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When's the last time you weighed yourself?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) March 30th, 2016

Do you weigh yourself compulsively? Is it part of your morning ritual?

Of are scale shy? Maybe only when you have to see the doctor?

Myself, I don’t recall the last time I weighed. Probably 20+ years? I rarely go to the Dr. and I don’t recall them ever giving me a report of my weight.

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Once a month. I’m 252lbs.

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This morning. When I weigh myself I’m more diligent about what I eat and generally stay at a healthy weight. I also check my blood sugar monthly just to be sure it stays around 85. I also check blood pressure periodically and am considering adding cholesterol and triglycerides to my monthly routine. I think it’s important to know how small changes in diet and exercise affect critical things like this. Once or twice a year is not enough data to really know IMO.

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I try not to do it compulsively. I weighed myself last week. 135. Twelve pounds less than this time last year. I’d like to knock off another 15 by this time next year.

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I weigh myself maybe once a year, if that. Not obsessing about that, at all. Last time I weighed myself was two months ago, and only because I wanted to see whether my young dog is still gaining weight.

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I don’t have a scale. I only know when I go to the doctor. It is pretty much the always the same give or take 5 pounds. I have bounced between 130 and 140 for the last 25 years without doing anything to control my diet.

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Two weeks ago in the supermarket. My inlaws (I’m staying with them) don’t have a scale. I control my weight much better when I weigh myself daily. There are studies that show weighing daily after losing a lot of weight is a good way to keep the weight off.

Even when I have my scale I go through spurts. Every day for 3 months. Not at all for 6 months. I’m not consistent.

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Saturday. It would have been an hour ago but I need to replace the batteries.

I weigh myself often, and it communicates to an online diary via wi fi. I do it to keep track of the results from different behaviors and also to measure how dehydrated I get during heavier workouts.

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I have been unable to weigh myself for 11 years.

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Just started getting back on the bandwagon so I weighed myself this morning. Why after working so hard to lose weight do I always let myself start gaining again????
When I’m in weight gain mode I’m not compulsive at all. I ignore that the scale exists.
In weight loss mode I try to weigh once a week. In maintenance mode I weigh every day.

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I weighed myself today. I weigh 3 times a week to make sure I’m maintaining my goal weight.

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I don’t own a working scale right now. It’s probably better this way. I always get discouraged by my inability to reach or even make incremental progress toward my goals.

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Ugh, at a doctor’s appointment yesterday, where I realized I’ve gained 5lbs since the last weigh in that I could remember, and a total of 15–20lbs over the last several years. I already suspected it, but I was still frustrated to learn of it since I take good care of myself. I know that a great deal of this can be attributed to health issues, including an injury that has hindered my ability to be as active as I like to be, but it still bugs me. I am optimistic that the excess chub will come off when I’m feeling better again and I’m able to participate in some of the physical activities that I’ve had to give up due to injury. Otherwise, I try to avoid the scale. I lost a great deal of weight once upon a time and I maintain that loss for over a decade, I know calories, cups, inches, pounds like the back of my hand. I used to weigh myself daily, often several times a day, but I haven’t even owned a scale for many years. I have some deeply rooted self image issues and diet issues, so I mostly just do my best to take care of myself by prioritizing sleep, stress reduction, eating nutritious foods and exercising every day.

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Sometime within the last few months. I’m typically only curious about my weight if I notice a change in how my clothes fit, and that’s more or less just me trying to determine if I’m screwing up the laundry or my clothes are losing their shape.

After going through a period of time where I was wearing XS, XXS, and still weighing in the borderline overweight range of BMI, I stopped putting so much concern in how much I weigh. Too much variation for it to matter much.

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Had my weight checked at the doctor’s office two days ago and was unhappy to see that I’ve put on some weight since my last visit. When I was in full diet mode last year, I weighed myself every two or three days and loved watching rthe pounds drop off. This year I’ve been very lax in my eating habits and it shows on the scale.

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*In addition to what I wrote above I want to add that my last weigh in was when I was in a medical setting. I’ve never actually owned a pair of scales. Although my mother did and I would weigh myself when I was a teenager.

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About a month ago. I, too, can’t seem to gain weight. It does appear that I’ve been gaining muscle, though. And a belly…

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At a doctors appt. last week and was pleasantly surprised to see I had not gained since the last time I weighed myself, but…this has been a rather stressful few weeks and I have to get back on my program to the extent I was for several months. I rarely weigh myself, I go by how my clothes fit and whether I can feel a little chub under my chin. lol

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Now that you asked, where is my scale?

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I don’t own a scale, haven’t in years.

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Every day. I’m currently at 123. I lost 30 lbs. two years ago, and was down to 110, while I was losing the weight, I started working out and gained muscle, hence the 123 which is my current weight. I’ve been steady for two years, but I check just to make sure.

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Not very often. Part of the reason is that I’ve been hovering around the same weight (around 125 lbs) for years. Weighing myself has ceased to be interesting.

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Once a fortnight. I’m trying to lose some weight. I’m about 20lb overweight now and have already lost 10lb. I had lost quite a bit and got to about 10lb lighter than now but over the last two years it has crept back on. I didn’t weigh myself much or monitor very well what I ate. I have been filling out the online food diary again since January. Weighing regularly helps me be aware of weight gain and do something about it. I am prone to gaining weight so have to work at keeping it off. I am trying to accept that this is my lot in life and work on it, rather than blaming myself for being weak or not trying to be a healthy weight.

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@Adagio So you are unable because you don’t own scales? It was a very mysterious statement !

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I run everyday, work out & lift weights, I weigh myself once a month so that the muscle build is in balance with the cardiovascular.
Last time I weighed 11st 8lbs (old school) fit as a butcher’s dog, only better looking.

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I am very active and have a god idea of what I need. I probably wiegh myself about once per week. But I effectively weigh myself every time I put on a pair of 32” waist jeans or a 15½” neck oxford shirt and they feel tighter than usual. I am about 5’ 9”, and weigh 150 pounds, 68 kg (14s 10lb for @ucme), My weight varies very little. I automatically correct when it moves about pound either way.

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@LuckyGuy It’s not that I don’t know the conversion, just that i’ve always used stones & pounds, like I say, old school but what i’m comfortable with.

I too am a 32” waist (rapidly improving six pack) & am exactly 6’ tall, eyes green, head shaved & am into world peace & fwuffy pandas <giggles>

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32” waist and 5’9” here, too.
Weight unknown, but I think I’m down a bit from last year. As long as I can look straight down in the shower and suck my gut in enough to see past it, I’m good.

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5’10, 34 inch waist. I do workout regularly though and am a little stalky/bulky. Will see that six pack poke through any day now.
We have some tiny people on here.

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I am struggling with a bad ankle that has kept me down to a large degree on and off since Oct. I have severely sprained the same ankle like 10 times in my life and the latest was twice in 8 weeks after making it 5 years between injuries. It sucks. I just quit wearing an ankle brace after 3 months a few weeks ago, but still put it on if I am going to be doing some major tromping around on the property here and where I pet/house sit. Uneven terrain, rocks, ruts, etc. No way can I evert. I put on weight too from this set back.

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This morning I was 147.6 lbs. I weigh myself regularly in the mornings. My weight is always 148 (+ or – 2) lbs.

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@ucme ...and you enjoy nice smiles and walks in the woods. And volunteer every Sunday at Feed the Children events
(Like me)

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@ucme and @LuckyGuy Stones and lbs. sounds so much more sexy, plus most of us have no idea how much you weigh, so you both sound fantastic ; )

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I was up 4 ozs, at my docs. this morning from last weeks appt. haha

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About 2 weeks ago. I don’t have scales at my house but I was at my grandmother’s house and out of curiosity I weighed myself on hers.

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Not really!

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@Coloma I have a Mettler laboratory grade, shipping scale in my house. It has a minimum resolution of 10 grams, about ⅓ of an oz. I can weigh myself, tare it, and drink an 8 oz glass of water and it will read 8 oz! Conversely I can weigh myself after a bathroom visit and see what I lost. My nephews love playing with it before and after Thanksgiving dinner and bathroom visits, and running around outside.

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@LuckyGuy Don’t forget to deduct the weight of your head, as it is, technically, not part of your body. The average human head weighs 13 lbs. so I am always 13 pounds lighter than what the scale

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