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What tricks do you know to extend the life of an ink-jet ink cartridge?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) January 24th, 2014

I rarely use my printer, and find that it probably costs me at least $1 per page as a consequence.

I’ve considered removing the cartridge, putting it in a freezer bag, the putting it in the freezer. Obviously, that would require thawing, but since I print so seldom, I’m okay with that?

Any input or other tips to save the ink?

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Funny thing. A few weeks ago I had to get my proof of income to see the doctor and that proof was on my sisters iPhone. There was a FedEx place a block away and they printed it out for her. I think she had to email it to them. But it was pretty cheap.

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I would warm it up to room temperature, plus a bit, chemical reactions go faster with warmth. Edit I’m sorry you were asking how to preserve your ink not to use the last drop, I would go with keeping in the fridge but not the freezer. As an experiment tell us how it worked and we can get to see science in action.

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If it is an HP printer there is an expiration date embedded in the cartridge it may cause it to hesitate and not print if it is past the date.

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I’m rural, @johnpowell, and if my phone was any dumber, it wouldn’t fit in my pocket. Not even my coat. But thanks, I understand the concept of just paying a service to print for me.

I could leave it on the counter for a day after the freezer for all I print, @talljasperman. I was thinking to do just that (put mine in the freezer), but the S/O collected the cartridge. Perhaps tomorrow I can begin ‘Mr. Wizard, the 21st Century.”

HP is now telling us, “You are using a previously installed cartridge,” @Tropical_Willie. As in, “Your butt is your own, but print away!” I have 2 printers in my house that use the same (IN THEORY) cartridge.

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The best trick I did was to get it to flip a couple of 360’s as I chucked it in the garbage. I replaced it with a black and white laser jet. If I want color for photos I just let walmart print them. It’s much cheaper.

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I need to get a laser jet, @ARE_you_kidding_me. The only color cartridge that’s ever been in my printer was the one that came with it when it was new, quite a long time ago.

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