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Can I make Fluther my next of kin?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) April 18th, 2015

After my mom of course.

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I don’t think Fluther really has much standing as a legal entity.

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I guess technically, that would make Ben or Andrew your next of kin. You’d have to arrange that with them.

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@Symbeline just looking for questions never asked. I’m being cute. But I wonder. ...

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I do too, actually.

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I don’t think there is any “next of kin” necessary but you could leave the owners of the site a bequest in your will. You can leave your money to the man in the moon if you make a will.

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The Hills Have Eyes

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You can be my uncle replacing my shitty real-life uncles ~

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You might also be able to leave a note letting people know how to contact Fluther in the case of illness, or passing. I have actually wondered about this particular aspect myself.

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