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What single thing in your life would you miss the most when you are no more?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2136points) February 20th, 2014


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I do enjoy a good poop in the morning after coffee. It is one of life’s underrated pleasures.

(I don’t believe in the afterlife so I intend to enjoy as many earthly poops as possible.)

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Because I would be, and follow me on this one, DEAD.

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Sitting in the sun, feeling no pain, and smelling fresh-mowed grass.

@ragingloli lol, I started to say that, you must be rubbing off on me a tad bit.

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Wow… I hate to even think of this… but my little boy’s hugs are what keep me going. I would miss hearing his silly thoughts and idea and his hugs, especially when he dives into my bed some mornings and insists on a cuddle. I’ll be glad that I am dead and not conscious of the missing… because if I was… that would be hell. Hell need not be elaborate for those most content in life.

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Talking with close friends

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The change in seasons?

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Some of us don’t have that luxury…I still am, but due to my current condition, I cannot enjoy most of what I did when I was alive.

Painting a fence, Sunday picnics with my family, getting my shoes shined…but I can still look at the stars at night. :)

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My wife.

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I would miss missing things.

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The sensations of a woman’s lips on mine as her tongue reaches in my mouth.

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My pets. I already miss the dear departed ones, and yes, since there is no afterlife I will miss them now and enjoy the ones still here.

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Thornton Wilder’s play “Our Town” dramatizes the premise that after we die, we go through a process of losing the need to remember and miss our earthly existence. I like that idea but don’t believe it. I think we lose all awareness after we die.

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The bliss of not knowing what happens in “the end”

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Chocolate, definitely.

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Cuddling with my husband, puppy kisses, and going out to a restaurant.

Oh, and those Hershey Kisses with almonds. Seriously, that shit is addictive.

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Being alive.

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Not seeing my grandchildren grow up to become adults.

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My internet connection.

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My “little buddy.”

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We can’t have it both ways here. If we are ‘no more’ when we die then the question of what I would miss is irrelevant since a non-existant entity isn’t sentient, and so can’t have the capacity to miss out on something or be depraved.

Only if we somehow if our egos survive physical death would this question have any meaning. Something tells me though that I would likely not be thinking about earthly things if I do find myself in some afterlife dimension. If this would occur though I suppose I would miss eating pizza and ice cream the most.

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Pillows and big soft blankets. Cuz I love em all little slices of death.

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Fluther? ha ha

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Assuming there is an afterlife, I would have to say everything about my place in life right now, which, when you think about it is to be missed even if you DON’T die.

In other words, instead of dying, imagine being transported a thousand years into the future, or being kidnapped and taken to an alien planet for the rest of your life…

I would miss all the little and big things of life. My home, the natural world of the earth, the beauty of nature and plants and animals, my particular culture and all the things I buy every day/week/month/year of my life. Being able to drive, to surf the internet, to play games, to watch TV, to cook, to talk to people, to paint, to read books, to listen to music, to wear the clothes I like, to see/smell/hear/taste/touch the familiar….

All the experiences of the now, which are embedded in our culture and time and place in history are essentially irreplaceable.

How do you enjoy life when your entire surroundings have been totally altered, either as a disembodied spirit, or as a zoological exhibit on another planet?

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