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Does the United States have the most powerful influence in the world?

Asked by Eggie (5591points) August 11th, 2014

I am asking in terms of their military strength, educational influence and profit.

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Without looking this up I would bet it’s in the top 3.

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If that.

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Military Strength USA

As for ‘educational influence’ and ‘profit’, please expand upon what these mean. Influence upon whom? Profit as meaning the country with the least debt or the richest? What type of measurement are you looking for?

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PRobably not as much as some believe. Our idealistic forefathers great experiment is becoming a joke.

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It’s one of the biggies.

We influence the world economically partly because we are such huge consumers. We also have businesses abroad or use factories abroad, so we influence employment to some degree.

We come to the aid of countries in crisis big time.

We have a very strong and powerful military with high tech weaponry. Plus, the US seems to be willing to use their military.

People like Bill and Melinda Gates, who happen to be American, are making an impact on world health. They hope to eradicate Polio, maybe some other diseases. They use some of their own money, private donations, and federal government money to fund their efforts.

Several different American charity groups work to educate children in other countries, to help women in other countries become independent, to provide clean drinking water in other countries. Our federal government helps other countries improve their quality of life or get through difficult times. Often it is done as government loans. Many countries also help, it’s not just America obviously.

There have been many incredible accomplishments (noble prize winning accomplishments) that have influenced the lives of others in impovershed areas and little by little improve the world. They certainly are not all American

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We’re still #1 but not for too much longer.

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The US has examples of some of the best and worst in education. I would say, Finland is overall better in the grade school/high school education. I think, in higher education, the high cost of tuition keeps too many people out and that is a huge shame and loss. No other country spends what the US does on military. The military budget is also thrown around for masses of research in the form of DARPA grants and these go to State Universities with research departments as well as private researchers. As States defund their Universities, they expect tuition to be even higher and the reliance on grants even more. The profit motive is a double edge sword. Running a corporation for the benefit of shareholders rather than customers and community leads rise to fraud, like Enron and WorldCom, to toxic dumping and worker exploitation. So, most of the rest of the world doesn’t look at the US’s culture in these areas are necessarily something to admire.

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