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Happy Easter to Jellies who celebrate! What are you doing for Easter, or is it just another day for you?

Asked by jca (36043points) March 27th, 2016

Happy Easter! Do you celebrate Easter? What are you doing? Did the Bunny come to your house?

Is it just another day for you?

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Just another day to me. Another day drowning in assignment. Happy Easter to you anyway :)

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Don’t celebrate.

My day will be:

- cleaning kicthen
– doing laundry and hanging it up
– working on income tax

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Normally, I don’t celebrate, but in about an hour a bunch of kids are coming up here to have an Easter egg hunt with their mothers. I hid the eggs already, but not too well. Most you can see in the bushes if you look hard. I’ve roped off the vegetable garden. The dogs are in. Ready to go.

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Oddly enough for a Jewish atheist, I am going tothe service at my UU meeting house and then to a family dinner at my friends’ Japanese restaurant. More than I usually do.

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It’s Sunday. That’s all.

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I feel happy this morning. I hope all do.

I moved last year, and today I’m going to stretch myself and go to the Unitarian Universalist Church to try to start building a community of friends here. I checked their website, and the title of today’s sermon is something about rainbows. This gay man feels welcome already.

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I’m having breakfast with 15 family members, then going out for afternoon ice cream with my sisters and our dad. I even hunted for eggs, but found only one before a swarm of kids descended on the prey.

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Looking for the joy thread to post this on but can’t find it so I’ll just say it here. My younger son got engaged yesterday. Very pleased!

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Since I stopped doing the religious thing I’ve mostly forgotten about Easter, but this year Ian read a book about it and specifically asked me to do an Easter Egg hunt. So I got 18 plastic eggs and spread $5 worth of quarters among them, and hid them in the backyard.

I also made him a basket with probably way too much candy, and hidden under it a new Minecraft action figure, so he’s getting something he’s not expecting.

On the educational side of things we’ve been talking about why people of different cultures celebrate this time of year, comparing and contrasting the pagan Spring Equinox festival, Passover, Christian Easter.

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@janbb – Mazel tov!!

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@Seek Thanks. I like his partner very much.

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Mazel tov, penguin. I think you make the best MIL anyone could wish for.

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My daughter is at my parents’ house and so I have a little reprieve. I bought two baskets at Goodwill (2 dollars and 3 dollars) and was going to paint them white, but decided to just leave them natural colored. I have a bunch of candy and eggs and a few trinkets, plus some ribbons and flowers and tags to pretty the whole thing up. What I forgot is Easter grass so I think I’m going to cut up some tissue paper and wrinkle it up.

I’m going to my parents’ later. My mom just called and said my daughter is sad because the Bunny didn’t go to my parents’ house. I reassured my daughter that the Bunny left stuff here and I’ll bring it over later. She’s 8 (3rd grade) so this may be the last year of her believing in the Bunny.

I’m making macaroons (courtesy of Baker’s macaroon recipe, which was recommended by JLeslie) and an apple cake (recipe from ibstubro on the index card thread).

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@Espiritus_Corvus Thanks so much! I may not have started out that way but I am constantly learning.

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Congratulations @janbb and double congratulations that you like her.

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I am going to play more of “The Division” and shoot a ton of stray dogs.

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@ragingloli You always bring a ray of sunshine into my day.

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@janbb they are disease vectors and must be ended.

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It’s Easter! We can wear our white shoes again!

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To me, its chocolate egg day. I get to eat lots of chocolate to me. I’m not a Christian, don’t believe in resurrection; so therefore don’t believe in “Easter” per se. Its not totally just another day to me, I get the day off work because of this.

Happy chocolate egg day!

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Congratulation @janbb!

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A few weeks ago I had thought I would go to mass with my inlaws and a nice meal out at the restaurant of their choice. I don’t celebrate it, but since I’m staying with them I figured it would be nice to do the holiday with them. I had not even mentioned it, which wound up being fine, because they decided to go to Mexico and my husband and I are traveling today to go see a business we might buy.

Tonight, I’m going to have dinner out with my college roommates mom and stepdad. Not for Easter, but it happens to be Easter.

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Leg of lamb going in the oven at 225* F, take it out when the internal temperature hits 125* F. Maybe 4 hours from now.

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Happy Easter!

Just another day for me. Kinda bummed cause a restaurant I like to go to on the weekends was closed today. I’ll be going to work shortly.

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Just home at the ranch here, doing all the usual chores, my daughter is going to a get together at her great aunts house on her dads side of the family down in the city. I have a friend coming out around 6 pm to spend the night and we are getting up early for a little foray into the belly of the monster tomorrow morning, then back here to hang out and visit. I had big easter parties for years when my daughter was growing up, I’m good keeping it simple these days.

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Things are closed here from Thursday, so I scramble to shop and bring supplies home, one back pack load at a time. My back hurts. Things were open for a short time on Saturday, but no wine. New law closes the government monopoly. So, long weekend, no kid and no ‘wind down’ wine. I decided I would fill a bottle with water and wait for my miracle.

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We have had two of the grandkids for the last week. Church today with their dad then give them back to their mom tomorrow. Bittersweet. I’m exhausted! I forgot how hard little kids are and I forgot how rediculious my husbands expectations of mature behavior in 3 and 5 year olds is!
I’m going to miss them but I’m going to enjoy the rest.

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Another day, with cheap chocolate at midnight. I’ll tolerate some religious buffoonery for that.

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I just watched Ricky Gervais live on Facebook playing with a whoopie cushion while he was sitting in his bed topless.

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It’s just another day for me. I had such plans for this long weekend. Then on Thursday, I developed vertigo and I’ve felt like shit for the whole weekend. I think it’s a viral thing. Off to the docs on Tuesday though.

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@Earthbound_Misfit I hate vertigo the most! Feel better soon!

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