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What are some things that people generally think are good or ok but are actually bad or harmful?

Asked by ARE_you_kidding_me (15866points) May 21st, 2014

As asked. Does not have to be catastrophic but something that goes against “common” belief.

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Asking for lemons or limes at a restaraunt. Probably the most dirtiest items in the kitchen, and most people toss the lemon/lime right in their drink.

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Celibacy :-)

Also leniency, Jackson Pollak’s artwork, ecigs

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organized religion.

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Reality television.

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The general belief that “all natural” or “herbal” means that a product is safe.

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Keeping a phone or computer fully charged all the time.

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@LuckyGuy even for Li batteries?

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@GloPro Jackson Pollak’s artwork LMAO

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Gluten-free food.

Not harmful, but definitely bad. Yuck.

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Margarine instead of butter, diet soda

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Actually the Li-ion battery is fine. It is the software that monitors it that occasionally gets screwed up. That is why they have you take out the battery and reinstall every so often.

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I would put anything man made into this bad for you category including meats and produce. Organic guarantees you nothing safer either. Chemicals and hormones are in everything you buy. Don’t get me started on those cleaning products, soaps and toothpaste. All chock full of bad chemicals.

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@LuckyGuy yes, that was my understanding also. Li batteries have lifespans measured in charge-discharge cycles so it is better to keep them charged. I have not had any charging issues for a while though. I think the newer software works better. I remember having to do that alot though.

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Self-help, dating experts, the secret, money making mega churches, close mindedness, hypocrisy concerning vices and lifestyles, stereotyping.

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Genetically modified food (GMF). In China, oil can be genetically modified; corn can be genetically modified, vegetable can be genetically modified. Yes, GMF makes them productive, but are they healthy enough? As a Chinese, I really worry about my food.

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