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Anyone have any good ideas for wedding gifts on the cheaper side (<$100)?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) June 19th, 2008
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Its always best to choose something off of the registry. Hopefully who ever you are buying for selected a range of low to higher priced gifts for guests to select from. If not, my suggestion is a gift certificate to Williams Sonoma or Crate and barrel.

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Echo the above, but if there is no registry a couple basic cookbooks are essential. Cook’s Illustrated/America’s Test Kitchen has a great one out now, a 3-ring hardbound “family” book covering all the basics.

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Definitely choose something off the registry – I just recently got married and we got registered at two different places in hopes that it would make shopping for a wedding gift that much easier for everyone else and we would have to return less things that we don’t need. We purposely put things on there that were affordable for our friends and family. If you get something off the registry you’ll be assured that the couple actually wants/needs it.

If not, just give them a check for $50. To be completely honest, the best gifts we got were just flat out checks and money – we got to use it on the honeymoon.

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Give them 2 pet rabbits. They aren’t that expensive, and nothing says congratulations like a pet rabbit. They will love you for thinking of them in this way. ~

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If you can’t find anything on the registry, a gift card for the amount you can afford to the place at which the couple is registered is always a good idea.

When I got married, the best unexpected (i.e. not on the registry) gifts were those that our friends had given us because they wished they had gotten one earlier or that someone saw and thought of us. (Silicone baking mats, random board games, nice Tupperware containers…) What memories do you have with the recipient(s)? It’s always nice to put a bit of personal thought into a gift, particularly if you’re having trouble coming up with something.

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