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Do you use "Questions for You?"?

Asked by jca (36043points) September 9th, 2014

Recently there was a Fluther discussion about the server issues that Fluther has been experiencing lately.

The topic of “Questions for You” and “Activity for You” came up.

Many people seem not to use “Q for You,” only “A for You.”

I use “Activity for You” only.

Do you use “Questions for You?”

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Nah. I’m going to scan through all the questions in all the sections anyway. I don’t want to leave the choice of what I see to some algorithm.

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I do A for You first, then Q for You, then I go back and read all the other questions as well. It’s not like there’s a lot of them…

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Since I used to get most all of the questions in Q for You, I found it a handy place for one stop shopping. Now that there are so few questions, it is less significant but I still go through “What? No questions for me?” shock.

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Yes, but only to erase all that ugly red from my box, looks like a scene from The Sixth Sense sometimes.

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I was counting for a while and after the server issues, the number of questions is now about half what it used to be. I hope newbies are not discouraged.

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I skim all the questions, using the “next question” button. Then, I follow all the threads that interest me and forget about the rest.

So – no.

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I did, but that function doesn’t seem to be working again. But if that’s the price we pay to have it running smoothly, that’s fine by me.

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Sure, to see which questions most closely match my interests. Although, as I mentioned in that other question, it no longer offers any Meta questions.

I might later scan the day’s questions, but not closely. I definitely don’t read every question.

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I’ve never used it at all

I always have 1,000 sitting there :)

Before they started limiting the accumulation to 1K, this question came up and I remember John Powell posting a screenshot of his astronomically high number since he’d never used it either. Seeing that high number was really funny.

I guess at some point in time, the founders decided to cap the limit since it just took up space for no reason. So, there must be (and always have been) a sizable number of people who don’t use this feature.

I’ve always found it much easier to just read through all the Qs in each section of the site in order.

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No. Fluther rarely sends me any but I don’t like being told what to do. I ignore them.

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What @thorninmud said.

I also have 1,000 questions waiting for me.

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I never use them. It takes a whopping five minutes to browse all the new questions in each section.

@Button :: The funny thing was is that my list was so long it crashed my browser if I tried to go in and delete them. Apparently Firefox had a limit to how long pages could be. After screensharing with Ben so he could see my problem he just went into the database and cleared them all.

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Yes. Always. It’s one of my trusted tools to track down activities here. I have to scan for questions to answer but the Question for You makes my search less tiring.

That’s why I want the Question for You to be fixed And I seem to be the only one with that wish :(

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Yes i do

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That’s funny :)

So, is that why they decided to cap it at 1K ? Or did that happen after the cap?

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Unlikely you’re the only, but definitely one of the few, the proud, the Mari…

Oops. Wrong comercial slogan:)

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Why don’t all the people who have 1K do a “Remove all” occasionally? I don’t know enough about it but maybe that would cure some of our problems too.

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^I would need to do it often. I don’t see why I should have to constantly go to a tab I don’t use.

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I guess I just consider it part of general housekeeping. I don’t let my activity for you build up either. Actually, if you use not interested to remove them, fewer and fewer questions for you will show up.

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My husband is the same as you @janbb. He hates having built up notifications. He doesn’t understand how I can have over 600 emails in my gmail account. That stuff just doesn’t bother me. I read the important stuff and ignore the rest.

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@janbb: I would remove them, but I am concerned they’d also come off my “Activity for You.”

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I clear out both my Questions and Activity logs regularly. I also hate notifications piling up.

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@jca It’s my understanding that that would only clear out questions you haven’t looked at or posted on but I could be wrong.

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I haven’t gotten any “questions for you” in about a week now. Are you guys still getting them?

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@Dutchess_III No – it’s broken.

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I am sure I do but I don’t remember doing it. I do use the activity for you button.

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I didn’t. Not for the longest time. I was more apt to watch the notifications to the right of the screen and use that. I started using the QFU about a month ago. So I don’t mind that it’s gone.

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Simple answer, no.

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At one point I did, but not any more.

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No, I clear them out but I don’t read them. I like to browse questions myself, as I have a lot of varied topics that I may want to read even if I never answer questions about them.

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I have zero questions for me. I don’t know what that is for. Are there questions other than the general, social, and meta questions?

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@Here2_4 “Questions for you” is not working. They are questions that are selected from the general pool as being of interest to you based on your topics and also the types of questions you answer. Because I answer so many types of questions, most Qs were listed in my Qs for You before it broke so it was handy one stop shopping. There also used to be many more questions asked daily than there are now.

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Yes. If I don’t have much in my questions for you I look at social and general individually. I wish all the Q’s were just listed under one heading and not divided up. I don’t mind if people prefer to separate social and general questions, but I wish they were all listed together and then when you read the question you can see if it is social or general. Whether I am interested in a Q usually has nothing to do with which catagory it is in. Either I am interested in the topic or I’m not.

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I can’t do General! I get modded. Every. Time!

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Yeah, general is often frustrating.

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I used to post questions in General only (after the General/Social split) because Social would turn into all kinds of private jokes and whispers about the frizzer and pancakes, etc. Now that General is so strictly modded, I like Social because I like to see what meandering path a conversation may take. There don’t seem to be too many private jokes any more. I like it when the discussion is left up, which is often not the case in General.

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You know, since it has been down, I have come to realize that I used it a lot more than I thought I did. It would be “messages (if there were any)”, “activity” and then “questions” and if there were no questions, then I would go to the separate “general”, “social” and occasional “meta” categories.

I never thought about it until it was not there.


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@rojo Me too! I keep looking there – at the sidebar one – and thinking, “Dang! There are no new questions.”

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“Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Pave paradise, put up a parking lot.”

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