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What is your specialty when it comes to knowledge?

Asked by crissy14 (631points) September 23rd, 2014

I’m new here and am just curious as to how each of you could help me, whatever the topic may be.

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The people around me would probably say f***ing up. So I could help you there.

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Should I take that literally or…......

Thanks for answering, @Adirondackwannabe

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Been a truck driver for over twenty years, and happily married for over twenty-five with no kids,and like leaning about computers.

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@Adirondackwannabe is a big fat LIAR! He is NOT a f***up!

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My specialist subject on Fluther is gender identity and related issues. Academically, my speciality is European history, Bronze Age to Middle Ages. If I was doing Mastermind, my specialist subject would be “Blade Runner, the movie”.

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techy stuff, musical instruments & being generally blunt.

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Me and Buffy The Vampire Slayer (TV).

My schooling is in Women Studies and LGBTQ Studies, so I guess I’m good at that to.

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Dungeons and Dragon’s. Small talk.

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Trivial, useless, archaic and pedantic, as a general rule.

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<<< retired alcoholic porn star with a fetish for bastardized american drizzle sushi.

How may I be of service?

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Radio industry, English/languages, psychology, dogs/birds & for some, Christianity/rural America.

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Here, I guess my specialty is getting under people’s skin, vexing the mods with editing, other than that, relationship with God, art, homelessness and outreach, logic, and cycling, there might be a few others but I can’t think of any and it might get under people’s skin.

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I’m a dentist. I don’t practise anymore but I’ve steered many in the right direction regarding tooth pain etc.

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I’m a generalist.

Oh, I worked in the construction industry for umpteen years too.

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Former automotive and diesel mechanic, history of WWII. Mom was Catholic, played piano, graduated 2-year junior college as stenographer, loved crossword puzzles and Jeopardy. Dad was band teacher, mostly, with 2 MAs in drama and art, had a thing for history of western US cowboy/old west/indian trivia.

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I am a Christian. I teach English as a second language, know about cleaning stuff (ran a janitorial business for 30 years), skiing, home schooling, and alternative medicine. Also know a fair bit about creepy crawlies.

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[Mod Says] Moved to Meta, since the question is about Fluther and Jellies’ areas of expertise.

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A belated welcome to Fluther! Thank-you for asking this. There are plenty of members here who have specialties, so let’s hope that they share.

If you have any questions about the hotel industry, feel free to ask. I worked in it for 30 years.

So @crissy14, what is yours?

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Thanks for asking @Pied_Pfeffer ! My specialty ranges from Quality Control, Education, and certain aspects of the Judicial system.

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Sport, particularly football #encyclopedicknowledge…<<hee-hee, dick knowledge

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Glassware, resale, and general problem solving. I also barely escaped an English Education degree and worked in a food factory for 20 years.

Funny that this question was moved to Meta. I opened it with the intention of flagging it to Social. lol

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military history.

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True story, I cannot be beaten when I’m sober. The only chance a person has of defeating me is if I am very inebriated.

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^ Who graced the cover of the very first issue of Playboy?
What movie did Mariel and Margaux Hemingway team up in?
What was the main subject of the movie in which they both acted in?
What year and model was the car Christine in the movie “Christine”?
Oh, fudge, forgot you ask you if you were sober or blitzed first….

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Sniffing out bullshit merchants, it’s a true gift.

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i can often put together a clear sentence, an interesting paragraph and a not-too-bad one-page essay. I know a lot about gardening, natural landscaping, birding,backyard astronomy and choosing a college or university in the US.

I am an expert on the misplaced apostrophe and its causes. It’s a genetic gift. (It really is, isn’t it?)

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@gailcalled… You forgot amateur astronomer and Finnish.

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^^ backyard astronomy. The Finnish I consider more of a research project than a linguistic skill.

(Kuinka voit?)

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in the words of many a happy finlander, “erittäin hyvin, kiitos.”

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I have some knowledge about some things but I’m not sure if my knowledge can be useful for you :p

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Specifics count, @Mimishu1995

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@ibstubro All right. Here are some of my specialty (I think).

A bit history.
A bit Japanese.
A bit music.
Proofreading fiction.
Random knowledge.

In short, @crissy14, just ask anything. If I see that I can answer, I will come.

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I know how to make puns,

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“A bit Japanese”

No Vietnamese? ;)

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Cooking I suppose. I’m no genius.

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I’m a pretty good electrician and welder, and I’m also a very good cook and baker. I’m very good at fabricating many different items too. I’m also good at being a sucker for trying to take care of every stray animal that finds its way to my door.

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I am your one stop shopping Jelly for tracking down recipes. I can wax poetic about food all day long. I’m a long time vegetarian and can give you information about becoming a vegetarian, or how to maintain a healthy diet while being a vegetarian.

I can also tell you what not to do regarding relationships, because I’ve done a lot of it wrong and had relationships blow up in my face more times than I care to mention.

I can tell you how to prep for a garage sale.

I can discuss Alan Rickman, Fran Drescher, Martin Clunes and both of the Sherlock Holmes dudes all day long.

Need a recommendation for a British period drama? I can help you with that.

I can post links regarding Hot British Men and Delicious Indian Recipes and some of my Favorite Songs

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^^ and restraint.

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Most animals, especially birds, horses, cats, waterfowl and wild life.
Gardening, psychology and random trivia as well. haha

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Breadmaking. Intellectual disabilities. Autism. The current state of special education. And while no expert, I am getting my master’s in speech pathology.

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Okay, for reals:
Heavy industrial construction, especially as it relates to steam-powered electric power generation: coal-fired, oil-fired and nuclear steam power boilers; industrial power and recovery boilers, and related issues. (Surprisingly, though, I know very little about “electricity” itself; it’s still mostly magic to me.) As a general rule “mechanical workings in general” I can generally suss out, even though I don’t often work with tools any more.

Sailing and related arts, including rope and wire splicing, knots and their suitability for various applications (not so much BDSM, but I’m always willing to learn or experiment).

Reading, writing, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, words in general and wordplay when I’m in the mood for it.

Interpersonal relationships: since I’ve had so many and such varied relationships I understand what motivates people sometimes, in ways that seem obvious to me but are clearly not obvious to others.

Microsoft Excel and Access, including Visual Basic for Application (VBA), macro creation and user-defined functions (and how to find resources who really grok that stuff). The more advanced my computers become, however, the less I understand about how they really work.

History in general, and history of the latter half of the 20th century in particular – since I lived most all of it, influenced it in tiny ways, and even recall some of it.

Entrepreneurism, since I am incredibly proud to have influenced my daughter to start her own business, which even after her first year was a thriving success, and now near the end of her fourth year, has literally doubled from a great start.

Libertarianism (small “L”) and “freedom issues” in general. My guiding principle when attempting to determine which of various proposals for government is best, or “better than some other” (in the abstract or in terms of actual policy) is the answer to the question “Which one increases liberty?” Regardless of what any proposed (touted) benefits are breathlessly promised “to everyone”, if the proposal in question decreases personal liberty, then I will be opposed.

Oh, and sex. I still remember that, too.

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^^^^ Haha…yep, I remember sex too, the last encounter was New Years 2008. lol

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