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Where is the bulk of your useful info, your phone, your wallet, or some other device?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) August 29th, 2014

Where is the bulk of your useful information, SS number, account numbers, addresses and phone numbers, maybe passwords, etc., are they in your wallet, your phone, or some other device like a tablet, or another location altogether?

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Phone numbers in my phone. SS in my head (although, I also have my SS card at home in a binder that would be difficult to find). Passwords almost all in my head, but I forget them often.

Nothing is in my wallet except my driver’s license and credit cards. I can’t believe anyone keeps stuff like that in their wallet. Once in a blue moon I have my checkbook or a check on me, so I guess on those days my checking account number is in my purse. Otherwise, bank account numbers are just kept at my house. Nothing is in my iPad either.

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Mixed, between my phone and my wallet.

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A bunch of encrypted usb thumb drives. My mom has one, I have one my keychain, and a few stashed around my apartment. I just keep all my vital info in text files on the drives. I have the master password memorized.

I also keep a copy of my Firefox profile on the drives. So say if I am at a random computer I can just point Firefox to to the profile and it is just like my normal computer.

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My wallet is properly thin, as a gentleman’s would be.

My phone contains a significant amount of needed information.

It is also thin. There should only be one bulge in a man’s pants.

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Most originals are kept in a safe. I have pdfs and scans of the important stuff on a thumb drive I carry with me. Boat papers must be hard copy and made available on demand by the coast guard of whatever country’s waters I enter. Have scans of every page of my passport and carry the reall deal with me or in the safe on the boat.

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SSN and other important documents in the safe in the closet. Binder upstairs has all the password words and safe combination. Most passwords are in my head, I use to have to remember a dozen passwords and codes.

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Wallet has credit cards only.

Other info is in another place.

Passwords are written in planners at work.

Nothing like that is stored in phone or other electronic device.

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My phone keeps my phone numbers, memos and some “sensitive” stuffs.

My laptop keeps my research materials, drafts and other morbid stuffs.

My memory keeps my knowledge, important info and secret.

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Some are in computer files and some are on good old fashioned paper.

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Important papers are in a safe. Day to day info is in “the cloud” and synched to three iPhones, two iPads, and my iMac (which is backed up to a portable hard drive). Passwords are all in my head. My wallet has my license, medical cards, a few shopper rewards cards, and my bank debit card. I haven’t had a credit card in fourteen years.

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Majority of it is on paper. I keep nothing on my electronic devices except phone numbers in my cell phone.

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