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Has participating on Fluther, learning other peoples views and opinions, made you more or less tolerant of people in your day to day life?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (16361points) January 9th, 2016

None needed.

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GQ. I think I’m more tolerant…or try to be, anyway. I no longer criticize people at who wear pajamas and slippers to the convenience store, and load up on chips and pop and candy with their EBT card.

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I’d say slightly more

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If I am more tolerant of anything Fluther had no place in fostering it. My time here has had some eye-opening issues, but I would not say they were always positive. What I have learned through this lagoon (if it can serve as a microcosm of US society in general) was quite predictable or added validity to things I thought but had no way to vet, until Fluther. I just have reason to pray more for some are lost in their own ideology over the biology and physics they are vehemently promoting.

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More – I’ve even become quite close friends with a few conservatives!

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It depends on which Jellies. I have the greatest respect for some people at Fluther; I learn from them, and their views and opinions help me have a more receptive and tolerant mind. Other Jellies, not so much. There are certain Flutherites whom I ignore and try to avoid. But, isn’t this message board simply a microcosm of real life? Don’t we all have people we hold in high esteem, and others we’d prefer not to know?

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Right, @Love_my_doggie. Although, I think that generally speaking Jellies are above average in education and intelligent. Well, I know I am, anyway! Quit laughing! I hear you laughing! Quit!

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@Dutchess_III That was Gail you heard – not me!

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LOL! I’m fubarred then, @janbb! Nuttin I can do about that!

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More tolerant, for sure.

Fluther is the place you can go and ask “Why do they _do that?“_ questions and sometimes actually get a valid explanation.

I would say that anyone that’s participated on Fluther very long without learning some tolerance is willfully ignorant.
It’s a rare person that’s so closed minded that every other perspective serves to reinforce their own prejudice.

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Less. Definitely.

I’m so spoiled on good conversation here that interaction with the rest of the idiots in the world is agonizing.

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I don’t think it’s made the slightest difference to my tolerance levels. I might be more informed on some topics. I might be aware of different perspectives on a range of issues. I don’t feel I’m any more tolerant.

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Both more and less. I learned to accept that not all people have the same background as mine, and that stupidity comes in more size and shape than I thought.

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I’ve been looking at this question and trying to decide whether taking out my frustrations on the people here allows me to spare those folks I face daily. And the answer is that I don’t know.

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Made no difference whatsoever, don’t see how it could in any way imaginable.
It’s just a tiny Q&A site in a quiet corner of the internet, that’s all.

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I don’t use the word tolerant anymore, because tolerating sounds to me like putting up with something unpleasant. I tolerate my medicine well. I tolerate the loud noise from my neighbors apartment if he only plays the loud music between 9:00 and 9:00. I don’t tolerate people who are different than me, I just see them as having differing views, and that’s just fine for the most part.

I grew up with my parents sometimes differing on their political views, so it’s normal to me that people sometimes disagree.

One of the biggest things that gave me better understanding of right wing conservatives was living in the Bible Belt. Most of my college friends are Republicans (I went to school in Michigan) but not what I consider right wing. They don’t just follow the party on every topic.

Fluther has answered a lot of my questions about Christianity, which I really appreciate. I feel like I better understand their beliefs, and the variety within the religion. I think Christianity and politics are very tied together among many Christians. I don’t feel like I “tolerate” Christians more, I’ve always been friends with Christians, my husband was raised Catholic. Although, the Catholics tend to remember better we have a diverse country, and the population is constantly changing in it’s diversity. I theorize it’s partly because a lot of Catholics are newer immigrants than the Protestants, and live in more diverse areas for more generations.

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Been married TWICE…and have 2 teenage boys…need I say more?

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