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What name would you choose, as your Fluther name, if you had a chance to start over and pick a new name?

Asked by Kardamom (31421points) October 13th, 2015

Based on This Question, what clever name do you wish you had picked for yourself on Fluther?

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Oh, I forgot to add, if you had a different name, what avatar would you choose to go with it?

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Happy enough with what I chose although in real life I’ve dropped one of the “b“s since joining. And completely happy with my usual avatar. I stole the graphic from a magazine years ago when I instantly recognized it as me.

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I really hate mine. I wish I’d chosen something with my real name in it. Like @Carolyn. Why didn’t I just go for that? Also most people think it’s a male name and that annoys me too (more than it should).

I change my avatar now and then but it’s usually a pic of my girls

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I definitely would NOT have chosen Cruiser had I known that in Europe supposedly it is slang for gay guys trolling the streets for action. Since Bob is already taken I would choose Steve. I would keep my regular rotation of Avi’s especially the Yellow Camaro.

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I love my name. Yeah, it’s a handful but if you were up there you’d understand it. Anyone can call me Adi or Ady too. I’m fine with that.

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I would have gone with “HailSatan616”

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I am Here, and Here I shall remain, I suppose, but I am frustrated I cannot find an avatar which suits me. There are so many clever jellies with very clever avatars. I feel like I am holding up the line at Baskin Robbins, “Hmmm, I just can’t decide.”
I checked Bing images for Heretofore, just because. It is lots of Steve Jobs. Hmmm.

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I will stick with mine, although, Gris is probably more accurate a nickname at this stage in my life. Hopefully we can avoid Calvo for at least a little longer.
I can still fall back on entrepierna de fuego, no matter what

And, the avatar changes based on whims.

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I like mine so I wouldn’t change it. I also want to convey my love of dogs so I keep a picture of my girl as my avatar.

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@Here2_4 Why don’t you use this as your avatar! ;)

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Ha! I love it, but it wouldn’t load. I like this one even better. It won’t load either.

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I wish there was room for a d at the end of my current name…

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Why not drop the “ar”, Mr. Wizard?
Wiz is a wiz is a wiz is a wiz.

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@Here2_4 They might be too big. Usually I have to resize the pics I borrow to work on uploading avi’s. And sometimes it takes a couple tries to get it to take.

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I stumbled upon my new avatar, and I like it a lot. I could not get it loaded at first, but I realized what I did wrong. The woman is Alla Nazimova, silent actress. Wow! Is she cool! See clips of her work on my profile page.

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I dunno, maybe something Dune related. “Sapho and Spice” or something.

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@Adirondackwannabe I prefer to call you “dack” sounds kinda neanderthal. ’-)

I am who I am, and Coloma suited me just fine for years, the name of my old little teeny, tiny, hole in the wall town. I am now 40 miles North of the old zone so I could change my name to ‘Auburn” but nah…Coloma it remains.

@Banjo_Pickin_Appalachian_Wizar Yeah, I associate “Wizar” with “Whizzer.” Do you need to take a whiz? lol

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Aphelion sounds good.

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^^^Seems a little cold to me.

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I remember I was torn between what I have now and Redshirt after my favorite variety of Star Trek character. But I wouldn’t change my avatar as it is my beloved cat now deceased. (sniff)

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I was a @worriedguy at first when I was worried about my diagnosis. I got treated and my pathology worked out better than great so I considered myself Lucky.
I would probably call myself TheEngineer if I were doing it again. That defines me better. I am so much more than a temporary medical condition.

My avatar would be various engineering images.

@Anartist made my current avatar just before she passed away so I feel honored to keep it.

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I love my name, but if I’d known how often people would mangle the (what I consider proper) pronunciation, I might have chosen something easier. Auggie is a good nickname, though, so I’m happy to keep it. My A avatars are sticking, too!

How about you, Kardamom?

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I think I don’t want to change my name anymore. I used to hate my name because it was too revealing on Google. But now everyone is using this to call me, like the name has become an identity of me. If I changed I would feel like I’m a different person, so I stick to it. If I could change maybe I’d delete the “1995” though. No one could know my age.

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I guess I’m satisfied with mine…I’ve never gone to the trouble to think of an alternative. I brought it from Askville and I wanted the refuges from there to find a familiar face, so my ID was predetermined years and years ago.
I get a kick out of my Calvin avatar every time i see it. Little buddy.

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And you do be Stu, bro.

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I did with this reincarnation of jonsblond.

(Jon and I are fine. I just wanted my own identity here.)

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@Bellatrix was chosen by other jellies and I do like the name. I’d be happy to use that name. I’m also fine with this name. It sort of fits me! I’m used to using it now too. I can’t think what else I’d call myself if I created another name. Probably something to do with music.

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Berserker. I’m still debating whether or not I should change my name to that. For like, the passed two years. Well if it’s been that long it must mean it’s the right choice. Symbeline sucks anyways. Plus she’s a slut.

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I love Beserker for you

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@Symbeline, I love the idea of Berserker. It fits your loves very well. I don’t know about in Canada, but in the UK the word berserk is often used to describe someone’s behaviour. ‘she went berserk and started dancing all over the floor (or other out-of-control behaviour). Or ‘he went berserk and started yelling at the cashier’. I didn’t know the connection to the Norse warriors until fairly recently. It was just a word people used. Is it used that way in Canada?

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Yeah, as you say it’s also used here to describe one going nuts/crazy et all. It’s not very popular, least not that I know of, but it is understood and accepted whenever it’s said. Of course, I have Vikings in mind when thinking of this. :)

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I know you do! That’s why I could see it as a perfect name for you. I can’t wait for the next series of Vikings. My husband is a Viking. Well his relatives were a long, long way back.

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I think I might have just gone with Chupacabra :)

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@Dog Just do it!

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@Dog contact mods to change to Chupacabra.

But I’ll know you’re a DOG.

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@Dog , Chupacabra is cool, and you have to go with your gut, but the avatar you have now is so cool! Squirrel! I like the added touch of the jelly ID tag. Squirrel!

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Maybe just JL. Some jellies use it when addressing me, and if you are on a device that doesn’t pop up the jelly name, it’s nice if it’s short.

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Well, I would go with just “Dutchess” with out the III, but some witch took it!

Also, I change my avatar pretty frequently.

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…Nah, I actually love @cookieman

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Eh, probably the same name, I like it. If I had to change it, I’d probably go with some other variation of chocolate something, or just a simple “Nina.”

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I’m happy with Adagio, my name since joining on August 3, 2009. I do like to change my avatar every now and again though.

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I still like my Fluther name.
I apologize for neglecting my avatar these past years, it is something I picked from defaults when I started.

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I would of picked ThatsMsBitchToU

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I chose my name completely at random & it stuck, it is what it is & shall remain.
If it were to change it would have to be something that suits me, like english stud muffin

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@Buttonstc is my name on any Internet sites I frequent and I really have no reason to change. When I first started using the net, it took me long enough to find something representative of me which wasn’t already taken. Even on eBay, Buttonstc was already taken so I had to switch to Buttonsfp. But fortunately that’s the only site where I encountered that problem. So, there’s no way I want to go through trying to find another unique name which isn’t already taken. It was enough frustration to begin with. I don’t need any more rounds of that, thank you very much :)

For my avatar, I’d like to use a pic of one of my RL cats but trying to change avis from an iPhone is basically impossible with the current Fluther interface, so I just use the one I have. At least it’s memorable and east to locate in a long list of replies :)

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@ucme Not English Sausage Roll? : P

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@Kardamom Dear me no, how positively common m’dear ;-}

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