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A MODest proposal: Should we to be able to call out people in Meta only?

Asked by johnpowell (14794points) March 29th, 2014

This works extremely well on metafilter. Here is a example. It keeps all the crap in one tidy little place. In threads there are often comments from mods instructing people to take it to META if they care that much.

If people are going to go at each other we might as well do it in public so people can declare a winner. At least this way it won’t fuck up the sections of the site most people read.

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I don’t think so. If people want to fight each other, I’d rather they do so without an audience.There’s bound to be other people jumping in and pretty soon, most of us will be fighting. Also, I can’t imagine this idea would resolve the issue of users holding grudges.

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With respect, @johnpowell, I wonder if you wouldn’t be happier on a site that encourages poop swapping. Fluther ain’t one of ‘em.

Re-read this thread.

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