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What is a good entry level job for an anarchist, shit disturber, with a high school diploma in Canada?

Asked by talljasperman (21875points) August 15th, 2013

A job where one can feel free to be themselves… preferably not fast food or housekeeping. Also a job that doesn’t require a drivers licence.

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Prostitution or stand-up comedian come to mind but neither are for everyone.

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You might want to separate your political beliefs from your employment until you have some work history under your belt. That, or work at a movie theater.

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Do not under any circumstances try graphic design, trust me, I wouldn’t be spending so much time on this site if I had work, and I’d have work if I wasn’t’ a graphic designer… Get what I’m saying man?

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I just had my driveway sealed by a crew of 3 healthy individuals who did not need a diploma to do the work.

They did a great job by the way. And I tipped well.

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Most jobs have job descriptions and performance requirements. Employees are paid to fulfill them. Ultimately our role is to contribute to the company’s profitability (and thus to return on investment for the owners and shareholders) by adding more value than we cost. Nobody will pay us just to be ourselves and do what we please. It’s much more likely that we will be paid to pick up, clean up, or avoid distributing shit than that we will be engaged to disturb it.

@Blondesjon, in both of those roles you’re sunk if you don’t please the customer.

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Rock and roll star.

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@Jeruba . . . True, but, in both cases your customer also just wants to get in quick and get out just as soon as it’s done.

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@Blondesjon What about a comedic prostitute? Gets you off and makes you laugh.

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@Blondesjon, hmm—I didn’t realize that speed and efficiency were the goals of an audience for a performing comic. One good laugh and you’re satisfied?

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@Jeruba . . . You want the show to start without a lot of waiting and, no matter how long the performance is, when it’s done you are ready to get the fuck home.

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Leader of the opposition in parliament.

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Street corner preacher?

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Assistant Bounty Hunter

(yes, I know that your boss will make a lot more money than you, but you did specify ‘entry-level’...)

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Few things…

One, you should get a driver’s license if you need to drive in the area you live in. It’s not hard to get one.

Two, stop “disturbing shit”. No employer, regardless of how liberal they are, will be okay with you “disturbing shit”. You’re there to work. What does this “free to be themselves” mean? You’re free to do whatever in your job as long as it doesn’t affect your work or customers or makes the business look bad. So no, you’re not necessarily going to be able to “be yourself” everywhere.

Three, don’t bring your political views in. Please. You’ll never get hired or kept if you do that. No one wants to hear it unless you’re working in a political environment and all you’ll do is piss someone off.

I know someone who sounds a bit like you….anarchist, nihilist, sort of independent like that, I guess if you can call it independent. Always starting shit ultimately and he has been through so many jobs. His financial situation isn’t stable at all.

No one is saying you can’t have beliefs. I myself am pretty conservative and I have many opinions. I just don’t incorporate them into my work because I’m not a idiot. Learn to put thigs about yourself in a box and leave them at home.

Having a job is about (hopefully) pursuing a passion while making money for a company, a school, a boss, or just yourself, but you can’t let your personal attributes get in the way of that.

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What do you call that guy who rides on the back of the garbage truck and slings the trash cans around?

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There’s nothing for you because the world and its economic system is wrong.

Your best bet is some sort of self-employment or freelance work, if you’ve any particular skills that are “sellable”. Perhaps its busking on the streets, or being an artist or writer, or selling your manual labour on some ad-hoc basis (odd-jobs, gardening, etc). If this sort of meagre and not quite petit-bourgoisie existence doesn’t appeal to you, or you have absolutely no exploitable skills, there is always the realm of the lumpen-proletariat.

You could become a petty thief, but do try to steal from the rich if you go this route. There is also begging, living from dumpsters, asking for donations and charity.

There are a few cases I’ve read of people successfully living entirely without money and without ever spending anything, but you need to spend an initial amount in setting up your self-subsistence (some land to grow your own food, wood burner, solar panel, etc) and then form a network of people who you can barter with or do jobs for anything else you might need. This is assuming you’re a committed communist anarchist… you could be a mutualist, or one of those mind-numbingly absurd “anarcho”-capitalists.

Good luck.

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Write books about anarchy and the unfairness of the employment system. Become a public speaker on the subject. Get involved in political campaigning in your local area. Get involved in the Trade Union movement or the Co-Operative movement. Forget a job where you are employed by someone else, unless you are willing to stop being an anarchist shit-disturber.

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