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What do adults do for fun?

Asked by weeveeship (4584points) May 9th, 2014

I am just curious what adults do for fun. Based on my friends’ facebook posts (btw, most of them are professionals – accountants, doctors, lawyers, etc.), they seem to be drinking and partying all the time after work. Those who have kids play with their kids and go places with their kids.

What do you or people you know do for fun? Is drinking really a big part in the lives of you and/or people you know?

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Drinking used to be, but I haven’t had any alcohol in years. Some of us do smoke the spliff instead.
but that is minor. What I do for fun is swim, walk, go out with a babe for dinner and maybe some hoochie coochie, which I also haven’t done in some time, but I still remember it!
I also like to go driving, sightseeing, to the beach and just lie in the sun reading a good book.

What do you like to do for fun @weeveeship? And just how young are you?

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For spending money, shopping is fun. For free, sex is fun.

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I’m 45, I very rarely drink, and when I do it’s like one drink. This is mostly cuz the meds I am on don’t mix well with booze. I’m sure I’d drink more if that wasn’t true. But, it wouldn’t be that much even still.
When I have money…I love to go to live events like concerts and theater. I also enjoy movies at the cinema. I love to sit down to a good (TV) series marathon or movie at home. Going out to dinner is always nice. There is the occasional silly thing like dancing in a parking lot with my partner to the tunes blasting from a nearby bar. Walking barefoot in a cemetery (more of a serene fun, than a YAY FUN). I also enjoy being in local theater when I get a chance.

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I don’t drink very much so that is not “fun” for me. Here are some things I enjoy when I have the time.

Going out to dinner with friends.
Shopping at GoodWill.
Completing a project.
Washing, vacuuming and doing basic maintenance on the cars.
Cutting and splitting wood.

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My husband and I don’t drink.

Some of the things listed here we do less often now, but these are some of things we do or did for fun as adults.

-Go out dancing.
-Dinner out or meet up with friends for dinner.
-Take a drive to see a new place.
-Now my husband races cars as a hobby so 3–4 times a year we go to the track meet up with friends and it is like a mini vacation for me and track time for him.
-Visit a tourist site near where we live. Could be a museum, park, gardens, anything we haven’t seen before.
-Visit friends and family.
-Go back to my university for a football game, which also includes seeing friends.
-Go to the beach (10 mnutes away).
-Hang out at the pool.
-Zumba class.
-Watch our favorite TV shows.
-Take a walk and talk.
-Go out to a movie.
-Work on a project.

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Silly, adults don’t have fun. Once you pass the age of 21, that part of your life is over for good. Adults only exist to provide a world in which children can have fun, and then prevent them from doing so.
Alcohol isn’t fun by itself, but it makes other things more fun, to a point. Who the hell would enjoy karaoke if they didn’t have a good buzz on?

For fun I go on long, dangerous bike rides, swim in the lake, mess about with computers, and go to nerd meeting with other nerds where we nerd out on computer and network stuff. Plotting to save the world is fun; building new internets is fun. Not that I, personally, actually have any fun, I’m just saying, right?

The harder something is to do, the more fun it is to fail at it.

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@rexacoracofalipitorius I love karaoke without drinking

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I like eating. I like going to street fairs and farmers markets with my wife. I like playing video games. I like good beer. (Unibroue has some good stuff, as do many of Seatttle’s local breweries.) I like reading, preferably sitting quietly on my porch with a cigarette. I like messing around with computers. I like making things. I like sleep. I like my job (using computers to make things), though it’s tiring enough to make me like sleep more than I should.

@rexacoracofalipitorius Plotting to take over the world is more fun. Saving it doesn’t really need giant robots and death rays. Of course, actually running the world after you save/conquer it is less fun, so if you’re in it for the lulz, you’re best leaving it at just plotting.

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For me, fun comes of its own accord. I woke up one day and my face was all gaffed up. I got a kick out of it though when I realized I had two matching scratches, one on each side of my face, because of how I got them. One came from my cat, because she was startled when somebody knocked at the door while she was on my lap. The other looked just the same, but came from a nervous iguana.
Sometimes I drive a hundred milles to get ice cream someplace I know is really good, just because I enjoy the drive there. When I was still able, before I became disabled, I loved dancing. That was the only times I drank, when I danced. They seemed to go together. I never enjoyed just sitting around getting drunk.
Lots of fun gets missed by people who think they HAVE to go looking for their fun. If I have to wait in a long line, I look around to see if anybody has a baby I can look at for a while. If I am stuck in a crowd somewhere, I look for who seems to be open to having a conversation.
Sometimes fun is little, sometimes fun is big. As we get older, most of us find it is pretty easy to keep ourselves entertained, if we don’t expect all our fun to be some kind of a major bash.

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Changing your mental state of mind is a momentary activity and stoned or sober, you are still faced with the challenge of finding something to do and young or older, with kids or not, what I do/did is no different. I still get jollies rockin all night long.

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Drinking is something I used to enjoy but it’s not really that fun. I’m a one or two drink every week or so kind of person now. I enjoy getting outside doing things like gardening, fishing, backpacking. I have multiple hobbies that I pick up when I feel like it. Drinking is not that big a part of adults lives who actually have them.

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You can’t use Facebook as a realistic portrayal of the world. People post things on Facebook that give a skewed and altered view of what life is really like. The ones who drink “for fun” will often post drink photos, it’s like “look at me, I am having a margarita!” Or they cook food and post a food pic or they order in a restaurant and post that, like nobody has ever seen restaurant food, plated.

I am not a big drinker (usually only special occasions like holiday parties or weddings) so you won’t see that on my FB page.

I like to travel and I like to read books. A book store and a cup of coffee is a perfect combo, to me. I like nature and so anything involving that is fun, to me. For me to post other things I like would probably bore the typical reader – visiting friends, crafts, documentaries, shopping, (yawn), I shan’t go on.

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We cook. We make our own beer. We garden quite a bit. I read a lot for fun, mostly scifi and fantasy. We watch TV shows often and movies sometimes. Our best fun times are probably kayaking and kayak-camping, hiking, backpacking, and mountain biking. I volunteer at a sled dog outfit (and sometimes get to go mushing) for fun. I play Mario Kart Rii every once in a while. We go to the occasional music or comedy show.

We also used to have rotating dinner parties with friends a few nights a week, but not since we moved :(

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Since Thanksgiving, 2012, I’ve been sailing a boat around, mostly in the east Caribbean. I’m getting ready to leave St. Lucia for Montserrat to pick up a friend and take him to Dominica, then get back here. Since just before Christmas, I’ve been looking after a farm on St. Lucia, with goats, sheep, chickens, a burro named Betsy who won’t stay out of the sugar cane, a border collie named Sam, and now a mare named “Shy,” short for Cheyenne.

There are three cats, they control the mouse population. I’d been here a week before I discovered them. The owner of the place neglected to introduce us. They live in the barn and only come to me for a squirt when I’m milking the goats. One big yellow, Teeger, and two black and whites, Sieti (Cee-A-Tee) and Oscar. But they want nothing to do with a human who has befriended a dog, I suppose. The property also produces sugar cane, pecans, mango, papaya, loquat, and mandarin. Lots of nut and fruit trees.

I tend the animals in the morning and at night, ride the property daily with Sam and Shy, tend the cheese cellar, cook, sometimes take a nap in the afternoon, and wait for the next sail charter. I get the odd guest up here but mostly I see people about once a week when I go into town. That is quite enough for me. In town I sell the fruits, nuts, and eggs, mostly to ‘Kita, the woman with Apache eyes. She has the world’s best vegetables. I look in on the boat and keep her ready. I’ll put on the tanks and do her bottom next week, get some conch while I’m at it. Maybe sell the shells to ‘Kita. The animals know it’s feeding time when I blow the conch.

Soon it will be time to sheer the five adult sheep. I’m thinking about mushroom cultivation. I put in a new spice garden this week and bought a nine-foot muskatnut tree. Today it will go in the center of the garden and provide much needed shade for the tender spices. There will be the smell of nutmeg here, mingling with the Jamaican pepper right outside the kitchen window. And the sweet mandarins. Christmas year-round. I hope I’m still here when it all comes to fruition.

I like going to dinner with friends. I like to sail at night. I like voyaging with two or three reliable people. I like taking aboard someone who is really interested in learning to sail. Especially if they enjoy the deck and linework. I like good cooks. There are women, the one I favor the most is farthest away. I read a lot, watch old movies I pull from the net, PM friends on Fluther, do Quora, contribute to Wikipedia, the Internet Archive, and IMDB. I don’t do Facebook or anything like that. As much as possible, I keep a small footprint. My iphone is corroding away somewhere in a drawer on the boat. I write. I started a sketchbook the other day. I have a violin I’ve never played that came with my boat. I like this right-side-of-the-brain life after spending the last 25 years as a nurse, the last five in medical research and disaster work.

I rarely drink and stopped smoking dope when I became a nurse due to the possibility of a random urinalysis. Besides, the herb they grow today is way too powerful for my tastes. Everything else is schoolboy shit. So it’s pretty much just me and unadulterated reality. I like it like that.

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I really like reading what the Crow writes. It’s always fun.

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I suppose I only realized that I was ‘old’ lately. Plus, moving away from my home and friends has made me think about this question a lot.

The culture where I moved to is very different. Here, indoors is probably most of the activities enjoyed by people. Whereas where I came from outdoors was the thing. I loved, sunshine, the beach, being at a pool with my friends, visiting for lunch, spending time enjoying nature.

Now, because the weather is different I am doing the following:

Going for long walks day or night
Become interested in food and nutrition and the effects on the body.
Studying holistic healing
3D developing
Learning to garden
Design new recipes
(I used to visit friends, but now I don’t have any)

Planning to do:

Join some great interest groups
There are great interest groups here in Scotland, like Expats, Eating, Hobbies and Crafts for example.
I have joined the mental health portals here.
I am going to volunteer
I have joined gym but not done much with it!
Find some great coffee shops and restaurants in Edinburgh and Glasgow and surrounds.

I really loved this question as these types of things have been on my mind. I feel as I age the things I do are more inspiring and good for my spirit. Whereas before I did what everyone else thought I should be doing.

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We do not drink. We like to try different restaurants and go to farm markets, because we are “foodies”. Before my chronic pain set in, we liked to go hiking and exploring outdoors and in cities and towns near us. We go to the movies and to concerts.

I have friends that are avid cyclists, dragon boat racers, and other sports activities. People are in book clubs, knitting clubs, bridge clubs, etc. People are active in their religious communities or do secular/non-affiliated volunteer service.

Check out to find groups near you that are organized based on a wide variety of interests.

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I like to read for fun, or play my piano. The dogs are a great source of fun for me…especially roughhousing with the lab, as well as Agility with the maltese.

I meet up with friends at least once a week, and we have fun in different ways: Board game nights, cooking together, movie nights. Sometimes we go for a swim or to a bowling alley, the theater or a concert.

I have lots of fun with my sisters, too. We banter. Gets on everyone else’s nerves, I fear.

I drink about twice a year. I don’t think alcohol is necessary to have fun, and none of my friends would say so, either.

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We don’t drink very often at all. We don’t go out to bars or clubs. We spend week nights on the couch and weekends are spent running errands or relaxing. We like going out to the movies and to dinner, and we’ll occasionally shop, much to my husband’s dismay. We take the dog for walks and go to the pool when weather permits. What we really like, as we’re just big kids,is amusement parks and aquariums.

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Make love.

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I do not have children and never will (I’m childfree). I had weight loss surgery so I am not allowed to drink for a year but even when I did drink, I never liked the bar/party scene, so I didn’t drink much to begin with!

Sounds like you have immature friends if they need to get drunk often to have fun.

What I do for fun:
-relax in front of the TV
-work out at the gym, watch Netflix while I’m on the treadmill
-visit friends and family, catch up
-read books
-go out to fun places…movies, festivals, attractions, etc.
-occasionally go shopping and run errands (some are fun!)
-outdoor activities
-call up my family/friends if I can’t go see them
-travel (plan road trips, in the future, I’ll go farther)

My life is pretty fun, actually.

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Ooooh…forgot to mention amusement parks!

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Oh, one more I remembered now that I’m sitting at my desk and can see: I just put up a birdfeeder a few days ago – first one I’ve ever had – and it is so much fun to watch! I’ve had a rose-breasted grosbeak and his lady friend, an American goldfinch, a black-capped chickadee, a sparrow of some sort, and several others I haven’t ID’d yet. I think the grosbeak is sticking around. We nicknamed him David Grosbeak because he makes such wonderful music.

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I Fluther for fun…Also I watch TV and YouTube. I go shopping for food and I call my mom frequently.

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I have a couple of good beers a few nights a week but my party days are long gone. My favorite fun, is being in nature, gardening, re-arranging and decorating, watching good movies,going out to eat with friends, my daughter, being with my pets, thrift store browsing, fluthering, and cracking myself up with my wacky sense of humor.
I also love to travel, but it is not in my budget at this time.

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I do spend a lot of time sitting on my deck with binoculars at this time of year. Often I see nothing but then, when I least expect it, like at dusk this evening, I look out of a windwo and spot the red fox rambling across my lower field and into the woods. By now he and the missus must have cubs; he is probably looking for a pre-bedtime snack for them…a vole or two and happily not 13.5 lb. Milo who stays close to home. Milo can move like a cheetah for 75–100 feet and rush up a tree easily still so I don’t worry (much) about him being fox fodder.

@wildpotato:Name that sparrow. It’s half the fun of birding. One easy way to ID them is by the spring song.

I did see my first catbird of the season yesterday. He perched on the deck railing.

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Things that don’t involve working, worrying, and/or arguing.

sometime we even manage to actually have fun

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I also do questionnaires and quizzes online. Like dating sites, university advertisements/quizzes, and looking up new words in Wikipedia like, for instance, Kardashev scale.

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