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If you could learn a skill instantly, what would it be and why?

Asked by cage (3123points) June 27th, 2008

so, you learn a skill and become a pro at it immediately, but you obviously only get one choice and it has to be specific.

I’d learn how to play the guitar, because it comes with SO many good sides to it. Money, women, the fact you can copy your musical idols…

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i would say guitar or barefoot waterskiing. i think it would be tight to be able to play the acoustic guitar. i spend a lot of time around bonfires and being able to whip out the acoustic guitar and play some songs would be amazing. chicks love that crap

and barefoot waterskiing is just pimp. i can do it already but i wish i could do more tricks and stuff

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farming. Would be a great skill that would benefit myself and my family.

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Fail-proof self defense. As a woman, I’d feel a bit more level on the playing field.

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i would be a fiddler. there’s always 6 or 7 guitar players, 2–3 banjo players….but sometimes there are zero fiddlers.

or I would be a champion potato chip eater.

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the ability to learn skills instantly… ‘nuff said

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@alexchoi, nice GA’ed for sure

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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Undetectable counterfeiting.

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I would want to be able to understand an speak fluently any language I encounter. Then I could learn so much more about the different cultures of the world.

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being able to bend time and space so those hot girls i always meet, don’t end up having a boyfriend

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Play the piano.

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I’d love to have woodworking skills – to build beautiful furniture would be amazing.

I’d love to have the skill to have my attempts at art be art – pottery, watercolors, stained glass.

I’d love to be a polyglot.

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Surgery (assuming my new skill also comes with accreditation!); I love working with my hands, and I can’t think of any worthier or more fulfilling form of craftsmanship.

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I would love to be able to play the piano !

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Surfing. Then I’d move to Maui and live on the beach for the rest of my life. Aloha!

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I would like to have superior martial arts, boxing and fighting skills. I want to be a bad mofo.

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Rocket Science sounds like fun, sign me up.

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skill to fly anywhere anytime anyspeed.

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The art of language. Imagine the ability to read write and converse in any language with complete ease. No longer are cultural boundaries a hindrance to expression

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move objects with my mind.

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I’d love to become a pilot. I just don’t have the time to invest.

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Since my first answer of knowing every language in the world has been taken a couple times, I would like to know and understand market trends instantly. Also, with the skill, I better have the cojones to take action on my knowledge.

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programming & mathematics.

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Hmm, I think that learning a skill instantly would take away the satisfaction and joy of using said skill because I haven’t made an effort to enjoy learning and becoming good at it, which would make it more rewarding rather than having the excitement drawn away by having it handed to me to take advantage of.

That being said, if I had to choose right now I would probably choose mathematics because that would possibly set me up for everything I want to do in life. Then again, I love learning maths, it’s just that I’m not very good at that.

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I would choose to be a surgeon. I would be able to provide for my family and help people.

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i’ll change mine, to telepathy.

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i knew you’d say that…ha!

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