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Who's the new 10K in the house?

Asked by zenvelo (35432points) December 3rd, 2014

Who just crested into 5 figures? Why, @jaxk!

Who wants to come to the party?

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Hey Jaxk! Congratulations!

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Mazel Tov @jaxk!

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Congrats @jaxk! Welcome to the mansion!

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Cheers! Lets play Jax and have a cocktail or 4. :-D

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Well thank y’all. I’ve spent the last half hour trying figure out what 10K does for me. Apparently it gets me recognition in a question. Sounds good to me.

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Just elevates your status. Now we’ll start taking the things you say seriously! ;)

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Hooray! Congratulations.
Maybe you will be Happy for a day now, instead of Grumpy.

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Jaxk, the 10K status also gets you an imaginary bottle of champagne. I toast your achievement—congratulations!

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Congratulations to Jaxk! I am quite new here but would like a glass of champagne too.

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Well done sir. I appreciate anyone who ardently stands by what they believe and the fact that you hit 10k here like that is doubly impressive.

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Did someone say Champagne!

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Pass that champagne if it’s not already gone. I know it won’t last in this crowd of drunks. I mean that in the kindest possible way.

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I want my own bottle, and a half. lol

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Congratulations @Jaxk 10K gets you into the mansion and once you get into the mansion there is an endless supply of champagne, beer and any other alcohol you may want. There is always a party out by the pool and usually a band. Here is your glass of champagne!

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Aaaannnd don’t forget the pancakes! Or is that for 20K?

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The 4 Jax and a Jill are out to welcome Jaxk into the mansion! Drinks are going round and the buffet is crowding! Congrats!!!!

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Well it’s about time. Good for you. Your 10K is well deserved. Congrats.

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Next round of champagne is on me !

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Welcome and Congrats @Jaxk !!

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Nice job @jaxk!!!!

Reeeeaaalllll nnniiiicccceeee

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Congrats, @Jaxk. Or should I say “Congraxk, @Jaxk!”

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Welcome to the mansion! Having a new neighbor is nice.

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Top work @Jaxk! Keep it up.

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Good work @Jaxk! We’re often at opposite ends of the discussion, but I am almost always interested in what you have to say.

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Congrats, welcome to the mansion.

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Sorry I’m late to this way to go @Jaxk .

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Way to go!

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Congratulations on this tribute to your endurance. Nice goin!

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Congrats, @Jaxk! You add a lot of spice and some much needed diversity.

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