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What are some things that you love?

Asked by Pachy (18567points) July 10th, 2014

Inspired by @Mimishu1995’s question… ‘cause love is stronger than hate.

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Fresh avocados, frosted A&W cola.

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A day when I have no responsibilities. I read books and listen to music.

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My mom makes the best toasted mustard baloney sandwiches

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Balanced mental health.
Feeling 100% okay, no pain or discomfort or fear.
Smooth communication a good co-operation with those around me.
My beloved ones.
Good employment .
Good quality food.
Being given something to have hope for
Smell of quality coffee.
The list is endless.

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A plentiful summer rain and the Northern Lights.

I haven’t experienced the former since July, 2010 when we were in Louisiana, and I’ve never seen the latter in the sky.

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I love hearing all the critters and animals when I’m in my yard at night. Right now there are great horned owls calling each other, crickets and frogs.

I love hiking in the woods.

I love being on the water.

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Animals which don’t annoy me.
My beloved ones.
A good story.
You are right @Pachy, love is stronger than hate.

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Nacho Cheese Doritos and cream cheese. So good I actually had a dream about it the other night. Don’t worry, I know exactly what the dream meant.

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homemade lemonade in a large glass crammed with ice.

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My husband, children and pets.
My warm, cosy bed.
Good food including dark chocolate.
Stories in the form of films, television series and books.
I love books generally. Books and book stores.
Geeky things – computers, cameras and gadgets.
Kicking vibrant coloured leaves along a path in autumn.
The ocean.
Storms – as long as they don’t cause damage.
Animals in all shapes and forms.
Pretty shoes and handbags.
Silly people who don’t take themselves too seriously and know how to have fun.

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Sunrises and sunsets
Full moons
summer nights
hot showers

okay…partial list but sleeping is coming up now. haha

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Golden Hour (pre sunset/ post sunrise)

Staying up all night doing nothing, being really tired the next day, drinking lots of coffee, staying up all night doing nothing… Also the witching hour (2 AM- 4 AM)

The Symphony of Science

The right wine at the perfect time and place. Like, it’s November, you come in from a brisk walk in the woods, a fat cat is sleeping in a cozy chair, you make some mushroom risotto from scratch, and drink Barolo from a decanter. (You know the smell of wet fallen leaves? Barolo tastes like that, cranberries and black tea.) Or at the height of summer, sitting in a folding chair on the beach with your feet in the chilly water and drinking Picpoul de Pinet out of a solo cup, maybe with shellfish. The bottle is bright green and has waves and a lime on front; that accurately describes the taste of the wine. I so need a flowchart for this.

Getting totally high and listening to Classic oldies or trippy electronic music


Steve Buscemi and most especially, this

Dresses that make me look like Ms. Frizzle

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Creating things.
An empty road
Unbridled laughter
Unexpected results
Starting a project
Finishing a project
New relationships
Old friendships
Fun loving bickering
A meeting of the minds
A healthy meal
A productive day
A lazy day
The breeze
A sunlit snooze
The quiet late night world
Waking up without an alarm
Stretching muscles
Funny little bets
Not having to explain myself
Explaining myself
Cool sheets after a long day
Watching things grow
A new toy
An old toy
Singing out loud

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Hide & Seek
The smell of a new car
Pillow fights

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I just watched The Case Against 8, and I loved watching our Attorney General, Kamala Harris, perform the wedding ceremony for Kris Perry and Sandy Stier.

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Too many things to list! I had to train myself to practice gratitude and positivity, but I was able to change my formerly pessimistic perspective and now ‘stopping to smell the roses’ is a way of life for me.

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A nap on a rainy day, flan, a hot shower, steamed lobster with oodles of melted butter, vanilla walnut fudge, my car freshly washed, my cat, a check in the mail or a package from Amazon, annually mailing my tax return six weeks early, Chinese barbecued spareribs, my friends’ voices, memories of my mom and dad, the music of Ralph Vaughan Williams, Boston, autumn, old movies (especially noir), Sinatra’s singing, and this.

And I could go on and on and on.

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cats, cocks and rock ‘n’ roll

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After reading @Unbroken‘s list I am a little ashamed of mine.

Rainy nights
Singing out loud when nobody can hear me
Watching the bluebirds care for each other
Thunderstorms while in a good waterproof tent.
The “ping” sound my badminton racket makes when it connects with a horse fly.

Family, home, and hearth…. .

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Gummy bears
Old cars
Saturday mornings in bed
Watching thunderstorms from a tent
Wild blueberries and blackberries
The ‘ding’ sound of the metal plate on the 300meter rifle range
Mowing grass
My son
My wife mate
Sleeping in
Old friends
New pens

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I’ll be thinking about this all day. It’s only 8:40 and I thought of so many more. Life is good!

@majorrich Or perhaps the whump of tan or right at 300 m? (Intentionally misspelled)
If you like to mow I’ve got a couple of acres for you. You can smoke your cigars while riding the Cub Cadet.

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I’m with @LuckyGuy. Can’t stop thinking of new things.

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Oh, what a great question. Sooooo many things . . . .

The small gestures of love
Peaceful solitude
The feel of cool, clean sheets
The first cool breezes following summer
Spontaneous laughter
Cold champagne and warm companionship
Every Single Thing About My Granddaughter
Rapid, smooth acceleration
The moment when you’re “taken” by the beauty of something
The many connections that bind us
Preparing a good meal for others
Finding something that’s been lost for ages
And a gazlllion other things

Thank you for this question, Pachy!

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I have some listed on my profile: numbers, music, drawing buildings, nature.
Others I can think of:
Palm trees
Vintage lamps
Sunsets on the beach
Walking in the city
Sneaking into empty ballrooms and playing the piano
Wind Ensembles

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Now I’m singing this.

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Time to redeem myself after the multiple hates I posted on the other thread. Thinking positive thoughts…

- Food

- Lifting weights

- Sleeping in (which, to me, is 7AM)

- My husband, who I’m sure would love to know that he ended up fourth on this list

- My pets, and animals in general

- Feeling confident in what I’m doing, whatever that may be

- Going on vacation/road trips

- Hanging out by/in the pool

- Board/card games

- Amusement parks/roller coasters

- Planning/pre-logging meals (I’m a big obsessed and usually do this wayyy ahead of time)

- The show Impractical Jokers

- Accomplishing a goal

- Stand-up comedy

- Date nights

- Music

- Looking in the mirror and liking what I see (75% of the time)

Well, that took quite a bit longer than my other response. Are we sure love is stronger than hate?

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Possibly not, @livelaughlove21, but can’t hurt to put the thought out there.

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@LuckyGuy I would happily cut your grass.
New things keep coming to mind. This is a very healthy exercise! Can I post more stuff as they come up?

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@majorrich, ABSOLUTELY! Keep a-posting.

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Heavy music, meat, and Guinness
That’s about it

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I’ll take this thread over CNN, MSNBC or BBC anytime.

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I love watching the vegetables in our garden grow.

I love mother/daughter bonding time with my girl.

I love smelling the flowers in my yard.

I love road trips, especially when they are heading north.

I love the smell of a good campfire.

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The fact that my phone just autocorrected “poetry” to “power” and I left it there. Because really, poetry can refuel the fire inside of us. It can change us. Make us energetic, and happy. But poetry can also tell our eyes to cry, and our lips to quake.
It can tell our heads to go fuzzy, and our hands to shake. Poetry is the thread of every emotion, buzzing through our minds. And, like electricity or the sun, without poetry the world would be such a dark place.
I love that even my phone knows that poetry is power.

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Freedom and the time and health to enjoy it.
I like nature unfucked with.
Spending time with my wife.
Building things.
Acquiring new skills
Brief but significant flings outside of my comfort zone.
Innocent guilty pleasures like the grapple claw machine at the grocery store.

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I love:
The smell of pine when it’s being cut
Sausage gravy on biscuits
Banana Cream Pie!
Cool breezes on a hot day
The way my hammock gently rocks me to sleep
Watermelon Salsa
Cat massages
Making dinner for friends
Driving curvy roads
Afternoon naps
The feeling of being “next to be served” at the front of the line
The tug of the rope as it takes your weight when rappelling
Pork chops and gravy
Old books
Historic battlefields
Mechanical watches that tick
New car smell
Making someone who has an unpleasant job smile
The feel of honest sweat running down my back (don’t like it on my brow/eyes)

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Streisand, Manilow, Dolly Parton


Old dogs (especially my own)


Julie Graham

My boyfriend


American road trips

Having long hair





Chips (as in, what we Brits refer to as Chips, ie fries)


Gilmore Girls

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Oh, I forgot. Jumping spiders! I love jumpring spiders and their crazy little crab walk and goofy 8 eyes. haha

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Have not yet read the other answers, will do so after posting.

My family
Some of my friends
Dogs and Cats
The forest
Bagpipe music
This Author
Cheese pizza
Lakes and streams
The sound of trains in the distance
Riding on trains
The smell of water hitting the hot sidewalk
Indian food
Ice Skating
The scent of pine
This Author
Taking pictures of nature
Ice cold full fat milk
This Song
Fresh brewed iced tea, no sweetener
The scent of cardamom
Kitchen tools from the 40’s-60’s
Thai food
Really good bread and butter
The sound of the tinkling of glass Christmas Bulbs
Mexican food
Bunny Feet
Homemade peanut butter cookies
Foil Wrapping Paper
The color of the inside of a Ruby Red Grapefruit
Airstream Trailers
The scent of a campfire
Fran Drescher
Palm Springs
British period dramas
Belvita golden oat Breakfast Bars
Onion rings
The smell of the street after a rainstorm
The sound of snow crunching under my boots
Vintage Disneyland Posters
Deviled eggs
Bottle Glass Windows
Christmas Music
Sherlock Holmes
This Author
Scottish accents
Paper cocktail Parasols
Banjo music
Severus Snape
Dog Noses
Doc Martin
Hot and sour soup
Raffiaware insulated cups
This Image from Fantasia
Vintage Coleman Camping Equipment
Men in Kilts
Glazed donuts
Walking barefoot in newly laid topsoil on a warm summer day
Dipping my toes into a babbling brook
This Author
Steller’s Jays
See’s Candy
Chocolate milk in a Carton
Taco Bell Hot Sauce
Kettle Brand Salt and Vinegar potato chips
Handbell Choirs
The instrumental version of The Beatles Eleanor Rigby
Japanese Woodblock Prints

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@Kardamom I love Stellers jays too! Their range overlaps here with the Scrub Jays.
Oooh…salt & vinegar chips, count me in on that one as well. haha

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My husband
The little wrinkle under my husband’s right eye.
Big Bang Theory
Linguine with meat sauce and melted mozzerella.
The comfort of my bed when I am very tired
Beïng warm
The ride Soarin’ at Disney World
Looking at photos of my family from 40–50 years ago.
Mounds cake at TooJays
Coca-Cola if I only could still drink it.

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The fabulous answers from the fluther people here. Some very lovable things being mentioned.

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The smell of sheets after they’ve been hanging on the clothesline.

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I just read all the answers (late to this thread as usual) and I agree with so many, and have a few of my own.

A bunch of foods

Many scents including scented soaps – mint, lavender, eucalyptus, clean laundry that’s been outside, gardenia, lily of the valley, too many to name

Smelling and shopping for unusual soaps, shampoos, etc.

laying on the deck under the umbrella on a warm day, with a glass of water or a cup of tea, a book or magazine, the phone

being home alone on a Saturday with nowhere to go (read “deck” above)

the smell and sound of an ocean beach – the crashing waves, the seagulls – glorious!

an overcast day


traveling, whether a half hour away or halfway around the world

a cup of coffee in a coffee shop or better yet, a book store, reading a magazine

feeling clean after taking a shower

the weekend

doing crafts

organizing stuff in my house

coming home to a clean house

the fact that financially I’m in a good spot

the fact that I live in a country where we’re not starving, homeless, we have medical care and a reasonably good standard of living, compared to some other places in the world

my great family

my pets

animals and nature

my fond memories of my pleasant childhood

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The hunt, the lunge, and the purge…

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