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Why do my eyes hurt when I wake up?

Asked by kimchi (1432points) March 29th, 2014

I took about a 2 hour nap and when I woke up, I had tears in my eyes and I had an aching sensation in my eyes. Could it be something big?

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Maybe too much salt from sweating? Do you wash your face often? See if that helps. I usually get a burning sensation when I sweat into my eyeballs

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I’m not verse on this kind of matter, so I just suggest you first do like what @pleiades said or wait for a moment. If your eyes don’t get better, seek some help from your parents. It looks like something not-so-big-but-not-so-small.

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I think you should see an Ophthalmologist, they can help you figure out the cause. Environmental allergies, viral and bacterial infections etc could also be another reason. It could also be dry eyes.

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I’m betting it’s what @Smitha suggests—allergies. Do you sleep with the windows open or cracked? Are there trees nearby?

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Not enough information. Do you have dry eyes? You put that in your topics. Are your eyes red or itchy? Is spring starting up where you live?

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You weren’t wearing contacts, were you? I get this exact sensation if I nap in my contacts.

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Even though you had tears in your eyes I’d speculate that you’re dehydrated.
If this happens chronically just drink more water. But as others note there can be lots of reasons for painful eyes, some are innocuous, some need medical attention, so consult your opthamologist. I did, and for me it turned out to be dry-eyes/dehydration causing sharp pains in both eyes. Artificial tears work for me when I need them, and at home I have humidifiers running 24×7 during the time of year that heaters are on.

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Your example is one. Do you mean to say this always happens? I know people who sleep with their eyes slightly open. They dry out and feel very irritated when they wake up. In extreme cases, they have to squeeze an aqueous gel into their eyes before they sleep at night, or they use a surgical tape to keep them closed. If this is a one-off, after just a two hour nap, worry less. Keep some eyedrops or just saline handy to refresh your eyes.

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I rarely visit the doctor but I always do when i have an eye problem. You only get one pair. GPs don’t know a lot about eyes so if you can choose to see a specialist then go straight there. I would make an appointment – you can always cancel it if your eyes are fine again.

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If the pain is behind your eyes, it may be sinuses. In your eyes, you may have pink eye or as some others above have suggested.

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