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I recently have this crackling sound in my left ear..has been like 2 weeks now..any suggestions.. almost feels like something moving... concerned.

Asked by carolv63 (8points) March 15th, 2016

crackling moving sound day and night tried cleaning and popping ear nothing

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Go see a doctor.

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I agree with @ragingloli – go see a doctor. Hopefully not something bad, but if it is, you probably want medical help with it.

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Welcome to Fluther.

We generally don’t give much in the way of medical diagnoses here – although there are always exceptions. Even an ethical doctor won’t diagnose you “sight unseen” – and most of us aren’t doctors. (The doctors I know of here won’t diagnose you that way, either.)

Once you get a diagnosis, or if you’re already certain that you know what the problem is, then we can be filled with advice and anecdotes about “how I handled that” or “maybe you could do this or that thing to make the problem go away”. But it’s on you to get someone to take a look and make that diagnosis.

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The main reason you want a Dr. to be looking is because it could be an ear infection and that’s not something you want to leave neglected.

About half the time when i have had that crackling sensation it did turn out to be an infection. Make an appt. Asap.

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It’s coming from your jaw joint that is right in front of your ear. I have the same thing.
It happened when I fell roping out of a helicopter.
I don’t chew gum any more because of it.
Otherwise, just a noise.
P.S. My knees and ankles make the same noise, just louder. Same accident.

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What youre describing is a TMJ problem and its really difficult to tell from her description whether its that or whether its coming from inside the ear.

Thats why she needs to see a Dr. in person.

I’ve had TMJ problems and the sound from that is similar to my knees (kind of more like a creaking or popping type of sound from joints) rather than a crackling sound (like paper crumpling) from fluid buildup in the canal from infection or other causes.

But we are both at the disadvantage of trying to guess over the internet which is why an in person Dr. can nail it down more precisely and physicalky look through an otoscope which will tell a lot.

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Have no idea. Could be many causes. Best to get checked out.

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