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What if Fluther fails before 2016 is half over, how bad can that be?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) December 30th, 2014

If Fluther fails before 2016 has a chance to expire, how bad can that be? Life is not dependent on Fluther, is it? Fluther doesn’t pay your bills and you would surely find something else to fill your idle time with.

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I mean yeah I’m not going to be lost without Fluther, if and when it does eventually stop existing. It’s just something I enjoy and like the loss of anything I enjoy, it would make me sad.

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I’ll really miss it. Although I seem to go in cycles of being here a lot, then totally forgetting about it. So, I will survive! I remember so many special members who left. I also remember great debates, great minds and a caring bunch. Fluther has changed and people have changed, perhaps it will stay but just become a different fluther. Is fluther failing? Gosh! Five years ago fluther used to pump and rock!

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Everything eventually ends.

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Life will go on, at least until that, too, ends. It would suck because of the friends I have here, but there is FB and for those who don’t have it I’ve sent other means of communication.

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I would find a way to keep in touch with some of the friends that I have made here and then life would go on.

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Why 2016, specifically?

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@longgone: “Why 2016, specifically?”

This is the most puzzling part. He is also specifically talking about the first < 6 months. I was hoping the question was: “What if Fluther fails before 2016 is 5/8 over, how bad can that be?”

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Puzzling to me as well.

Do you think Fluther needs to make a statement, “The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated?”

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I lost Askville and life continued so I don’t think it would end if this went tits up as well, and I do not do facebook.

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Not before I make 20K dammit.

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@longgone Why 2016, specifically?
This year is actually over if not technically, so to say next year without a reference would not paint the picture to the times we are in and the health, or not, of Fluther. Before 2016 covers most of next year without necessarily dating it.

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@Hypocrisy_Central But “nest year” is 2015.

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Lost a year…...happens when you get old and stop caring what time it is.

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Why are there so many Fluther questions lately?

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Because other things starts nasty fights.

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Fluther is a major portion of my online time so yes, I’d miss it. I’d miss the conversations, debates, etc. I have here.

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I’d miss it but I’d survive. I’d probably get more done.

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I“d miss it. I’m glad I’m friends with some jellies on facebook.

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You forgot what year it is? That’s funny!

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I find the choice of the following year to be an odd one, too.

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As George Harrison sings, All Things Must Pass. So let’s enjoy what we have today—that includes Fluther—and try hard not to fret too much about what may come.

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In the fine words of Ivan Drago…“if he dies, he dies”
“He” being Fluther, coz Dr.J has balls…discreetly concealed ones at that.

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Da hidden ballsack.

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I wouldn’t be too broken up about it, to be honest.

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I would miss you guys.

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Aww, we’d miss you too @rojo.

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I’d miss a bunch of people here, too. There’d be a few I’d be happy to be disassociated with :)

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I just found this site after answerology recently closed. I certainly hope this site stays afloat.

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^ Well, we have made it through most of 2015 and now 2016 is at hand….so we will see what happens

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It would be like destroying my cell phone.

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Sodahead closed last summer and it took me a while to get over it. A lot of users were mad when it closed without warning (most of the formers members flocked to facebook to reconnect),obviously im over the closure now but its not easy finding a new community to join.

i just joined Fluther and im already hearing about closing rumours? is this true? is it? (im not gunna be lost without Fluther if it closes but it would have been nice to make friends and enjoy the site)

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@Skunky “i just joined Fluther and im already hearing about closing rumours? is this true?”

No, there are a handful of people who keep asking this doom-and-gloom question with some regularity, but there is no reason to believe it will happen. The owners of the site have moved on to other things, but they are nice people and understand that we have a community here. I think as long as it is not costing them money to keep it in operation, it will just putter along. But there is little new development being done on Fluther (one user has recently been implementing changes, but it’s all on a volunteer basis).

PS – welcome to Fluther!

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