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Do you still get mosquito bites?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42444points) September 28th, 2016

At the camp ground I was walking little Cooper down a big hill at around dusk. Suddenly we found ourselves in a cloud of mosquitoes. Poor kid just started walking, was trying to walk up a hill for the first time, and he was fighting off mosquitoes at the same time.
Sure enough, he had a bunch of bites the next day. All polka dotted, poor baby.

That’s when it hit me….I can’t even remember the last time I got a mosquito bite. I know I’ve been bitten, I’ve watched them land and sting me, but I don’t have any reaction to it any more.

Do you? Do we all develop some sort of immunity as we age?

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Mosquitoes still bite me and I still get big bumps. My ankles are still in recovery from a couple of infected bites from last summer. Gawd I hate mosquitoes.

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Its been 5 years since I got a mosquitos bite. I’ve had bed bugs two years ago and lots of bites.

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Every time I go outside.

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Lucky you! If you live in Southeast Asia you’ll find that mosquitoes are the regular patrons of your house, for the entire days (yep, there are day and night species), and they won’t even take a holiday. Mosquito for me is a regular thing but that doesn’t mean I like them, it’s just that their bites aren’t even an issue for the people here.

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Yes. They’re insane here. Several small children have been carried away by them.

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I don’t think I’ve had a mosquito bite in years. Mainly because I stay as far away from infested areas as possible.

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@Pachy Same here. I stay indoors whenever possible.

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I was working outside in the northern Michigan woods last June for two days. It took two months for my arms to heal completely.

We brought bug suits the next time, they cover your whole upper body, head and hands. Holy moly what a relief.

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Still get them.

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I might, I am sure I could if bitten in the right place, but if I even have the hint there would be vampirish mosquitoes in the area I apply Colmans Max 100 insect repellent, even a little is like a mosquito forcefield around me, they never get close to even get a lick.

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Every. Single. Day. The better question to ask me is “when was the last time I went without being bitten by mosquitos for a day?”

I don’t complain about mosquitos on Fluther for nothing.

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The little fuckers never let up. Usually a big fire in the fire pit keeps them away.

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They love me. It’s a fact they love some people more than others.

I don’t even worry about West Nile because I figure I’ve probably had it. Now they have the crazy zika virus.

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Mozzies love me. I’m some sort of mozzie delicacy. I used to get really bad reactions to the bites. I’d have circular lumps that were a couple of centimeters in diameter. Now, not so much. I get itchy some times, but not the big lumps. Small red lumps occasionally.

When I was in Finland, land of the mozzie, I got lots of bites. Thankfully, no bad reactions and I stocked up on the repellent.

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I don’t have much of a problem with them for the most part. It has been so hot and dry here I think they have died off, but, we do have a huge pond on this property and it is surprising there aren’t more but maybe the frogs and fish and pollywogs eat them and the larvae before they hatch.
Now, what I’m really paranoid about is that it is almost bedtime and last night, at some point in the middle of the night, my cat was going nuts leaping and pouncing all over my bed trying to catch something. I have no idea what might be lurking in my bed.

A Cricket, grasshopper, preying mantis ( they are everywhere right now ) or a spider! Whatever it was escaped and I have no idea what or where it might be lurking or if I made it up in my bed this morning.
I am going to shake out my covers and look around before crawling into bed tonight. haha

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Oh yeah. Those little bastards think I’m an absolute delicacy.

And the bites itch intensely as they always have. I really hate them

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I have a bottle of calamine lotion on my desk. Those bastards love the top of my feet. Which is pretty much the worst place to be bitten.

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^Yeah. They go after my ankles and feet. I get bit everywhere when they’re bad, but that’s where they focus in smaller numbers. Maybe they have some rudimentary knowledge of staying out of sight, if possible.

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Yesterday. I have always been exceptionally yummy to all bitey bugs, not just mosquitoes. Sometimes I miss DDT as a topical repellant.
I make my own bug stuff now, which works pretty well, but most spring/summer/fall days I still get bitten.

I love winter.

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I am, I guess, the meal of last resort. As long as I have others around me they will go after them first. It has been that way ever since I can remember.
I grew up in Corpus where the mosquitoes hunt in massive, unchecked hordes and we spent a good deal of time outdoors. It was a bloodbath most summer evenings but while everyone else was slapping and scratching I went relatively unscathed like a teflon coated beacon of hope to the bloodied masses of humanity that were my friends. They hated me.

Recent studies are indicating that your genetic makeup has a substantial impact on whether or not mosquitoes find you attractive but it doesn’t always work; my daughter is one of those who will get bitten as soon as the little buggers appear. I guess she takes after her mom.

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I have not aged to magically not be tasty to mosquitos. But I have not been bitten much at all this year largely due to the sheer number of birds in my yards. I still have to put on the spray when I go in the gardens where the mosquitoes hide from the birds.

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^If their numbers are down, you may have a healthy population of bats nearby. Allegedly, bats consume approximately 2,000 insects per night.

Jellies who hate mosquitoes might be interested in building a bat box. There are many examples, and instructions on U-tube.

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@MrGrimm888 I actually considered that, but I get bitten everywhere, my yard isn’t the worst place, like @Cruiser I have buckets of birds around.

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I get one or two a day. I got ten the morning I swept the decking wearing a short sleeved shirt. I’m not native to this place and I seem to get bitten more than the locals.

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I think some of us just develop a resistance to it. I know I still get bit. I watch them bite me!

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The alcohol in your system insulates you.

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Ha ha! Good explanation…except I don’t drink 24/7.

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I think some people are just more sensitive than others. My daughter and I will get the same number of bites, more or less, but she gets big welts that last for days. Mine are mildly annoying for a couple of hours.

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Was it that way when you were a kid @monthly?

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I was always that way. But my brother (who is actually the biological father of my daughter—long story) swelled up like a tomato when we were kids.

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I can’t….

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I’m like you @Dutchess_III I never get bit anymore, but I was eaten up as a child.

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Isn’t that odd?

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It was not, @Dutchess_III, meant as a put-down, My alcohol comment.
In fact, I wonder if the skeeters that get drunk off blood just blunder into insect lights or “TV Lamps”?

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@Dutchess_III I think it might have to do with our age. It’s that, or we taste bad aand we’re just too mean and tough to bite anymore!

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@snowberry is onto something.
I guarantee my skin is getting dryer less plump by the minute and it’s got to be harder to penetrate. Less rewarding. My blood is even tired. I’ve never had a Geritol tablet.
(I’m no Marlin Perkins.)

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