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What did your parents often fight about when you were a teen?

Asked by fuglyduckling (412points) June 16th, 2014

Each family is different so I’m wondering how yours was. My parents fight when my dad doesn’t tidy after him usually. Or when he spends too much money for stupid stuff like body lotion.

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Everything. Mom didn’t care much for being a punching bag.

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Everything. They are really good at raising their voices. Some things that stick out in my mind are my mom being tired and my dad insisting she still make a proper dinner to his standards. Some fights about money, but not very often. Taking a trip and my mom getting the directions wrong when reading the map (eventually I took over the map job). There were other things, there had to be, because they fought quite a bit, but I don’t remember what else.

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They never fought in front of us. I can never remember my parents fighting. After I was an adult and living away from home, my big sister told me about my father’s long string of infidelities going back to just after the first child was born. I was shocked. Even after the divorce my mother never said anything to disparage him in our eyes. He always spoke of her as the most wonderful woman in the world. They never said anything mean, they always spoke well of each other. And we believed them.

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Money. Dad was a bit bipolar and if they got in a fight he would buy her gifts that would infuriate her more because we couldn’t afford it. It was the money problems that started the fight to begin with.

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My parents did not fight often.

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They didn’t fight. It was really weird. All those smiles and hugs.

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My parents didn’t really fight. Just being honest. They had some disagreements over money-related things, I remember that, but they weren’t fights and they didn’t last long.

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Here’s a list of things they didn’t fight about:

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If they did, they never did it in front of me.
I suppose they must have disagreed. Everybody does, certainly.
But it had to have been when I was asleep, or away from the house.

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I cannot remember them ever having a fight . If they did (which I doubt) they did it out of my sight.

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My mother is a violent waste of carbon and my father was a depressed drunk. Though, if I had to put up with her, I would have been, too. She liked to throw things – anything from wooden spoons to my porcelain doll collection (from my grandmother) – and he preferred to hit the wall instead of her.

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Oh, wait, when I was a teen?

Well, my mother was still a violent waste of carbon, and my step father was a religious-when-it’s-convenient opiate addict on disability.

They fought about everything, too. Pretty much the only thing they agreed on was that they didn’t approve of whatever it was I was doing.

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They fought and eventually separated—though only for a while—but they REALLY hid their problems from me and my brother. I didn’t understand until I got older, but I think their biggest problem was that they outgrew each other.

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Everything. They were the arguing type, and nothing has changed (granted I’m still a teen anyway).

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Money; time-dad-should-spend-with-the-family; whether-looking-through-your-spouse’s-bag-is-okay-if-he’s-been-disloyal; work…

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I don’t remember mine ever fighting.

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I’m with @ARE_you_kidding_me. I don’t remember mine fighting either. Maybe when I was really young about 10 or so they might’ve argued about my aunts. My dad was a push over for his family. But he would usually stand with my mom if she insisted. But she never tried to keep him from being involved with them. She just didn’t like it when they tried to control us as a family.
But they would always discuss things and be in agreement or respect the others wishes.
They would always split activities and chores and responsibilities so neither one of them had all the burden.

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Money and Bills Not enough money and too many Bills.

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Fight? Between my parents? What is that?

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Money. Not that there wasn’t plenty, but they were tight with it.

Sex, I suppose. I’m guessing that’s what all that pleading and yelling/smacking was about.

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Dad never being home, spending all the money, and when he would finally park the truck for a couple of days, he complained about everything from how dinner tasted, to how noisy were his kids. I don’t think my mom ever caught on about the hookers, but I’m pretty sure she guessed about the gambling.

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Money mostly. My dad wasn’t making much of it, and my mom got pissed. She used to throw shit at him, like cups and dishes and crap, they would yell, it got really loud, sometimes neighbors came and took me away with my parents’ approval.
So I’d be at some random family’s house for the night, I usually got treats, it was awesome. Once on one morning when I was taken back, there was a rag full of blood on the counter, from my dad getting cut by flying dishes haha. And I just want attention. :D

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