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I'm new here, partner.

Asked by LickA4Skin (64points) August 15th, 2015

I have just made an account for this new fangled thing and wanted to know if there is a section for video games and the likes. Thanks in advanced. :3

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Tags are used here.

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How would i go about using a tag to find things?

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No, no video games. This is just a question and answer site. Welcome and feel free to look around and join in any discussion you feel like you have an answer you would like to add.

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There is a video games topic, which could be considered a minor or topically-based section.

However, this section consists only of discussions about video games, and as is deducible from what @chyna said, doesn’t have any actual games.

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Welcome to fluther. You won’t find games here. But you can find some amazing discussions, some lunatic discussions, and everything in between.

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Hi, Welcome to Fluther. There aren’t any video games, per se, but there are quite a few members (who are often referred to as Jellies, because of the Jellyfish theme of the site) who are in to video games. Hopefully some of them will see this question and join in.

We are mostly a question and answer site, but we are a jolly lot and like to have discussions about all sorts of things from recipes, to web design, to engineering, to vacation planning, and relationships. You name it, someone on here wants to talk about it.

We also occasionally make up our own games, but they’re usually word games like This One and This One. We can be a silly lot, but we have a lot of fun.

We also ask and answer a lot of serious questions too, like This Question and This One

Stick around and see how you like it. You can ask some specific questions about your interest in video games and hopefully the gamers will show up. If you have any other things you want to talk about, ask away. Welcome : )

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I didnt mean actual games. I meant a section where i can answer questions about games since im sort of knowledgeable on the subject.

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@LickA4Skin Check with Symbeline or ragingnoli.

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@LickA4Skin There aren’t sections to ask questions. You just ask whatever questions you want to ask. When you ask a question, when you are filling out the online Fluther form, there is a section in which you add your own “topics” to the list. That way, when other people want to find questions about video games, they’ll be able to find them easier.

So the sections, or rather topics, are set up to find questions that have already been asked, by subject. But you can ask whatever questions you like, about pretty much any topic you like, and other people who are interested will click on those questions and then you can get into a discussion. When you find people that are interested in the same subjects, you can also go into a chat room and talk to them, or you can send people private messages. Your best bet is to ask a few questions about video games, then hopefully the other Jellies who are interested in video games will join your discussion.

I’m afraid I’m not one of the video game aficionados, but some sample questions might be something like “What is your favorite video game?” or “Do any of you participate in any online video game contests?” You know, stuff like that.

Hope that helps : )

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