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How do you make a resume for a side job?

Asked by hug_of_war (10720points) April 24th, 2014 from iPhone

I’m applying to a couple of temporary jobs to supplement my income for a few months before I head off to grad school.

The problem is all my work and education is geared towards work with disabled children. The jobs I’m applying for are more office admin/writing gigs, nothing nearly as people-focused as my full-time job.

How do I convince these places in my resume they want me? (Some of these jobs are no cover letter).

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I would come at it from the angle that all of my experience with the disabled children makes me excellent at working with fellow employees and customers.
Stop there and wait to see his response. You may have to explain that the patience and understanding you have learned to employ with the disabled children will come in quite readily with the workplace.

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I’d focus on the general tasks for the job, and then select what in your background shows you have the skills to perform the tasks. So “coordinating schedules of special needs kids” becomes “Adept at complex scheduling assignments”.

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Consider how you will overcome only wanting to work for a couple of months. Hiring an office admin knowing you will have to repeat the process in a few months may be a deterrent.
I would hook up with a temp agency that can help you find such a position. Women on maternity leave, fathers on paternity leave, medical leave, etc. that have good jobs and don’t want you to outright take theirs will be very supportive of having someone obviously patient and bright fill in.

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@glopro – these are only temporary positions to begin with, and only about 10 hours a week

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