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Are you picky when it comes to age, in reference to dating other people?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) February 18th, 2016

What is the oldest guy or girl you would date?

Personally I’m 31 and I would have no problem dating another guy up to the age of about 45 years old (providing I’m interested in him). Probably wouldn’t go below 25 years old; because personally I feel the maturity level just wouldn’t be there.

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I’m currently 17 so I’d like someone to be at least 2 years around that, haha. But when I’m older and my brain has fully developed, I wouldn’t mind dating someone about, like, 10 years older. When I’m older I wouldn’t want to date someone super young because that maturity isn’t there and they’re going to change so much as their brain develops.

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At 23, most anyone younger would still be in college, and I couldn’t deal with that. Our lives would be too different. I think I’d be comfortable dating someone older anywhere in their 20’s though. Not that I expect any 28–29 year olds would be interested in me.

My boyfriend is a little more than a year younger than me.

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I found that women (girls?) my age were obsessed with what they were going to be.

Older women were confident in what they were.

I’m an intergenerational (older women) veteran at this point.

My wife is more than a decade older than me.

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I’m in my 50’s now and prefer older men, I’d go down to late 40’s, maybe 48+ and up to 60ish, but not more than a 10 year dif. either side. However, that said, I’ve been married and had plenty of great sex in my day and I’m pretty content at this time to just hang out with my cats and the geese and horses in my little country Nirvana. As I always like to joke, no man can compete with the turbo jets in the hot tub. lol

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I’m 30. My husband is 46.

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I’m 39 and feel like I’d date the right girl at just about any age if I was not married. Like 25–55. A woman around 35–45 who has taken care of herself is what I’m most attracted to. My wife is 40 and still as sexy as she was when we met.

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About 8 years younger or older is about my range.

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I’m with @janbb.

That sounds wrong.

I’m on @janbb‘s team.

No! I’m not on her team.

I mean @janbb said what I think I might agree with if I thought I could agree with her.

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When I was in my early 20s, I chanced into a few episodes with women a decade or so beyond me, and for the life of me, I still have no explanation for it. Then as now, I had about as much sexual prowess as a flat tire.

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@Hawaii_Jake wait til I come visit. I might just get you to switch sides – or you me?

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Cut it out. There’s smoke coming out of this phone!

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Me & the wife have been together 24 yrs this summer, I forgot what dating is.
Oh & for what it’s worth, she’s exactly 2½ yrs older than me,

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I’m pretty open when it comes to finding a partner. I don’t care about age, gender or anything, as long as someone accepts me, gives me as much as I give them and is willing to stand by me no matter what, then I’m happily with them.

I have only one standard though: I only want a friend, or just a s/o without a marriage.

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I am 60, I really wouldn’t go below 52, and maybe up to 64.

A good rule of thumb is never date anyone less than ½ your age + 7 years. So a 30 year old should not date below 22, a fifty year old never below 32.

(@Seek you and your hubby are right within the guideline!)

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I have this hang up about dating women older than myself. And they have to be at least 18.

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When I was let’s see, I have to do some math here 58 I dated a 39-year-old woman for a while. We had a lot of fun playing the “where have you been all my life?” … “in school!” game, but she was already into older men, and apparently she had dated men of my age when she was even younger. So it was no great transition for her; she had already done it. It was a fun trip for me; we used to mess with people while we were out, because they would think that I was an uncle or maybe even her youngish father, and then we’d move into a clench-and-kiss that would disabuse people of that notion. Or maybe not, since we only tended to do that in Alabama.

Much earlier in my life, while I was around 27, I was picked up at a bar by a 42-year-old divorceé and spent a night with her. (I was leaving town the next day, as she already knew, but she only wanted a night and I was at that stage in my life. I’m just sayin’.) That was a fun night for me, and she seemed to have no regrets. Or sleep, that night. Later that year I dated a 35-year-old for most of the summer before I met the woman I would later marry. That was a pretty enjoyable year, all in all. Actually, most of them are, in one way or another.

I’m not actively looking for many 80-year-old women any more, but if the right one came along I’d certainly consider that. Likewise, I’m not about to pass up another 40-year-old, but I do restrain myself, generally, from making the first move there. If she shows interest, then I’ll be actively interested, otherwise just passively so, and from a distance. I may be a creepy old man sometimes, but I don’t want to appear to be so…

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Four years in either direction seems to be about my limit. I’ve never dated anyone more than four years older (but wouldn’t be against it) and I’ve never dated anyone more than four years younger than me. I absolutely refused to date anyone younger than me until I was in my mid to late twenties. Even then, only one person that was that much younger than me has ever caught my attention in a serious way.

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Other than high school, I don’t recall dating a woman younger than me. They’ve all been 2–15 years older. It’s not a rule or something, but I do find it easier to get on the same page with older women, and I think I have a preference for bodies/visual cues that are on the waning side of fertility. I’m 42.

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Um, OK. We got this year, but we met when we were 19 and 35. Your role of thumb is not mathematically sound.

I’m not worried about it. He might grow up someday, but probably not.

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I’m 48, female, and straight. If I were single I think my range would be about 44–55. I wouldn’t be completely closed to someone outside of that range, but it’s hard for me imagine much outside of it.

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I’m in my mid 30s, I’m a father and I am really attracted to women my own age especially if they’ve had children and they have that maturity and empathy you get from caring for another human being 24 hours a day.
Women in their 30s to me are so sexy and they grew up in the 80s and 90s like me so we can relate on alot of different levels.

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From what I’ve heard, the best age of a woman for a man is ½ his years plus 7.

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@kritiper That’s a lower bound not an optimum.

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It’s also BS, because that ratio only works for a year, because numbers are a thing.

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@Seek, for someone who really thinks that way, it’s a series of one-year things, apparently. I agree with you (and with @zenvelo‘s explanation / definition, if not the actual parameter).

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The half your age plus 7 gets ridiculous the older you get. An 80 year old with a 47 year old?

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@janbb, Agreed. I think its best to just set up an age rage for yourself. Some people will regard a 7–10 year age gap to be appropriate (depending on their own age).

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I agree with @janbb, too. When the man reaches that age, the formula should change to ⅓ of his age.

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@CWOTUS And the woman.

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I’m 29 and my long term partner is 49. I wouldn’t rule anyone out based on their age (providing they aren’t a minor, obviously) but so far I have only every found myself attracted to people at least 10 years my senior.

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