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What to do when the teflon stops being non-stick?

Asked by elbanditoroso (22419points) February 26th, 2014

Situation: electric skillet, multiple years old. Teflon surface, generally in good condition.

Made turkey spaghetti sauce the other night, and somehow some of the substance burnt onto the teflon surface. I have soaked the skillet in hot water, added dish cleanser, scraped (with plastic utensil), and there is still a good bit of residual burnt on crap.

Any wisdom on how to get that off, without utterly demolishing the skillet and removing the non-stick (ha ha) coating?

Does Teflon get tired?

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I concur with @Pachy, toss it out, it sounds dead to me, I guess you could see about having it resurfaced but I think only people with expensive cooking equipment do that.

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@Pachy – thanks for the link to the other discussion. Very useful. I think that this weekend, I’m going to get a cast iron pan, which seems to be the primary suggestion.

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I don’t do Teflon anymore. It is crap. Ever since I was making banana pudding, and started seeing black flakes in the pudding. Ugh!

So, I tried just regular stainless steel, and didn’t like that, either. No-stick pans are so wonderful. So my solution was to get a set of Calphalon – both saucepans and skillets. I love them. Easy clean-up, non-stick and no black flakes. They are expensive, but I got mine on sale at Kohl’s over the Christmas holidays, so got a killer deal.

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I bought a non-stick Calphalon skillet, and so far it’s been good as gold. I’ve been using it for weeks now as my primary cooking vessel (it has straight sides) and the inside and outside are spotless and flawless. It’s also been my experience that T-Fal is more durable than Teflon. Porcelain non-stick is currently the rage, and has the advantage of not being chemically based.

In short, I agree that you should pitch the one you now have. My electric skillet is all stainless steel, which gives the option of steel wool for cleaning. Not fun, but effective.

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Trash it. Sorry.

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