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Do you swim?

Asked by 2TFX (435points) February 10th, 2014

I like to swim in the ocean, river or lake. I don’t like pools because I don’t like to swim in other people’s filth. Where do you swim?

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In the bath tub. Animals pee in the ocean… its’ all full of filth.

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My own pool, public pools, hotel pools, lakes and the ocean (when I’m near one).

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I love swimming when I have the time.

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I love to swim and do so because it is an awesome workout. Our gym pool is pretty clean and a whole lot cleaner than the river by my house. Plus the river is a bit on the hard side right now so I will have to wait 3–4 months before I can swim in it again.

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Do I swim? No, not much.
Can I swim? Yes.

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Not a lot, but I can.

I’ve swam in big cow ponds with snapping turtles & water moccasins -everywhere except the ocean, that scares me to death.

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Hardly. I’m not very good at swimming, and didn’t learn how to until I was sixteen, I think.

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Yes, yes I do, in water…mostly.

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I can, but I don’t very often. I’m more of the sunbathe-until-I-get-hot-and-then-get-in-the-water-for-five-minutes-and-then-back-to-tanning kind of girl.

How are you not swimming in filth in the ocean, lake, or river? That makes no sense.

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Yes. Better than drowning.

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Anywhere. I love to swim.

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I love swimming in a clean lake. You can swim as far as you want. The ocean has a lot of trash in it.

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I used to love body-surfing the Pacific coast around San Francisco. You need a good wetsuit in that area and preferably proper fins but riding a nice ocean wave is a blast.

I like a good lake, too. I think the transparency is eerie.
Pools are fine with me when there is not too much chlorine.

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I swim in pools, the lake and the ocean… I’m 44 turning 45 friday and it hasn’t killed me yet. Swimming is a great form of exercise and the amount of clorine they put in the pools kills anything that could possibly live. I know when I was swimming daily I had to resort to wearing a swim cap because my brown hair was slowly turning blonde as a result of the clorine. I also know where Iive they test the lakes and ocean and will close the beaches if it is unsafe to swim.

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I swim in a pool. I love swimming.

About the filth, most pools are kept at proper measures for pH and chlorine. The ocean and lakes have feces and dead sea animals, and sometimes harmful bacteria and other negatives. If you really think about it you can gross yourself out about lakes and oceans also. Not that I feel you should think about it.

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Nah. I dont swim that much, but I’ve swam a mile across a lake once.

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I swim wherever I can. My favorite is in the ocean off Hawaii. And swimming off the beach at Monterosso al Mare in Italy was wonderful. Warm enough to be comfy, just cool enough to know you’re alive.

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I do like to swim. I find it to be a great way to relax and exercise at the same time. I swim in lakes, oceans and pools. I prefer the water to be on the warm side.

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I gave up my swimming course years ago. Now I’m not sure about my swimming ability.

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I’ll swim in anything. Really I don’t care. I live in Australia and we swim really far out to the reef, walk over it, drop off and swim all the way to the ‘gap’, where you pass through, and then back to shore. Its really far I did it today and I am buggered. Knackered. Tired.

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I will swim just about anywhere except an over chlorinated pool. On a summer vacation above the Arctic Circle, my companion was fly fishing in a number of rivers and streams. He hooked a good size salmon but lost it, so I pulled a Gollum and dove in after it. I didn’t get the fish, but I recovered a few lures that had been lost.

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I love swimming I was brought up in water practically. Here in the UK I am starting swimming again, at gym. Which is a far cry from sandy beaches, sunshine and the wonderful holiday feeling of where I am used to.Swimming to me is heaven.

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I have swam in the Ocean, across the Mississippi, and in lakes. I prefer swimming pools, which are much cleaner than natural bodies of water (despite the OP characterization).
My Mom made sure I had swimming lessons, after I nearly drowned in a friends swimming pool. I remember sitting on the bottom of the pool, losing consciousness.
As a teen, I swam across the Mississippi river 4 times, and that 4th time was a bitch. I was totally spent, and the currents were getting the better of me.
I once swam a mile in under 25 minutes in a lake. That was a pretty good time.
I have a pool now, but almost never use it.

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I can swim, but don’t do it much… here in Maine the weather doesn’t always cooperate. I greatly dislike pools so don’t swim there, the ocean stays too cold for me; I live near a lake, and swim in that when it’s hot.

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The last time I swam was in our complex pool, that was during the summer. I don’t really like to swim there, because it’s pretty small and always full of kids.

I’d love to swim in the ocean, but it’s just too cold here in Southern California. I can’t take anything less than about 69 degrees. I used to do it all the time when I was a kid, but now, relative temperature differences do me in.

We used to swim in the lake when we’d go camping. I loved doing that.

Lately, though, I’ve been having dreams about swimming in beautiful rivers and lakes and pools, where as I never did before, this is a recent thing over the last 2 months. But it’s almost like I am craving to swim in beautiful bodies of water.

I’ve always had a thing about lakes, I love to to take landscape photos of lakes, but it really never occurred to me to swim in them, too, until I started having these dreams. Now, it’s like I have to do it, and soon.

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