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Are you an introvert or an extrovert, and are you a dog or a cat person?

Asked by Mariah (25883points) February 28th, 2016

I’m curious in seeing if there’s a correlation between these two traits. I feel like cats are the introverts of the pet world while dogs are the extroverts.

I myself am an introvert and prefer cats.

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Introvert, both dogs and cats, depending on the environment I’m in. Right now I have both.

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i am an introvert cat

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dogs must be destroyed

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I don’t know but I like cats.

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I’m an introvert but I hide it very well, both at work and in my personal life.

I’m a cat person but I do love dogs, too, just that I can’t have one with my busy lifestyle, and the fact that I already have 4 cats in the house.

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Introvert-ish, cat lover, I like dogs too but ya, cats.
I think there may be an empathy/affinity/understanding correlation there. There are more or less introverted and extroverted cats and dogs, but it seems like many of the people who don’t get cats probably don’t get the introverted aspects.

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Extrovert cat person. Guess that blows that theory all to hell. haha
Actually, I have had a few dogs over the years and also have a very solitary side.
My personality type is known to be the most introverted of the extroverts but I find dogs to be too needy, noisy, always in your face and boisterous. I love my kittys best.

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Introvert usually, with random bouts of social energy I expend clumsily at best. I’m a dog person. I like cats too, but I’m allergic to them, and I feel less confident communicating with them (I’ve grown up with dogs). Also, dogs want to go on hikes and runs together, and just generally go explore together without the expectation of conversation, which matches my personality well.

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Times I’ve dog-sat, I got to know more people in the neighborhood than I had ever met in years. It was nice, although I must say when it’s snowing or raining, I am thankful I don’t have a dog.

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I’m extremely introverted, but I like both cats and dogs. I’m a huge animal lover in general.

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I’m an introvert. I like cats because they don’t require as much attention as a dog. I baby sitted a young dog one day and he wore me out. He was like a young child always needing attention. Cats are like me, more independent and less social than a dog.

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I don’t really know whether or not I am introverted or an extrovert. But I do know that I’m wary of acquiring any more dependents. I’m one of those people that will NEVER go out looking for a dog or cat, yet winds up with one or both anyway. I get along well with both animals and little kids, and folks with both seem never to miss an opportunity to talk me into “look after them for a lttle while”.

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Definite introvert. Cats. I enjoy dogs, but prefer cats.

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Dogs are all kinds of awesome, cats do nowt for me.
Oh & I don’t label myself either of those, probably because I lie smowhere betwixed the two.

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@stanleybmanly: It might be interesting for you if you took the Myers Briggs Personality Test. You can take it free, online. It will tell you whether you are an introvert or extrovert, and some other things about your personality that may be helpful.

For myself, I got introvert, which I didn’t understand at first, because I can be quite social. It was described to me as “where you get your energy from.” Do I get my energy from myself or from others? I get it from myself. I need some time alone each day. If I’m spending the day with others, traveling or visiting for example, I need some time by myself to recharge.

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Introvert dog person who sometimes tolerates cats.

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Extreme introvert, proudly sharing my life with a dog and cat. I love them both equally.

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Introvert. Both but prefer cats. Also squirrels and birds.

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Introvert. I love all animals, but must always have a cat.

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I don’t really like either.

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Extrovert and a cat person.

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I like cats and generally dislike dogs. I have no idea whether or not I’m introverted or extroverted, so I took some quiz online about it (, and it said I was an ambivert. I think it told me this because I clicked neutral on most of the questions.

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Introvert and an animal person. I have both. The cat is an asshole, as are all of the species; the dog is a sycophant; again, like all of their species.

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Major introvert and I adore dogs.

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Major introvert/cat lover.

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Introvert dog person.

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Extrovert. I love and have both cats (one) and dogs (two). I can’t choose really.

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Introvert, definitely cats.

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Very much an introvert, and very much a dog person. I like cats just fine, but if I had to choose – dogs, definitely.

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introvert, cat… Dogs are way to needy. Cats are pretty stoked with a RASPi and some motors spinning a bag of cat-nip while i sleep. Mittens (cat) used to love sleeping across my neck. Nightmare material right there.

I like the loyalty of dogs. But it is a bit to much. Give me a cat that knows when it is time that they stay the fuckoff my keyboard.

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I don’t think introvert and extrovert have anything to do with cats and dogs. I think men tend to prefer dogs, and women tend to prefer cats, but there is crossover there too. Dogs are more easily controlled and give a big ego boost to their owners when they walk through the door. Isn’t that what a lot of men want (from their (SO)? Cats have a mind of their own.

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So much of this is training, though. We tend to accept cats as they are, while most dogs are expected to perform in some way. We had cats when I was a kid, and they routinely scratched us when we annoyed them. Dogs, on the other hand, are often expected to tolerate children pulling on their ears, grabbing their muzzles, and holding them in the death grip some kids equate with “hugging”.

My dogs definitely have a mind of their own. The younger one, especially, knows exactly what he wants. He cooperates because he knows certain cues or behaviors might get rewarded with food or play – but I don’t force him to do anything. When I ask him to sit, and he doesn’t, I don’t force or intimidate him into doing what I want. I think that’s the key. My older dog was trained during a different era, and she’s more of a people-pleaser.

Many dogs are afraid of their owners, and they will constantly work on appeasing them. That’s the image which comes to mind when I think of dogs being an ego boost – though personally, I don’t see why a furry creature cowering in front of me should make me feel good about myself.

I prefer dogs to cats because I enjoy being outside with my pets, I love the training, and I like that my dogs have a fun-loving, somewhat goofy personality. I don’t need the dogs to boost my ego or make me feel all-powerful. I think they’d be surprised at me if I assumed some kind of dictator-role.

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@longgone Who’s talking about cowering? I’m talking about greeting you at the door happy to see you.

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I’m a textbook introvert. I’m crazy about dogs and cats equally, though my heart currently belongs to a dog.

In the past I’ve assumed the same correlation as Mariah, but I no longer think that’s the case. For one thing, I spend a huge amount of time in dog parks these days, which is a great venue for observing what dyed-in-the-wool dog people are like. I don’t see any preponderance of extroverts among them. There’s always a little huddle of owners gabbing away, clearly enjoying the conversation, but there are just as many out on the margins who never exchange more than a passing nod (if that) with any of the humans.

Owning a dog does tend to put you into social situations more than an introvert might otherwise prefer. You will be out and about with your dog and you will encounter people, usually other dog owners, who will exchange some dog talk whether you want to or not. But this kind of exchange is well-suited for introverts: it’s easy to break it off before it gets awkward, since the dog doesn’t want to just stand there any more than you do.

And while dogs do tend to be more demanding of attention than cats, I find that the company of a dog doesn’t drain me the way human interaction does. There’s no feeling that I have to put on any kind of show, no sense of being judged or of having to meet expectations (typical introvert experiences). We can just be exactly who we are, and we’re both perfectly OK with that. It’s the way introverts would like for all their human interactions to be.

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@JLeslie I wasn’t addressing you, specifically. I’m referring to the general idea of dogs being squirming bootlickers. I don’t think that’s an accurate picture. At least, it is not accurate for any of the happy and well-adjusted dogs I’ve known.

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@longgone My mistake, I thought you were addressing my comment.

I never think of dogs like that. I hate to think that a dog is so afraid of it’s owner it’s always trying hard to please him to avoid punishment. I know it exists though. Very sad.

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Introvert and cat person

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I’m very introverted; diagnosed with Aspergers as it happens.

I love both cats and dogs. But more of a dog person. I appreciate the companionship and affection of dogs.

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@JLeslie Yeah. I see it much less than I used to, luckily.

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Introvert and I prefer dogs.

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I’ve continued thinking about this (‘cause that’s what introverts do, right?) and I’ve realized that my dog serves as my extroverted alter-ego out in the world. He is an extrovert, as Mariah posited, going around to anyone and everyone, collecting rump scratches and generally schmoozing, the kind of outgoing behavior that I wish came naturally to me. And I realize that I enjoy seeing this because it feels as if he’s my surrogate, being sociable in my stead, sparing me that difficulty.

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^ My dogs are very outgoing, too. I love having one of them with me when in social situations – dogs take some of that focus off, and watching them run around allows for a natural break of eye-contact.

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Well..I also have a very extroverted goose, so I guess he could be considered my “dog” in many ways. He is very social, gregarious and follows me everywhere.
He’s out there now shrieking because the girls get to go in the new big pond we installed yesterday and he is PISSED off but he is also in rape mode and the new pond and two buxom female geese swimming is pushing him over the edge.Spring has sprung. lol

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@Coloma :: One of my earliest memories was my sister pissing off our geese and then locking me outside while I got attacked by them. Maybe our mom should have spanked us.

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@johnpowell Aww…that sucks, well, maybe you need to raise a little gosling and bond with a goose. haha

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Im an ambivert, but a bit more to the introverted side. You could call me an extroverted introvert, I guess. I have lived with dogs my whole lives and I much prefer them to cats!

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I’m a pervert and I like watching….........

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