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Does anybody frequent any other question/answer site other than Fluther?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2129points) February 20th, 2014

Which one? How is it?

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Was at Answer Bag before migrating here with a large school of AB’rs when they messed up that site. Also a member over at Experience Project. EP is so messed up now that it looks like some members have new start up that they hope will bring back the fun they once had there.

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Askmeta. I think it’s annoyingly homogenous (same politics, same background, etc) and you have to pay $5 (and I hate the moderators who are power obsessed) but because it has a large userbase it’s a good resource for objective questions. I rarely participate but I always end up more knowledgable about my hobbies (which is what I mainly acquire about).

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i use yahoo answers, and but i get better and more intelligent answers here.

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Nope. I get email updates from Quora, but it’s an odd duck.

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Like @Cruiser I’m also an AnswerBag refugee. Or was I guess…that was a damn long time ago. Other than Fluther, I go nowhere else. I like how Fluther works and how detail in discussions is encouraged, and I like how they’re REAL discussions. Answerbag was a bit like that, but eventually they changed the whole thing around, which cut out a big chunk of the discussions there. As a result, now it’s all one sentence answers, and three quarters of its user base is filled with trolls who can’t spell worth shit. I tried to go back, but alas…too used to Fluther.

Thing is after being on here, every other Q&A site seems extremely dull. I’ve TRIED finding and joining others, but I get bored in minutes. I guess my thing is, I like discussions, and I like reading them. Not to be an ass here or nothing, but if I need help with something, before asking people on social media sites, I do searches online for how to articles and whatnot. :/ So I have no real use for any Q&A site which involves problem solving and very little social discussion, and I don’t know of any site that has a lot of dusscusion like this one does, or isn’t filled with trolls. although Fluther was nothing like it is now when it started out, or so I’m told

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@Symbeline I just noticed we joined on the same exact day! ((knuckels))

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I also use ask.metafilter. At least for me there is no sense of community there which is fine. They are incredibly good at answering even the most obscure question. And it is fun to just read. It is like a instruction manual for life. Sometimes crazy shit goes down too.

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Not since I was banned several times from Nazihead.

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I use for programming questions. It is pretty fantastic for getting detailed technical answers.

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No. Fluther was the first one I stumbled across 4 years ago and I remain loyal.

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At one time I was a member of as many as thirty of these sites. I found that I didn’t have the motivation or stomach to keep up being involved with so many of these though. Most of my posts are on here, but I occasionally post on Quora, Yahoo Answers (very rarely), Huffington Post and a few wordpress sites.

I’m also involved with a paranormal site, though that one is not really a Q&A site, but a place where we discuss certain phenomena and issues, and it is filled with scientists, engineers, doctors, physicists, astronomers, psychologists and other professionals.

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This is the only Q & a site I bother with.

However, I am on an email list-serve with 125 or so of my college classmates. We have had an ongoing exchange of ideas of subjects both weighty and trifling for 15 years. There has been almost no acrimony and that was civilized and carefully couched.

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Fluther was my first. I have tried a few others but they don’t compare. This will be my one and only.

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I used to frequent a prostate cancer site. Be thankful you don’t have to know about it.

This is the only general Q&A site I use.

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I ask my daughter. She’s a teenager so she knows everything.

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No. I stumbled onto Fluther a while ago, and it’s my only discussion board. Unlike other online posters, Jellies tend to be courteous, respectful, and intelligent. And, Auggie does a great job of keeping the discussions civil and weeding-out any trolls or brats.

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I like the StackExchange network. Each of their many sites serve a very specific topic and are typically very good at giving technical answers. What our social section is to our general section, our general section is to their “social” sections.

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To tell the truth, I’m a Yahoo! Answer refugee. Yahoo! Answer is full of spams, unhelpful answers, trolling, flame-baiting and horrible writing. I used to be a victim of flame-baiting there (though it was partly my fault for being ignorant). And I have seen many more suffer from it, sometimes for very stupid reasons. I remember seeing a question of someone there who wanted everyone to check for their plot holes. But what they got was a hateful answer accusing them for “writing something sounding Twilight-esque” and the answerer hated Twilight! (That answer was chosen as the best one, wow!) There was also a question about how something worked that got a handful of answers full of horrible grammar error that was unreadable, and a personal-attack answer accusing the asker for being “morbid”. There were questions with off-topic answers and spammers too. And all of them were quite normal there! To make things worse, when you sign up for Yahoo! Answer you are given a certain number of points. And as you ask your points decreased. You only get more points if you get the best answer., but the best answers are very unpredictable and often fall to bad quality answers (that’s even worse than Fluther’s allowing 3 questions a day, because there will be a time when you can’t ask anything at all!). I got so irritated with all of them that I left, knowing I could never benefit from anything there.

Fluther has done a very good job at keeping all those spams, unhelpful answers, trolling, flame-baiting and horrible writing away. The jellies here are so friendly. They treat everyone fair and most of all, they know when to joke and when to be serious most of the time. When I ask a question I always have the answers I desire. Fluther has been my most frequent Q & A site ever since I found it. It’s the best Q & A site (if not the best site) I’ve found.

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@Mimishu1995 Hahaha, Twilight haters accusing someone’s work of being Twilightesque…well, they must know something about Twilight to make such claims. XD

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@Symbeline I’m OK with Twilight haters. What irritates me is how they let their hatred dominate their thought while the asker wants an objective answer, and how other member like this answer.
That story is pretty hilarious in some way though LOL

I forgot to mention that until this day, Yahoo! Answer’s interface is still uglier and more disorganized than Fluther, although the site is updated everyday and Fluther has stopped being updated. Just go there and take a look :)

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I used to be with Askville,before Amazon shut it down a while back, so here I am.

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^^ Ditto.

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@Mimishu1995 I’ve been to YahooAnswers before, not the place for me.

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@Symbeline Not a place for me either :)

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Problems with places like Answerbag or YahooAnswers is that YES, there are plenty of smart and interesting people there. Thing is they’re under the shadows of the countless spam and troll minions, so I can’t be arsed to sludge through a million shitty answers in order to find some decent shit. I think it’s unfortunate.

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@Symbeline And the other members there just can’t distinguish between a decent post and a pure pile of shit!

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