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Would this motivate some people to exercise? (Details inside)

Asked by talljasperman (21820points) February 17th, 2014

Having a switch on each end of the swimming pool when you swim to the other side and turn the dial you get a dollar, or treat/award, on each end.

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I’m assuming you mean you’d be swimming laps, instead of just walking to either end of the pool and leaning down to turn the switch and then collect your reward…. although I suppose that would still be some exercise, at least.

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@ccrow Lol… two people could game the system on each side turning the dial. So you would have to have monitoring for cheating.

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If the reward was a warm chocolate chip cookie then yes.

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Yes, sure.

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If I was paid to exercise it would be great! Right now I pay to exercise. I’ve thought about getting zumba certified, but sometimes I go through weeks of not having enough stamina to get through a class very well. I could do zumba gold I guess. Water aerobics maybe also. Then I would get paid a little and maybe a free membership. So, yes, money would motivate people I think.

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A lot of drug addicts and alcoholics would learn how to swim then, if they didn’t know how. including me

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