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I just caught a bed bug in a pill container, what do I do? (details inside).

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) January 30th, 2015

My social worker wants proof that I do have bed bugs. He is gone for the weekend. Should I wait until after my dental appointment on monday and show him? Should I take the pill container with me to the dentist and hope that it doesn’t escape in my pocket?

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The bedbug will probably die in the pill container before Monday due to lack of air. There would be no way for him to get out of the container if he is dead.

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Call an exterminator?

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Read Alexander the Beetle. I had a little beetle and beetle was his name… I called him Alexander and he answered just the same…

Are you saying the bug is in the pillbox and you are concerned the meds are now contaminated, or that the bug is now in danger? Oh oh are you saying you caught a bug and PUT it in a pillbox and want to know what the catch and release program each jelly’s place of dwelling has?

I need more info.

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@zenzen It is an empty pill container that my social worker gave to me to prove that I have bed bugs. He won’t fumigate without proof.

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As long as the lid is on the bottle, the bug is not going anywhere. Leave it at your apartment when you go out, until you take it to your social worker (or he/she goes there).

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Catch a few more and add them to the container. It doesn’t matter if they are dead when the social worker comes, at least you have the proof. If you feel bad about killing them… What do they eat? Put some of that in the container too? forgive if they are blood suckers, I just don’t know about their dietary preferences

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@talljasperman I gave u a GQ and now a GA!

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