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If you could rule a country, what country and why?

Asked by AlienS (11points) July 5th, 2008 from iPhone
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The United States of America of course. Think of the nukes, useful population of smart individuals, great soil with so much developed land. Also the chance to get back at people lol.

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LOL crunch I Agee wit u

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Sweden, Denmark or Holland because I wouldn’t need to introduce many reforms, but could instead focus on further progression.

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Maybe a poor country in Africa. Hopefully, I could turn the country around and fix the economy.

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I already rule Norway. Not everyone here is aware of it yet, but I’m working on it. What’s that? Delusions of grandeur, you say? Guards!

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Myanmar/Burma. My first act as ruler would be to allow the flood of foreign disaster aid to come in, then I’d call free elections for a new democratic government.

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I have no desire to rule a country.

1. There is no privacy.

2. Everyone second guesses everything you do.

3. You work an ungodly number of hours. It ages people.

4. It is a thankless task. People who like what you do just take it as a given. People who don’t criticize your every move.

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I would rule the Republic of Cascadia. It is a secessionist movement to make Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and maybe even Northern California and parts of Alaska a new country.I would be the King of the Northwest. As King of Cascadia I would have a palace in Portland Oregon right on Burnside Street. I would also have my face carved into Mt. Rainier, Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens etc. I would outlaw cars and push the people to use horses, chariots, and bikes. Eating meat will be a crime and meateaters will be deported to the U.S. Everyone will have to wear purple on Fridays. The national mascot will be the tree octopus.

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@Marina: you left out “chances of not seeing another day”.

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I would rule the USA. Everyone there just does what their told to do. It would be so easy.

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Great answer.
Im curious to know who you think tells everyone what to do.

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That would be Rupert Murdoch and his army.

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I would like to be Regent Pro Tem of Zimbabwe for a period of six weeks. I would
have Robert Mugabe killed immediately. I would recover all his stolen and stashed money and distribute it to the people he’s impoverished. I would pay some clever lawyers to “prove” that this was called for in his will, thus confusing his allies. I would install Morgan Tsvangirai into the presidency by legitimizing the votes that made him president before Mugabe did a Bush-with-military-support-style election theft last month.
I would then leave the country under cover of darkness and go visit my foster daughter in peaceful Botswana,
and never talk about it again.

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I rule the peaceful socialist republic of Tuparastan.

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@chris. I am referring to the gov’t that keeps telling lies and adding laws and ruining the economy. We ( well most) know what is going on and yet nobody can manage to not drive a car for one day or to rally for health care or something as simple as the right to own a firearm. I can’t park on the side street of my house because the city says its a street yet they don’t fix it or allow thru traffic. Go figure.

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Any country that would let me rename it, Baboland!

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@ every one

thanks 4 answering! remember if u need a person to push the “big red button” for u remember me

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they have everything, but the government really sucks, i guess a good government will help out

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I would want to rule Narnia. Sure it has its problems and evil is always trying to take control. I like Aslan. KISS would be my main rule. Keep It Simple Simon. ;)

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