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Do you have any home remedies?

Asked by GloPro (8306points) March 5th, 2014 from iPhone

Super glue on a cut? Warm wild turkey with honey for a cold? An oatmeal bath for chicken pox?

Where did you get your home remedy, what is it for, and what makes it work?

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Warm saltwater gargle (½ t. salt to 1 cup warm water) to sooth post root canal done this morning. Dental nurse’s suggestion. It certainly can do no harm.

Tea with honey and lemon juice and saltwater gargle for sore throat. PCP

Warm saltwater compresses on skin absess, suggested by orthopedic surgeon.

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@gailcalled I hope you buy your salt at Costco… It’s your go to remedy, lol!

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You can buy a product in liquid or gel form called SilverSol. If you start to get a sore throat you take a teaspoon each hour for three hours and it should cure you. It did it for me! The gel stops itching , pain and burning. It is tasteless.
Fish oil is good for “the blues.” Works in two days.
One milligram of sublingual Melatonin puts you to sleep like a drug. Source Naturals is the brand, peppermint the flavor. Less is more with melatonin.

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A good spicy Thai Hot and Sour soup, Tom Yum, a quart of it, will clear sinuses and cure a cold.

Huevos Rancheros before bedtime will prevent waking with a hangover. If you were too drunk to eat Huevos Rancheros, have an authentic bowl of menudo for breakfast, it will cure a hangover right up.

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Hot peppers for a cold, clears your sinuses.
Moonshine or whiskey for your hot totties, same concept as Nyquil.
Bleach baths for bug bites.
Toothpaste on cancors, not the clear gel, only paste.
Prep H on zits reduces swelling.
Peeing on yourself for athlete’s foot (never tried that!)
Starve a fever, feed a cold.
Milkweed on warts.
Onion on ear for eararche.
Ginger or licorice for nausea.
Milkbath for skin problems.

Hilbillies have a cure for everything, like submersing a naked kid in a natural cold spring to reduce fever.

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I swear by gargling with 50/50 warm water and vinegar when you get a sore throat or cold or flu. Do it twice a day and 3 times in a row and you will recover way quicker.

Vinegar on rashes and mosquito bites and bee stings takes care of it almost instantly.

Chewing on 5–6 fennel seeds will calm an upset stomach in minutes. Peppermint tea will also work.

Tea Tree oil is fantastic for fungal infections….way better than any OTC or prescription stuff I ever used.

When my kids couldn’t sleep a warm glass of milk always got them back to bed and sleeping again.

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Strip naked, cover your body in various esoteric markings, then make a bonfire.

Once you’ve done that, get a sharp knife and a live chicken.

Tie the chicken’s feet together and place it on a makeshift altar.

Dance and chant around the fire, preferably with other people.

Give it a few minutes, then cut the chicken’s throat and drink its blood—letting it splatter over you.

Cures everything.

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I have heard that onions will absorb viruses if you put them around the house. It sounds silly and I’ve never tried it, but apparently it has quite a following.
@KNOWITALL a bleach bath? That sounds dangerous.

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@GloPro Oh no, not at all, it’s mainly for mosquito bites. It’s just a few gallons of cold water in the bottom of the tub mixed with bleach, you don’t submerge or anything. Witchhazel is good, too.

You guys are going to laugh, but for really dry cracking skin everyone uses Bag Balm, which is old-skool clear medicated ointment for….wait for it….cow udders! hahaha, it’s like in every house here in rural Missouri. You can put it on your feet and sleep in socks or hands/ gloves.

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@KNOWITALL: A friend who has been undergoing chemo just wrote this to me; “The oncologist put me on to two “helpers”...“Udderly Smooth” and “bag balm.” The latter was developed to prevent cows’ udders from chaffing and is basically a medicated Vaseline and is my night cream.”

I have heard of these products for years; I’m long way from rural MI.
(What’s a cancor?)

@GloPro: A 16-oz box of Morton’s salt will last me a decade, at ½ t. a pop. The only time use salt is for my nostrum.

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thirst-> drink water.
thirst while in the desert-> better drink your own piss.

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My moms bathroom is like mold central. They have had the bathroom gutted but it still gets moldy. It is bleached daily and it doesn’t help enough. If you get the itchy asshole from using the toilet hydrogen peroxide will fix you up.

She really needs to just burn the house down.

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@johnpowell Is the itchy asshole related to the moldy bathroom, or did you just throw that in between thoughts?

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GINGER. Ginger-honey tea with a shot of liquor (moonshine) for a cold & sore throat.
Crystallized ginger for upset stomach and for PREVENTING MOTION SICKNESS.

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Raw garlic is quite effective at killing infections. Much more so than the garlic supplements you pay far more for in the stores. But if you take it, you need to eat something first, then eat a meal afterwards (to help prevent garlic burps). If you eat it on an empty stomach, you will throw it up.

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@gailcalled Same as cold sore, like on your lip.

@snowberry I really believe that, and it also keeps mosquito’s from biting. I eat at least one clove a day or try, of fresh, in stir fry’s or whatever I’m cooking. I also rarely get illnesses of any kind, I’m totally sold on garlic.

@johnpowell You are sooooo funny!

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Vinegar is also quite effective on athlete’s foot. My daughter in Japan had it, and it kept getting worse (turns out she’s allergic to the foot cream the doctor gave her). I told her to soak her feet in vinegar water, and it cleared it up. She now keeps vinegar just for cleaning the shower and foot soaking.

@johnpowell Tell your mom that vinegar kills mold much better than bleach. Bleach causes the spores to explode (producing more mold). So mop (don’t spray it, no reason to breathe it) vinegar everywhere with all the windows open, let it sit for a while, then scrub and rinse. If you don’t believe me, try putting a drop of bleach on moldy bread. Poof! Mold spores explode! Then try putting a drop of vinegar on the mold. It sort of melts.

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