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If you could modify the human body, how would you change it?

Asked by GloPro (8311points) April 5th, 2014 from iPhone

Choose a mutation or a modification and explain why.

I would choose to be like the Fireys from the Labyrinth. They can disconnect body parts at the joint. Then we can rip each other’s heads off so much easier around here, and when the conversation is over, just put it back on straight again.

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1) Get rid of mens’ breasts

2) Additional redundancy on essential organs : two hurts, two livers, two pancreases

3) More durable teeth

4) Fingers and toes that would grow back

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Puncture resistant skin. If we had skin closer to a rhino hide, we wouldn’t worry about scrapes and cuts, no more road rash from bike accidents.

More shock absorbers in the skull and neck, so no spinal injuries and no more concussions.

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1. Separate opening for breathing, like the blowhole of dolphins.
2. Egg laying based reproduction system.
3. Skin capable of photosynthesis.
4. Gills as an auxiliary breathing mechanism.
5. Retractable claws, like cats.
6. Ability to fully regrow any body part.
7. Soft, dense, shiny fur.
8. Cat tail
9. Cat ears.
10. Night Vision and generally improved visual acuity
11. Eyes capable of seeing the entire EM spectrum.
12. Hearing improved to the levels of cats and dogs.
13. Echo-location capability
14. Telepathy
14. Remote controlled self destruct mechanism.

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I would give man the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound. How much fun would that be? No one would have a valid reason to ever be grumpy being able to do that!

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Indestructible teeth and a$$hole.

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I agree about more durable teeth—also no wisdom teeth. Tonsils and appendix seem to cause more trouble than they are worth; we can say goodbye to those. Childbirth would also be easier and not so painful, though I’m not sure of the specifics of how to make that so ;P

Also, maybe the testicles shouldn’t be so sensitive. And no autoimmune diseases, seriously—we can get rid of polio and smallpox, but now we have diseases where the body destroys itself. Bad evolution.

Oh, yeah, and a second set of arms and wings of course ;)

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Get rid of the genes that cause my high cholesterol and fats in my bloodstream.

Separate opening for breathing (someone already said that above) that can avoid choking to death when eating.

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Get rid of nerve cells, hormones and nerves, that would just about solve most problems.

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Everyone gets bigger/more narrow genitalia.

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Don’t run a waste disposal system through a major recreational area.

And make feet lastingly comfortable for all.

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A penis for a nose, lose the testicles though coz they’d just make you talk funny.
Also, women’s breasts should be on the shoulders like some fabulous epaulettes.
The reasons for these changes are really very simple, but i’m not sure what they are…yet.

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I always thought it would be really neat if our bodies were closed systems in regards to eating, drinking and waste disposal. i.e. We utililize every scrap of food and drop of liquid which we eat and drink and ergo have no waste of which to dispose.

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Immunity to all diseases would be kinda cool.

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No more ear wax would be great.. God really fucked that one up.

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I’d say our gallbladders need a good re-design along with our fat storage scheme and some small tweaks to our blood chemistry. Stamping out addiction would be high on the list. Beyond the small things night vision, breathing under water and indifference to temperature and pressure would be cool. The ability to hibernate through winter instead of sleeping every night would be nice also. Flying and breathing fire would be a nice bonus as would telekinesis.

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I would add chlorophyll so people can adsorb sunlight, and put them next to the mitochondria so the carbon cycle would be faster. I would give the body an infinite replacement teeth instead of just one extra set. And I would change the bathroom’s for shorter and taller people.I would add a plants re generational ability for lost limbs and organs. Also supper fast healing.

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I hate having to poop, so I’d rather that the body was more efficient at using what we eat and only urine was produced. This would probably mean we could eat less, which would save us a ton of money and drastically lower the demand for food.

I’d also like to have vision that could zoom in and out. Imagine how cool that would be. No more binoculars at sporting events or concerts or anything.

Finally, no more having to sleep.

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Telescopic night vision… No shit :-)

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@flip86 Good idea—I agree about eliminating the need to poop; that would be nice lol. Although I could still see sleeping, but maybe not so long. 8 hours is too much of your life spent on that.

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@flip86 :: I enjoy pooping.The prostate needs some love. There does however seem to be some debate on the topic. My morning poo is pretty much the best part of my day.

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Sexual reproduction would comp brain maturity at a minimum of age 25. lol

Pre-programmed, universal death at age 70 regardless of bodily abuse. haha
Eat, drink, be merry and die at 70.

No fat cells, everyone could eat what they like without ever gaining a pound.

Never have to go the bathroom, bodily waster doesn’t exist.

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@johnpowell That page is too much haha. :P I was mainly thinking of it taking up time at inconvenient moments. Maybe once a week. Or something along the lines of Barney Stinson’s “dump day” lol

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@Coloma at 70? That seems pretty young. Everyone but my sister would be gone already. And I thought I was lonely before…

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Human 2.0

Fixed acid reflux problem.

Fixed restless leg syndrome.

Fixed seasonal depression problem.

Increased memory recall.

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@GloPro Well at the rate we are reproducing ( the population grew by 80 million between 1980 and 1990!!! ) I think 70 is a reasonable life span…gotta make room for the next generation which is like a massive school of sardines about to be beached. haha

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@Coloma Well, I guess Social Security might make a comeback if it only pays out for 3 years…

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^^^ Haha…that was the original SS plan, back when most people died by age 65. Pay from 62 to 64…done.

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I’m with @ragingloli on this one. That sounds awesome. And sexy.

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Remove the waste disposal line from the recreational area.

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@Winter Pariah ^^ Been there, done that.

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