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It's impossible to be happy without...?

Asked by longgone (15281points) February 5th, 2014

Just for fun. Play along, please!

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…people thinking you’re hiding a problem.

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MONEY $$ lot’s and lot’s of $MONEY$$$$.

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being raped by tentacles.

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Six other dwarves to back you up.

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..iced tea. Lots and lots of iced tea.

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Today? Sadly money.

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…mass quantities of superior firepower.

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loving firends and good (really good) French fries.

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Quick, @janbb, that should be “friends”. I know, flippers and keyboards…

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my answer

…my dog
my daughter’s answer

my wife’s answer

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…..self-confidence, optimism, and good friends

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see @Bluefreedom

Self reliance, and the decision to be optimistic.

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Loving fries and good French friends!

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Breathable air.

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the brutal honesty of squeek & max

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Forgot to answer myself: “Caring for someone or something.”

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@longgone Oops! I was too late.

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@janbb Ah, well. It’s not too hard to figure out.

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Not having to go to school!

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My Depends undergarments.

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Believing in the strength of your own convictions.

Oh, and

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Cable news to remind me how blessed I really am.

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@Cruiser: “It’s impossible to be happy with…‘Cable news to remind me of the pain and misery humans inflict on each other’ was my take when I canceled cable about, hmm, 1999?

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Not had a broadcast channel since, @Cruiser. I have radio and video (dvd) options at my house. I hear world news and watch what I want. It’s GENIUS

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@ibstubro I do not find the news on the radio any more optimistic than cable I am simply spared the shock and awe visuals. Personally I don’t watch news much anymore and only watch the cooking channels….there I find genius!

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Cats! Enjoying the bedtime rumble over here.

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My internet connection…

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To me, @Cruiser, the news on NPR is ideal: couple of minutes once an hour with a world focus. If it’s something that could affect your well being, it will likely be mentioned. My local radio station lists accidents and local events, but is still only a minute or two a few times a day.

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@ibstubro I will have to find the NPR call numbers as all the news I get is 5 minutes to and 5 minutes from work and NPR would probably be the better choice. Thanks!

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I enjoy most of the NPR lineup. There’s a Diane Reams show I’m not fond of because she sounds and acts like she’s 101 years old. The world view news makes me feel less of an egocentric American.

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@ragingloli damn dude, you are so fucking funny

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Actually, for me the ideal news source is Free Speech TV. Otis truly unbiased and not under the control of anyone. Free Speech TV is exactly that. Not controlled by the right or left, and no corporations either.

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I’m checking it out, @GracieT. Thanks for mentioning it.

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