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Anyone have a good conspiracy theory lately?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19407points) December 2nd, 2014

Lets see what we come up with.
I will go first, they actually did find WMDs in Iraq, but it was covered up very quickly when they found out, they were all U.S made.
Now your turn…....

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I’ve heard rumors that cops are nicer to white people than they are to black people.

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^ “Rumours”?

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The Republican offerings were so abysmal that Obama won twice.

The GOP conspired to throw both matches.

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That ISIS is not a colonial false flag operation.

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Jimmy Hoffa is hiding inside Barbara’s Bush, no one would ever think of looking/going up there.

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The Chinese found gold on the moon, and that is what they are using to buy all the U.S. real estate and corporations.

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@Here2_4 that is a little out there ,ucme might be a little more believable with his Hoffa one.

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Dreams are actually communications with our doppelgangers in alternate universes.

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@SQUEEKY2 Put my name in red or I shall stamp my feet & wish ill on you & ya bloody truck :D

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Oh sorry @ucme is that better? @ucme don’t want ya wishing ill of me @ucme , again sorry.

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So good they named him, err…thrice :)

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Conspiracy theory? The best one has to be that the democrats have infiltrated the Republican party and that’s why the Republican Party looks like such idiots.

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Latest I recall is that the Comet 67P is sending out strange signals, is probably alien in origin, and that is why Earth sent the Rosetta spacecraft there in the first place

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Republicans freed the slaves.

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Republicans really care for the working man, not the wealthy corporations.

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You know, @filmfann, there could be more than a little bit of truth to that theory. It certainly makes sense to me.

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There/their is water in the south pole of the moon.

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That we have a two party system here in the states.

@talljasperman That’s actually fact

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Ebola got loose on US soil because the government was trying to weaponize it, and FEMA tripped them up so Marshal Law can ensue, leaving FEMA in the best shape to direct the New World Order.

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My country may have been ruled by a Taiwanese impostor in the 20th century.

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Not Marital law?

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The Bush family paid to have Michael Brown killed in Ferguson Missouri in order to discredit Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and prevent a run against Jeb Bush in the next Presidential election.

Wholly made up, and I’m proud of it, conspiracy-theory wise.

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@ibstubro I like it, quite plausible if I do say so.

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Marital law? They are going to take away your right to marry whomever you please, even if you are heterosexual.

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We were created by aliens, and they are perfecting our violent nature so that they may use us as the perfect weapon against their enemies. Imagine it as if a human commanded a pack of vicious but obedient dogs. That coupled with our natural fear of everything and our capacity to believe in all sorts of forms of guidance would make us a lethal weapon.
Violent, heartless and selfish, but with just enough intelligence to justify our actions through blaming something. They’re just waiting until we’re perfect for their purpose through experiments and a bunchashit.

just fuckin ‘round yall

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There was recently a Twitter app called Samaritans Radar which supposedly would scan your friends’ tweets (without their knowledge or permission) for keywords suggesting that they might be suicidal, and then it would send you an email suggesting that you contact them and check that they were ok. There was a HUGE scandal about this app – first that it was totally useless at doing what it promised to do, and second that it was funded by a UK government organisation whose interests are “terrorism, cyber-security and surveillance”.

Following a massive backlash against it, it was removed within a couple of weeks but they still refuse to admit who was collecting the data for it.

My theory is that it was searching for other keywords in secret, pertaining to terrorism, and the suicide thing was only a ploy to get people to download it.

I wrote a blog thing about it here:

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@Symbeline They’re just waiting until we’re perfect for their purpose through experiments and a bunchashit.
Doesn’t appear they have much further to go

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An old one… that President Bush jr. deliberately lowered the United States funding for the CIA and FBI’s counter-terrorisms funding/manpower that allowed the 911 terrorists to succeed so that he could declare war on terror and dip into S.S. funding.

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@Hypocrisy_Central is secretly @Ben trying to stir things up.

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Fluther is three guys from Mensa just messing with those of us who have joined in the last year. They each have about six to ten identities, and their hobby is fooling average people like me. In ten years, there will be a big write up on it in science journals, and a six page spoof strip about it in Mad Magazine.

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Here is why gas prices are down: Obama is half-African, or as I like to say, Halfrican, and he speaks fluent Africanese, so he calls the King of Saudiland and tells him to produce more gas, and since them Saudi people are also Halfrican, and since Obama is the most powerful Halfrican in the world, they have to do what he tells them, and because supply and demand, that’s why gas prices are lower. Dammit Obama!

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I thought we had forced the reduction in gas prices as a way to punish Putin by tanking the Russian economy since they are so heavily dependent on oil sales?

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@Dutchess_III Was that a rap song?

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IDK. A facebook friend posted it. I just stole it. I assumed he made it up. :)

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The US government is in the process of creating a universal DNA data-bank, chiefly through the back-wash from needles used to give immunizations and flu shots.

Wholly made up, too, but I’m reasonably sure it’s out there on the internet already, somewhere.

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Gas prices are down because the US has encouraged it’s partners to expand production in order to break the Soviet Union and invigorate the US economy.

I’d believe that one, if we had a strong president.

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The “Powers that Be” are attacking Bill Cosby because he speaks poorly of President Obama and other blacks.

I actually heard that recently, like now’s the time for that.

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