matinee and then later, we shall dine Here

We shall be staying Here, but there is also a small Guest Cottage if you would like to stay separate from the collective, or if you just want to get away for a bit.

We shall be driving from London to Stratford and on to places like This

Of course we will be stopping for lunch at This Place where we will enjoy a Ploughman’s Lunch. We’ll be spending the night in These Cottages which are also close to Oxford. Of course we will be touring Oxford, but especially This Part of the campus. We’ll have an early dinner at This Oxford Pub and we will enjoy breakfast at This Place

Next we’ll be heading on to Stratford Upon Avon, of course we’ll be seeing some plays at the Old Globe Theater and we shall take a nifty little Dinner River Boat Cruise and visit the Stratford Public Library as well as visiting the childhood home of Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway

On the way back to London, we shall top in Bath and have tea at the Royal Crescent Hotel

When we get back to London, we’re going to check out the Charles Dickens Museum and the Sherlock Holmes Museum and then we shall drink pints at the historic Ye Old Cheshire Cheese Pub which is known for some of it’s famous literary guests. Hopefully we’ll get to meet some Pearlies before we head back home.

Congratulations, my friend!

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@Kardamom I’m glad you came back to finish – this is so worth it! Are any other penguins invited?

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^^ Everyone is invited!!!

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Totally worth the wait, @Kardamom!

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So – yesterday we went to England.

Are you taking us to the zoo today?

Thanks @Kardamom! It was a wonderful trip!

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