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(SFW) You know what feels really good?

Asked by Kardamom (31430points) August 24th, 2015

I would like to keep this Safe For Work, so we’re taking the obvious, sex, out of the equation. So tell me what else feels really good.

Besides sex and anything sexual or anything related to sexuality, what feels really good?

The reason I came up with this question is because it’s super hot here right now (a heat wave on top of our regular hot year round weather) so I got my hair and my face wet and I’m sitting under a ceiling fan. The air hitting my wet hair and face feels so goooooood! I keep getting up and going into the bathroom to splash water on my face.

Tell me something else that feels really good. Remember to keep it Safe For Work, please.

Thanks, in advance.

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Ever since I was little rubbing my head puts me to sleep in under five minutes. And by head I mean my hair ball.

And if that wasn’t clear enough I mean the part of my body you put a hat on…

Fucking hell, the head that isn’t on my penis.

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A long sleep without knowing that I have to wake up.

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Like a dog, I love having my head scritched. Mmmm…

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The first big strrreettch in the morning;
Peeing, when you really need to go.

I guess these are all kind of like sex in that they’re preceded by a building sense that something needs to be relieved. I’d throw scratching a mosquito bite on the list too if it weren’t even more uncomfortable in the aftermath.

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After a long day, and especially if I’m starting to feel cold from just sitting still in my family room, getting into my comfy bed and warming up feels so good.

When my husband rubs my brow.

Swimming on a warm day. Both during and after. I feel like I accomplished something, healthier, super clean from the soak (even though I also feel like I need to wash off the chlorine) and almost always I feel hungry afterwards.

Being in the sun, especially after weeks having not been in the sun, or if I was very cold and the sun feels hot. I think I would have been praying to the sun God often if I had been part of a religion that had one.

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Having a shower when you feel really tired or grotty. That feeling of being clean and warm. Then slipping into clean, crisp sheets to sleep.

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Emptying your bowels after a bout of constipation.

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Getting into the ocean waves when you’re on the beach (I have been seeing all my friends’ beach photos on FB and having not been to the beach this year, only pools, I’m thinking of the beach).

Getting into a pool on a hot day (another one I’ve been experiencing first-hand). Saturday night, after having been off since Friday and with not having to wake up tomorrow…...

Taking a shower after doing some messy chore, when I’m feeling extra dirty and hot…..

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Being totally out of debt,so when a slow down at work happens you don’t worry and just enjoy the time off.

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Coming home to a clean house and glass of cold champagne. And I second Earthbound Misfit’s description of lying on clean, crisp (I’ll add “cool”) sheets when you’re tired.

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Sitting on the porch, sipping on a cold, cold beer at the end of a long, hot day.

Down sleeping bags on a cold winters night. I will lie on top of it and allow my body to cool off just for the pleasure of then sinking down into it, pulling my head inside it, feeling the warmth permeate my skin and then falling asleep only to crawl back out later when I awaken and do it all over again.

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When I have poison ivy, if I run really, really hot water over the rash, it’s almost orgasmic. (Uh, oops, is that SFW?)

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I guess I’ll have to remember that if I ever have poison ivy.

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Another thing that feels really great, that I’ve experienced twice recently, is walking into a freezing cold ice skating rink, out of the sweltering heat that we have here. I also like the smell. Not sure if it’s the freezing element, or the Zamboni, but ice rinks have a very distinctive smell.

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Now I want poison ivy.

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Yes, wet hair and a breeze or fan, sublime!
Also a shower after getting all hot and sweaty, a cool drink, my head trip head massager, stretching in the morning to get the old bones going, haha.
Back scratches against the door jam, my cats tail swishing across my shoulder at night in bed. Knowing the end of the day is here and I can lay down and relax!

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Another thing that feels nice, is walking on very warm, but not burning hot cement, on a hot sunny day in your bare feet. Walking in the dirt, especially when camping, with bare feet is also nice (although I hate having dirty feet afterward).

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I love the feeling of floating in my pool. I love lying back and feeling the cool water on my head and in my hair and just relaxing and floating around. It can be night or day. Doesn’t really matter.

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Using Q-Tips in my ears.
Cool, clean sheets to snuggle down into after a hot shower.
Putting on a sweatshirt on a chilly evening inside then turning on a fireplace.

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A hot shower on a cold day. A cold shower on a hot day.

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