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What things can instantly change your mood?

Asked by RedKnight (493points) August 17th, 2014

Have you ever been having a bad day or a bad couple of days and something happens that just completely changes your mood and makes you happy? What was that thing or event that made you happy? On the reverse side, what things have caused your happiness to completely vanish? What makes you truly happy?

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Playing poker.

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Sex and drugs put me in a good mood pretty fast when I’m having a shit day :P

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A swift kick in the nuts :(
My football team wins :)
Eyeing a nice cleavage 8—)

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Beef ribs and cola.

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Usually just a kind word from a friend…but I’ll take some of those beef ribs^^

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Finding out I just won the lottery.

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For the better… a Mexican food meal with a frozen margarita.
For the worse… whenever Texas “Governor” Rick Perry opens his yap.

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improves my mood
a nap
certain music
a nice compliment
a hug from my wife and/or daughter

sours my mood
not having enough sleep
loud, annoying noises
feeling taken advantage of
when wife and/or daughter are cranky

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For better, a nice meal, a cocktail, sitting outside in nature, a funny video clip, hanging out with the pets.

For worse: Hurting myself, struggling with inanimate objects, hot weather, getting overly hungry and then getting a headache.

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Being with one of my sons.

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Things which make me happy:
Singing along to an up-beat song
Playing the piano
Wrestling with/cuddling a dog
Settling down to an evening in
Making plans with friends
Surprising people

Things which make me unhappy:
Getting up early
Spending the entire day with people
Not living up to my expectations
Eating unhealthily
Having plans change unexpectedly

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Blatant stupidity which at the current time revolves around politics and hatred from a large portion of Americans.. I include ALL Americans because the haters seem to think their the only true Americans thus in their minds they have the excuse to hate. What makes me truly happy? A UNITED states of America ( not just the words).

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Singing as loud as I can in my car where all of Los Angeles can see me, and not see me.

It has to be an upbeat song though.

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Something that changes my mood immediately? Well, if something good and surprising happens to me on my bad day then I’ll be all good. It can be a discovery of something precious, a reunion… anything. Same goes to my good day.

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Oh, REALLY? Now you’re calling me moody?
Like I didn’t see that look on you face!
Hear the tone of your voice?

Yeah, play innocent like you usually do.

Here I was, happy as a lark and you have to start in, again!

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Too much to list.

I get annoyed from people at work, other drivers on the road, my family members. Those are probably the biggest 3.

I get happiness from family members, free time and leisure activities, nature, friends. Those are probably the biggest 4.

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There is a lot for me. But….at least for a few minutes, a song can flip my mood quickly.

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An unexpected phone call from my daughter, it would be hard to beat that : ^)

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Improves my mood:
Stepping outside into the warm sun and blue skies.
My husband reaching out to hold my hand.
A coca cola.

Ruins my mood:
Any story about an incompetent doctor.
People or companies trying to gouge their customers.

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While I am tempted to list things that I love and things that I don’t, I suspect that rather than changing my mood, events do more to reveal my mood.

Sitting in traffic can be two completely different experiences depending on my mood. And my experience of chronic pain can tell me much about my mood. This tells me that how I feel about what is happening has at least as much to do with my own emotional approach than to what is actually happening.

This isn’t to dismiss the power of pleasant experiences. I just find that it’s not as simple (for me) as…x happens, mood = a. Rather, I think it’s most likely mood + thoughts + x happens = mood + more thoughts. So if I were unaware of my mood on the left side of this equation, inspecting my mood on the right side can tell me much of where it was on the left.

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What instantly brightens my day? A touch – anywhere.

Mood crasher? A phone call from sister-in-law. She always wants something.

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For the good, a child laughing, baby animals, a beautiful view, gardens, and beer. Beer is good, God is great, and people are crazy. And I don’t go crazy for country music.
For the bad, bitchy people, lousy stupid drivers, and running out of beer.

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Booze? Sometimes, self-medication really isn’t such a bad thing.

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Hearing from a certain someone…

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Birth of a new grand baby.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@Dutchess_III That would do it. I get to meet my new niece Sunday. She’s a week old.

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Cooper was born this morning at 5:45. C sec, a month early. Everyone is doing fine.

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Alcohol, exercise, my dog

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Bigotry and bullying.. Those two will spoil my day every time. Happiness is putting them down to size and giving them the same medicine.

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