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Have we had a recent influx of new Jellies?

Asked by cookieman (41535points) June 6th, 2014 from iPhone

Certainly seems so. I lurve seeing new Jellies (even PMed a bunch “hello”).

Any idea where these new members are coming from? I counted about half-a-dozen today.

Did another Q&A site close down? Have we started advertising? What gives?

and WELCOME to all new Jellies!!

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Good question. Seems like we did for a couple of days but I’m not seeing them now.

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It was me just fucking around. Ooops.

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All of us are just Ben with a shitload of accounts.

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It looks like traffic is down but it seems like spam is up and it seems like is is taking longer for the spammers account to be deleted.

Are we talking new people making positive contributions in questions or just getting listed in the sidebar?

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Looks like legitimate accounts to me. I just scrolled down the front page and noted new accounts.

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There have been some new jellies who did contribute here recently. I did give free guidance to 3 new jellies via PMs, hoping they would stay. But so far I haven’t seen them around…

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I haven’t picked up on it. I mean, nothing really noteworthy, just the typical two or three one-time Jellies.

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@Mimishu1995 If you keep giving free guidance I’m going to have to lower my rates.

I noticed a run of high schoolers last week. There were some good questions out of them.

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I worked temp for the nicest couple there is and while discussing pain medication I searched Fluther for answers and voila, we got it. They got interested in joining in. : )

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@GloPro We seem to get a bunch of high schoolers energy June, when schools are getting out. Sometimes they stay, but most don’t.

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